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In January we featured the plight of avid Bitterwallet reader Chris, who had a bone to pick with GAME over their shoddy policy of selling ex-display stock as new through their website; it caused a ravenous fury amongst our other readers for one reason or another. Now GAME have come forward and apologised for shifting shoddy goods to their customers; the girls and boys over at our sister site Dealspwn take up the story;

cdscratch GAME says sorry for selling ex display stock as new

This Easter, many Hot UK Deals posts were marred by GAME shifting a lot of tatty ex-display stock instead of “new” games (as advertised). GAME has now apologised for the mistake, stating that the huge demand caused them to relax their quality control standards.

“This stock should be in mint condition but we are now aware that some ex-display stock has slipped through our quality screening processes. We would never seek to mislead our customers by offering for sale product that we know to be sub-standard, and would like to take this opportunity to offer our apologies to any customer that has been inconvenienced by this matter.”

GAME have also stated that they will be offering a refund or replacement to affected consumers.

“If any of our customers have bought a ‘new’ game from us, then we will have sent a new game out to them. If any customer has received a game that is damaged or that they are not happy about the condition of, we will be pleased to replace it or refund it, subject to our normal terms and conditions.”

Score one for the good guys. However, in other GAME news, the retail outlet has apparently cut staff hours again in order to rein in its outgoings. Hopefully this will remove the need for any further layoffs and store closings.

So ex-display stock accidentally through the quality screening process at the same time the company closes down stores and concessions, and reduces staff and hours. in the words of Neil Patrick Harris, what a crazy random happenstance.


When an online retailer with offline stores sells both new and pre-used stock, you might expect the occasional dropped bollock and see a pre-owned or ex-display game sold in place of cellophane-wrapped shiny goodness. But six-for-six? Are you sure, GAME? Yessum.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Chris purchased six titles from GAME after spotting the bargains on Hot UK Deals. You’ll notice the liberal use of the word new (large image here):

game1small Selling used stock as new   is it really fair, GAME?

So that was the order – two copies of each title – and this is what Chris received (click here to see the full-size image):

game2small Selling used stock as new   is it really fair, GAME?
As Chris explains:

“Other than the removal of a couple pre-owned stickers to open two cases, this is how they arrived. To be fair, they’re not in terrible condition, but far from what I’m sure most people would expect. And yes, that is a rubber band holding one disc inside a manual.”