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People exchange their kids for free WiFi

September 30th, 2014 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

stupid children 214x300 People exchange their kids for free WiFiSix fully grown humans who should know better agreed to give their children away in exchange for free WiFi. Have they been arrested and the kids taken off into care?


That’s because this was some kind of social experiment where researchers set up a WiFi hotspot in London which had a lengthy t&c section.

The terms contained a “deliberately ridiculous” term which, if you’d read, said that in return for the free access to the internet, the individual using the service was prepared to “render up their eldest child for the duration of eternity”.

The report is called ‘Tainted Love: How Wi-Fi Betrays Us’ by security and privacy company F-Secure. It states that, regarding people allowing their children to be given up for eternity: ”Despite this, six people decided that it was a fair exchange and signed up.”

Hopefully, the researchers will see the clause out in scenes akin to the baby being fought for in Ghostbusters 2. Hopefully they’ll have a massive magic oil painting too.

The report concluded: “Our results illustrate the very real problem of the modern world which is that – while massively dependent on the technology – the population is unaware of its capabilities for surveillance and intrusion into their lives. The problem is that people implicitly trust their technology and are not aware of the implications of that trust.”

“There is an insatiable pursuit of bandwidth, driven mainly by the desire to have video, data-rich apps and super-fast website performance on the move.”

“This appetite for bandwidth has blinded consumers to the risks that they are taking. In pursuit of free bandwidth, people are prepared to do anything as our experiment showed with its draconian terms and conditions.”

In fairness, the six people involved might have really quite horrible children. You just don’t know do you? Have you met some of them? They can be infuriating.

TL;DR – Breaking news: People don’t read terms and conditions on anything, ever.

Macs vulnerable to Shellshock bug

September 26th, 2014 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

apple logo Macs vulnerable to Shellshock bugForget Heartbleed – now you’ve got to worry about Shellshock which is affecting Mac and Linux computers.

The proper name for Shellshock is ‘CVE-2014-6271′, which is about as catchy as Leonard Cohen song, but it is making a lot of people very jumpy. The National Cyber Awareness System has given the bug a 10 out of 10 severity rating.

If you’re really techie and want to get into the smaller details of the Shellshock bug, click here for the low-down by people who really know what they’re talking about.

For the rest of you, this is the kicker: if you haven’t got your updates up-to-date and are using OS X, hackers might be able to get control of your computer. Mercifully, the chances of this happening are reasonably small.

A lot of Linux distributors have released patches to stop Shellshock, but Mac OS X haven’t got anything yet.

Sadly, the immediate fix for this is reasonably techie and can be seen in the link above. If you’re not the kind of person who is equipped to get under the hood of your devices, the best thing to do is make sure all your important files are backed-up, stored in your cloud accounts and what have you, just in case your computer ends up being wrecked.

It looks like Linux is going to be shored up soon enough, but Apple haven’t even made a comment yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they’re up to.

Amazon are giving away loads of apps for free!

September 26th, 2014 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

amazoninstant Amazon are giving away loads of apps for free!Once again, Amazon are giving away a load of apps for free. Yes, you’d normally pay for these particular ones.

There’s 29 apps on offer, and the offer is available until 12pm on September 27th. So act sharpish if you want some.

There are games and other useful things to be had like alarm clocks and dieting things.

You can get your paws on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Paper Camera and Office Suite Professional, as well as a Sonic the Hedgehog game and the popular Threes. You can even get an Air Harp, which is much less space-consuming than a real harp.

Some of the apps look like a load of rubbish, but those are the breaks with a deal like this. You really should check them out for yourself.

To download these paid apps for free, head to this Amazon Appstore page.

Tesco launches Hudl2 next month

September 25th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

HUDL 300x168 Tesco launches Hudl2 next monthTesco have done a “Look! Over here! Shiny!” diversionary tactic after a grim week, and announced details of the launch of Hudl 2.

Now it turns out the secret reveal is going to be October 3rd.

The company has sent out invites to a launch with such crypticness as #letshudl on them… but who would want to huddle with people who just make stuff up in their accounts?

The company’s Hudl page has also updated with a new section for customers to register for updates about the second generation tablet.

It looks like they’re launching it in several colours. WHOOP!

The company assure us that the Hudl 2 will improve “on just about every area of its predecessor, from screen size to speed, design and accessories.”

Will it save Tesco? We have no idea. However it was one of the few successes the terminally mental company have had in recent times. Plans were afoot to release a Hudl phone too, but they can’t be arsed now.

Apple say sorry for messing everything up

September 25th, 2014 6 Comments By Mof Gimmers

apple logo Apple say sorry for messing everything upApple have bowed their heads, shuffled their feet and muttered ‘sorry’ to everyone for the “great inconvenience” caused by a rubbish software update that mucked things up for loads of iPhone 6 owners.

