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Sony Ericsson introduce 3D to 2D phone cameras!

September 6th, 2011 4 Comments By Mof Gimmers
3D 300x256 Sony Ericsson introduce 3D to 2D phone cameras!

This is the kind of interesting thing people will shoot on their 3D cameras

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc S phone is about to toss a faddy thing everyone’s way which will be exciting for roughly one week, before sloping off toward the Beta Max skip.

Basically, the phone will be able to take 3D panoramic pictures using a standard 2D camera, which is pretty nifty.

Essentially, what happens is, that the phone takes multiple images and then stitches them together, simulating 3D on any appropriately equipped 3D television.

Of course, on the phone itself, your pictures will be 2D only.

The Android phone will be released from October in the UK and Sony Ericsson are claiming that it runs 25 per cent faster than its predecessors thanks to a faster 1.4GHz processor.

The Arc S includes a 4.2” screen and the camera definition is 8.1MP. There’s a photo of it here, should you be interested.

So expect a load of idiots taking 3D pictures of their awful children and showing them to you on their 3D television. It’s the return of the holiday slideshows.

At long last, Sony Ericsson have confirmed the very existence of their much rumoured PlayStation Phone. However, they’re not calling it the PSPhone, but rather, the Xperia Play.

The Super Bowl ad which heralded the news states that the new device is “the smartphone with everything you need and the one thing you want.”

Sony Ericsson said that the phone is “coming soon” but haven’t given a concrete date to pencil in to our diaries. Sony will be holding a press conference on February 13th, so expect more news there.

The new Playstation phone is here! Soon! Probably!

November 22nd, 2010 5 Comments By Paul Smith
Bitterwallet new Sony playstation phone 300x300 The new Playstation phone is here! Soon! Probably!

Bitterwallet's EXCLUSIVE first look at the Playstation phone

Several weeks ago, Bitterwallet exclusively revealed a photo of the new Sony Playstation phone. The only two issues with our dazzling exclusive were that it wasn’t exclusive at all – we nobbled it from Engadget – and it turned out to be a fake anyway. But apart from that, we were bang on the money.

Moving on, it’s looking likely a Playstation phone really is in development – and that it could be launched as early as February.  

While he may be playing at being the industry equivalent of a cocktease, Sony Ericsson Chief Executive Bert Nordberg told the Wall Street Journal that the company “is at work on a smartphone that would take advantage of Sony’s experience in developing the PlayStation Portable videogame device.”

If that wasn’t enough of a clear indication, Nordberg goes on to rattle off a list of soundbites that’ll no doubt have fanbois moist in the gussets:

“There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere… Sony has an extremely strong offering in the gaming market, and that’s very interesting.”

“Sony is of course a very strong brand, and why shouldn’t we use that? Gaming, including content, is a very interesting proposition.”

Nordberg is also quoted has saying Sony Ericcson will be making a major announcement in relation to whatever-it-is-he’s-talking-about in February - at Mobile World Congress, the global expo where major products are showcased.

So there’ll be a Playstation phone on the way in 2011, right? No doubt about it, surely?

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X10 overview top 300x172 Bye bye lovely RachelPhone, hello cold, steely Xperia X10 from Sony EricssonSony Ericsson have unveiled their first phone to run on Google’s Android operating system, and it will be on sale in early 2010.

It’s called the Xperia X10, which is a shit name and nowhere near as lovely as the handset’s working title, which was Rachel. Ahhh…..

The phone will work with second and third generation mobile networks, including HSPA, as well as Wi-fi. It will run version 1.6 of Android and will be packing a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor from US chip firm Qualcomm. No pricing information has been revealed just yet.

Following the announcement, the Bitterwallet team travelled to London’s bustling Kings Cross area to get a reaction from the tramps that frequent the locale. However, the first one we approached spat tea in our faces. We made our excuses and left.

It’s only taken the major mobile phone manufacturers a decade (and the rest) to get their heads together and come up with the most bleedingly obvious thought that customers have been screaming at them for roughly just as long: “Why the chuffing hell isn’t there one mobile phone charger that fits all mobile phones?”

micro usb and usb Phone manufacturers suffer attack of the common senseMark these days in history, tell your children of them, for the manufacturers have now agreed to standardise phone chargers. We’re not going to see them for another three years however; until then you’ll still have to email round the office asking if anybody has a similar charger when your battery goes flat.

According to, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG are among the companies that have signed up to the pact. Industry body the GSM Association said that the companies had chosen a micro-usb as the charging connection standard for phones. Super times, kids. Let’s get drunk.