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Fast food meltdown: Subway rage

November 4th, 2010 9 Comments By Andy Dawson

Let’s amuse ourselves briefly with an old favourite – the fast food store meltdown. This one is from a branch of Subway somewhere in America and includes shouting, violence, damage to a telephone, partial nudity and the use of a Taser gun by officers of the law. The Tasering bit is comfortably the best bit – although ‘comfortably’ might not be the best word to describe it.


Well, we’re getting plenty of mileage out of the Old Spice advertising from the United States of A, even though we don’t know anyone who’s voluntarily worn Old Spice since 1984.

In the wake of the amazing ads comes the inevitable spoofs, re-workings and mash-ups and courtesy of some bright spark, here’s the Old Spice Guy coolly dealing with a phone tirade from used-to-have-a-career actor Mel Gibson.

Naughty words galore obviously…