We’ve got some fixes for you here, if you’re having problems with your iPhone or iPad.

An iOS update, which was unleashed to fix earlier bugs in Apple’s health app provoked a whole new set of problems for Apple fans, making the company look anything but sleek and reliable.

Those who bought an iPhone 6 and installed the iOS 8.0.1 update, in some cases, found that they couldn’t access the internet, use the Touch ID fingerprint reader and more. You can imagine the hysterical shrieking that was going down on Apple’s forums and all over Twitter.

Apple said: “We apologise for the great inconvenience experienced by users, and are working around the clock to prepare iOS 8.0.2 with a fix for the issue.”

There should be a fix in the next couple of days

Apple said it was working to ready the fix for download “in the next few days”. Until then, have you tried reinstalling the operating system through iTunes or switching your phone off and on again?

This isn’t the first time Tim Cook has had to apologies for a crappy Apple product. In 2012, he tugged at his jumper while saying sorry about the debacle surrounding Apple’s Maps. And remember the iPhone antenna problem? Apple have really been dropping the ball.

And there’s the small matter of people saying that their new iPhone is bending in their pocket as well.

Either way, Apple have said sorry and have still sold a ridiculous amount of phones, so they won’t be too worried – but will all this see some die-hard Apple fans thinking about buying a non-Apple phone in the near future? We’ll have to wait and see.

Boy drops first iPhone6 on TV

September 19th, 2014 3 Comments By Mof Gimmers

Imagine for a second, you’re the kind of berk who sleeps rough outside a shop, so you can get your hands on a telephone before everyone else.

Well, over in Perth (the Australian one), a young fella was the first person to get his hands on a new iPhone6 and the TV crews rushed over to him to say ‘Well?’ and the answer of course would’ve been ‘Yep. That’s an iPhone alright’

However, Jack, the owner of the phone managed to drop it on the floor.

As you can see in the video, there’s seemingly no lasting damage to the handset, which is a shame. It would’ve been great to see it smash into a million pieces, but there you go.

More female gamers than ever!

September 18th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

Old women on laptop 300x221 More female gamers than ever!The patriarchy appears to have been quashed!

Or at least it has in the world of video games, which now shows that women account for 52% of all gamers in the UK.

That’s an increase from the 49% of three years ago.

This has been driven by 25-to 44-year-old women downloading free puzzle-type stuff and trivia game apps onto their smartphones, according to a report from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB).

According to a survey of over 4,000 individuals, half of the women in this age group cited puzzle, trivia and word games as their favourite genre, compared to one third of respondents overall.

Steve Chester, director of data and industry programmes at the Internet Advertising Bureau said: “The internet and mobile devices have changed the gaming landscape forever.”

“They’ve brought down the barriers to entry, making gaming far more accessible and opened it up to a whole new audience. In the past you needed to go out and buy an expensive console and the discs on top to get a decent experience, now you can just download a free app.”

The average gaming Briton who games spends six hours per week playing games, across three different devices.

The study also reveals there are now more people over 44 years old playing games than children and teenagers, with 56% of the 45-54 age group, 44% of the 55-64s and 32% of the 65-74s admitting to have played a video game in the last six months, the mucky herberts.

Now, where’s the rage from men spitting their Wotsits out saying “oooooh, they’re not proper games!” and saying that they haven’t met any women who play games via their dirty Call of Duty headsets?

Addison Lee give 4G to its taxis

September 18th, 2014 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

taxi 300x200 Addison Lee give 4G to its taxisAre you one of those people who gets a icy chill running through their core when a taxi driver tries talking to you?

Firstly, you should grow up. Secondly, there’s good news for you if you’re the kind of person who gets into an Addison Lee cab in That London.

The cab firm are rolling out 4G to their 4,800-strong fleet after a successful trial of, oh who cares how many cars were in the trial.

Through the 4G network, passengers will be able to ignore their driver with upload and download speeds of up to 12mbps. Addison Lee reckon you’ll be able to download an episode of The Apprentice in 3 minutes.

The best bit is that the service will be completely free of charge to customers. The drivers might take the scenic route to recoup some costs, so it might be worth sticking on Google Maps with your GPS system to see if they’re taking the piss or not.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee said: “Addison Lee has always been the industry leader when it comes to in-car experience. The introduction of 4G continues this tradition and there are plenty more investments we will be making to deliver more best-in-class services and experiences for our customers.”

“In-car 4G will help our customers be better connected than ever before, by enabling them to work and play on the move, and perhaps free up some spare time along the way. Our passengers are our number-one priority and we know this latest offering will make a real difference to their lives.”

