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HotUKDeals Of The Day – Wednesday 22nd September

September 22nd, 2010 No Comments By Andy Dawson

hukd logob1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 22nd SeptemberHere’s today’s serving of lashings of bargains, including lashings of slow speed non-danger, lashings of reduced music and games, and lashings of brutal prison violence. Huzzah!

It’s all thanks to the mad bunch a HotUKDeals, who like footballers with prostitutes, can never get enough.

762662 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 22nd SeptemberFirst up today is a quad bike for the paltry sum of just £30.00. Get one now and you can go tearing around woodland or you country estate before falling off and banging your head just like Rik Mayall and Ozzy Osborne did.

Hang on, it’s not quite the same kind that Rik and Ozzy failed to control but they might be better suited to riding about on it. That’s because it’s a child’s quad bike, battery operated and probably very slow-moving. But it’s still on offer for half of its usual £60.00 price so that’s good.

762508 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 22nd SeptemberNext is an old and regular favourite around these parts, like when Mof does his trick where he inflates a ribbed condom, puts it over his head and then runs into the Dealspwn office pretending to Dr Zoidberg from Futurama. Everyone loves that.

Everyone also loves it when iTunes vouchers are reduced, because it means you can get music, films, games, eBooks and apps for less than normal. What an enormous boon! And now, you can get iTunes vouchers as part of a ‘buy one get one half price’ kind of caper.

761641 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 22nd SeptemberFinally for today, a DVD box set that is definitely not the faint-hearted. It’s Oz, a prison drama from the 1990s that appeared on HBO, the home of swearing and violence. Guess what – it contains TONS of swearing and violence.

It’s also very very good indeed in a gritty-and-realistic-depiction-of-prison-maniacs type of way and you can get all six series housed together (a bit like the inmates! Arf!) for only £49.97. Superb stuff that makes Prison Break look like The Basil Brush Show.

(deals found by HUKD members cherishu2, nicster08 and SteamboatWillie)

Who said Australians have no sense of humour?

April 21st, 2010 14 Comments By Paul Smith

Well it certainly wasn’t us, because it’s not true! They do! They might be bunch of convict’s children who talk through their nose and still like to black-up for shits and giggles, but they possess a samurai-sharp wit, too. No, really – this page in the Australian phone book proves it:

Picture 19 Who said Australians have no sense of humour?

HotUKDeals Of The Day – Friday 28th August

August 28th, 2009 No Comments By Andy Dawson

hukd logob1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Friday 28th AugustIt’s True Or False Friday here at Deals Of The Day. Why not get your friends together, gather around the screen, make some savings and pit your wits against one another when it comes to figuring how the validity of the claims below?

454908 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Friday 28th AugustTHE DEAL: A 43-piece forge steel tool set in a metal box. Get some DIY done over the bank holiday and severely injure yourself using some of the items in here. Only £17.61.

TRUE OR FALSE? The funniest tool in any tool box is the bastard file.

457202 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Friday 28th AugustTHE DEAL: A Bestway 10 foot swimming pool and filter pump. All for £19.99 with free delivery. Splish, and indeed, splash.

TRUE OR FALSE? This item is also ideal for breeding turtles in, and a packet of turtle seeds as well as a small grant is available from the government, subject to status.

456852 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Friday 28th AugustTHE DEAL: The complete 6 series of superb cult US prison drama Oz. The whole kaboodle for £54.93 with free delivery. Once you’ve watched it, you’ll never be the same again.

TRUE OR FALSE? The final episode of Oz revealed that the whole thing had been the figment of the imagination of a small autistic boy, and that the prison was set inside a snow globe.

(deals found by HUKD members markewatson, FatRocker and andywedge)

TRUE OR FALSE – all statements are FALSE. Except the first one, obviously. Highlight of any young boy’s first metalwork lesson that one.