So there.

Sony: Still doing rather badly, bafflingly

September 17th, 2014 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

6 sony logo w Sony: Still doing rather badly, bafflinglySony are not doing well. They’re not doing well at all. They’ve not been doing well for ages.

In ’99, they had the infamous ‘Shokku’ profits warning, then in 2005 Sony had the first batch of major restructuring initiatives before downgrading their net income forecasts four times in 2011. This year, they announced that they planned to sell the Vaio wing of their business and continued to warn on profits.


So where are we now? Well, they’ve warned that their expected annual net loss will be nearly five times as big as initially predicted.

It seems constant restructuring hasn’t helped the ailing firm at all, with annual net losses exceeding a whopping $2bn. While Sony have the successful PlayStation 4 in their armoury, it seems everything else is just a massive balls-up.


Sony are blaming the “competitive environment” of the mobile business (how dare people compete) and as a result, are looking at a strategy where they aim to reduce “risk and volatility”. They’ve got to do something, seeing as they’ve doled out three warnings in the six months to May, and this loss for the current year will be Sony’s sixth in seven years.

Seems no-one is arsed about the Xperia phones, which will need to challenge Samsung et al, if they’re going to get back in the saddle. The PS4 will sell big units for a while, but they can’t rely on that once the January sales have died down.

Apple make tool to delete U2′s album

September 16th, 2014 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

Deleting music from your iTunes should be pretty easy, but the hoo-hah as been so loud about U2 appearing on people’s devices without being asked, Apple have had to make a token gesture.

Some of the more hysterical sorts have been screaming their lungs through their noses with things like “IF THEY CAN PUT A U2 ALBUM IN EVERYONE’S PHONE, IMAGINE WHAT ELSE THEY CAN PUT IN THERE?!?!?! AAAAARGH!!!!” while other people have shrugged and thought ‘nice idea, but I don’t like U2.’

Well, Apple have released a new tool which allows people to remove U2′s new album from their iTunes library with greater ease.

u2 albumn Apple make tool to delete U2s album

While it was always possible to remove the album yourself, this new thing is a one-click job, which means that should appease a few lunatics out there.

Apple have also set up a support website to guide people through this difficult time.

At last! The selfie hat!

September 15th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

selfie hat 207x300 At last! The selfie hat!It’s London Fashion Week! And you know what, where better a place than to showcase this marvellous selfie sombrero. Say that again to yourself, out loud.

“Selfie sombrero.”

The ‘brainchild’ (used very loosely in this case) of designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis and Acer, the Selfie Hat is a snip at £599.

Yes, for just £599, you could model the hat, which is able to spin and take pictures of you from all angles and is dubbed the ‘Christian Cowan-Sanluis x Acer Selfie-Hat’, it really is quite the thing.

Cowan-Sanluis has designed for that Lady Gaga in the past, so ‘reasonably normal’ is probably not a brief he adheres to.

The camera will assess which is your best side, as well as documenting these and posting them to social networks on your behalf. It’s probably at this point when concerned friends will wonder if you’re having some form of mental breakdown.

Acer, possibly pissing on a bucket of cash, claim: “We wanted to work with someone young and fresh, that not only understands the selfie culture, but both currently is part of it and works with people in it”.

Cowan-Sanluis explains: “With the hat, we wanted to take an element from my last collection, but correspondingly integrate the most popular zeitgeist there is in technology at the moment, the selfie. We also wanted to give it a fun and playful approach, but that in the end helps the user to better understand their face when taking a self-portrait.”

“There has been a lot of articles over the last year looking at how the selfie has gotten so big and being monetised on, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian making a selfie book and the term becoming part of mainstream society.”

“But on the other side, a lot of people taking selfies struggle to find the full potential of their front-facing camera when they use their hand. The hat helps to perfect the shot, either if it’s a cute, sexy or silly selfie.”

It is literally the worst thing ever.

Deathwatch: iPod Classic

September 11th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

While everyone was ooohing and aaahing over the new iPhone and Apple Watch news while complaining about Bono invading their privacy, the noble giant that begun the Apple revolution was, basically, taken out the back and killed.

Since the Apple site was updated to show off the new products, the iPod Classic was nowhere to be seen, indicating once and for all that that’s it.

ipod classic Deathwatch: iPod Classic

This means no more hard drive and wheel control for the iPod line-up, and more importantly, no more 80 or 160GB of storage.

Literally a design classic that put the whole i-thing into the vernacular, there have been no new iPods produced since 2012, however there are still places where you can snap one up before they’re a thing of the past.

Poor the iPod Classic. You were brilliant.

(But Christ. Jet. What were people thinking?)

O2 to stock new Sony Wearables and the rest

September 3rd, 2014 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Sony have announced that they’re going to gracing the world with new things, such as their first Android Wear Smartwatch and new phones and tablets. And you’re going to be able to buy them from O2.

From October, you’ll be able to weigh-up whether or not you can be arsed buying a SmartBand Talk and Sony SmartWatch 3, as well as the new Xperia range.

sony smartwatch 3 500x500 O2 to stock new Sony Wearables and the rest

As a follow-up to the Smartband, the Smartband Talk is a watch that will log everything you do, regarding health, sleep and your whereabouts (because tech companies love knowing where you are at all times). It’ll have a curved e-ink display and will be fully waterproof, which basically means you can go swimming in it and, should you drown in the sea, the coastguard should be able to use the GPS to find your water-bloated body.

It’ll have sound recording technology and the usual weather apps and all that, which you’ll be able to link with your phone.

The Sony Xperia E3, Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact are also going to be doing the rounds, with the E3 a basic affair, while the Xperia Z3 will have a 20 mega pixel camera with 25mm wide angle lens with improved sensor for better low light pictures. The Xperia Z3 Compact camera junk, but with added background defocus capabilities and 50mb of storage.

There’ll also be the Sony Xperia Z3 compact tablet which Sony think is the “most powerful and lightest tablet ever offered by Sony”.

O2 will have exclusive models and colours and all that and, if you want, you can recycle your old handset with them in return for a cash payment when you upgrade. If you’re waiting for the iPhone, why did you waste your time reading this far?

swatch Swatch to release smartwatch as well as team up with tech companiesPeople of a certain age will remember Swatch as the company who adorned the wrists of posh teenagers who wore NafNaf jackets and had enough mousse in their hair to turn their semi-perms into rock-solid lethal weapons.

Well, you may or may not know that Swatch are still knocking about and they’re planning on making a smartwatch.

On top of that, they’re also going to be working with a number of tech companies, possibly with Apple.

Swatch CEO  Nick Hayek- who calls Starburst ‘Opal Fruits’ and watches The Mary Whitehouse Experience on repeat in his office – said: “All the big technology firms want to work with us and I don’t rule out that we are or could be collaborating in some areas.”

“[Technology companies] that want to strike partnerships with us also want access to brands. They want [their products] to be more than a commodity. Our first message for customers is the watch. If they like it, they might also be interested in the extra functions,” Hayek added. “It is a problem if you only define a product by its technology. Technology alone doesn’t sell, not in watches.”

Swatch is prepping to launch its own smartwatch, called the Swatch Touch, next year and it apparently has some new smart features enabled in it, all enabled through Bluetooth.

Worth getting in on the smartwatch action too. If the analysts are right, the market is worth $93million. Seeing as Swatch have lost 15% of their value over the last year, they’re going to have to do something – and what better than to jump on a fad that, by and large, the public seems to be completely ambivalent about?

How to keep your nudes safe from being hacked

September 1st, 2014 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

naked selfie How to keep your nudes safe from being hackedAs you’re no doubt aware, Jennifer Lawrence has had some naked selfies stolen from her, and according to the very reputable 4chan, they were swiped by someone hacking her iCloud account. If you haven’t seen the photos, then chances are we’ve lost you and you’re burrowing into a search engine now, looking for boobs.

How can you keep your cloud accounts safe? If you have an account with iCloud, Dropbox or Google+, you might find that they automatically upload and save your images.

First thing to do is to make sure your password doesn’t get stolen or is difficult to guess. That’s blindingly obvious, but worth mentioning. Change your passwords regularly and make sure they’re not words, but rather, a collection of letters, numbers and symbols.

It doesn’t matter how safe cloud accounts are made if your password is 123456 or ‘password’.

Another thing you can do is make sure that you switch off the automatic backup services. In all Apple devices, you can disable Photostream. If you turn it off, it’ll delete any automatically stored images from iCloud. You’ll have to delete any manually shared Photostreams yourself.

With Dropbox, your Android device can be set-up to upload every photo and video you take into the cloud. If that’s not your thing, go to ‘settings’ and turn the option off. You’ll also need to delete them from Dropbox manually.

On Android, G+ and Picasa, you can disable automatic photo backup in the Photos app on your device. You’ll need to go to ‘settings’ then Auto-Backup and then untick ‘Back up local folders’.

Of course, you’re not a celebrity so the chances of someone wanting to hack your account and share your photos are slim. However, if you’re feeling jumpy or just want to disable these functions, now you know how.

You’re still not reading this are you. You’re still looking at boobs.