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Bitterwallet Facebook censorship Facebook will soon open advertising hellmouth From ’10 Great Tips to Reduce Belly Fat’ to irritating photos of Fitflops and exotic holidays, Facebook ads rank highly on everyone’s s***list.

So you may be interested to learn that Facebook is changing the way it tracks and shows ads. ‘Hurray!’ you cry, ‘No more crappy ads!’ Well, er, not quite. Because the two changes that they’re introducing appear to contradict each other completely.

The first new feature is quite useful. Firstly when you get an ad in your feed, you’ll see a blue arrow at the bottom. If you click on the arrow you’ll see a menu with a tab called ‘Why are you seeing this?’ It allows you to understand the Facebook tracking process – for example, maybe you ‘liked’ a page about sinks in 2008 and now you’re always seeing ads for sinks, etc.

You can then adjust your settings to opt out of ads for sinks by removing sinks from your list of interests.

So far, so good. But you’re not going to like the next new addition at all. Facebook said yesterday that they are going to do a Google on you and start tracking your web and app activity, then show you tailored ads.

If that makes you feel paranoid and itchy, you can opt out by adjusting the tracking settings on iOS and Android. However, Facebook might not be that interested in telling you about that, and annoyingly, they have said they will not be honouring the ‘do not track’ option, meaning you might get ads anyway. Hmm, wouldn’t want their users personal privacy to get in the way of a nice revenue stream, eh?

So the upshot of all this is that Facebook is about to get approximately one million times more annoying, but don’t worry – there’s a little blue arrow that you can constantly press to get rid of ads.


leslie grantham Now you can opt out of all online porn, forever. Good.

An online porn, yesterday

Do you find that your productivity is being hampered by you spending endless hours viewing pornographical material on That Internet? Yes, we bet you do – it’s not something that applies to us thankfully – porn is WRONG and we’re not weirdos!

But if you are sick and/or weak, there’ll soon be something you can do to help yourself, as four right-thinking web providers will shortly be offering customers the option to block ‘adult’ content as part of their subscriptions.

The quartet in question are BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Horny Virgin and the protection will cover smartphones, laptops and PCs. The new measures come in the face of a recent report from the Mothers’ Union Christian charity, in something called the Bailey Report.

We’re not sure who’ll be charged with the rock-hard task of deciding what is and isn’t to be regarded as adult content. Maybe they’ll ask us here at Bitterwallet – we’re happy to dispassionately sift through thousands of hours of questionable material every month. After all we…. erm, haven’t done anything like that before.


atari2600 game console pic 300x230 Gamers collective will help you sue console makers if they mess with your personal data We love playing console games and generally using software. After all, who the hell doesn’t? But we’re spending less time having fun and more time carefully reading 6,933-page user agreements every time they’re updated.

A worrying trend is that more and more EULAs are riddled with clauses that prohibit users from taking part in class action suits if they handle your data in a negligent and crappy fashion, as some of them have in recent times.

The little-known workaround is that you can normally opt-out of these clauses by sending a letter. It would be much easier to just tick a box or send an email but no, you have to send a letter. Which you probably won’t bother to do. Which is probably the point.

Thanks to a collective of gamers called Gamers Opt Out, those opt-out letters can be written and sent for you – they’ll do it all on your behalf at no cost to you. If you like what they do, you can donate to them but they’re happy to do it for free.

Nice people.


iphone 4 white  300x199 Apple arent tracking you as much as they used to with iPhone fixApple have admitted that they were tracking your every movement (provided of course, you owned an iPhone or iPad) and now they’re looking to fix all that up because they’re the nicest people on Earth.

If you’d forgotten already, some security researchers discovered a hidden file on the devices which stored a record of everywhere they’d been. Use that with dubious software and a ne’er-do-well could generate a map of all your movements. That probably includes bowel movements as well as your weekly trip to a ‘massage parlour’.

You can get the update from the iTunes store, which looks to cut the amount of stored data to just a week. To stop Apple collecting data completely, you’ll have to disable the location services on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re feeling outraged that you’ve been tracked at all, tough shit. You’ve already given Apple permission to do so. When? Go read your terms and conditions for the iTunes store.

In response Apple, who are apparently releasing ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ versions of the iPhone5 later this year, said: “The iPhone is not logging your location, rather it’s maintaining a database of wi-fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than 100 miles away from your iPhone to help your phone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested.”

Some don’t agree with Apple however, with the company due to testify at a US senate about personal privacy as well as being hit with a lawsuit which has been filed in Florida which accuses Apple of violating privacy laws. All hail the iPhone 5!


Orange logo Breaking news: Orange try to claw some money back with itemised billing charge for allInteresting post on HotUKDeals earlier this evening from faevilangel. He says…

“Any Orange contract is automatically being signed up to itemised billing at a charge of £1.47 per month from their next bill. Orange say they had lots of requests for this so have made all the bills itemised.

You’re automatically signed up to this, to get out of it, you need to text STOP to 1228 before your next bill. I had this letter come with my bill today.

If you cancel the itemised billing you need to get your bill online @,

You will receive no paper bills if you do not keep the itemised billing.”

Orange have clearly lost a ton of money following the recent contract-changing/mass cancellation debacle and seem keen to recoup some of their losses by any means necessary, namely this nasty little opt-out from itemised billing for everyone.

Has anyone received the letter of which faevilangel speaks and could someone send us a scam, sorry, a scan of it? We’d love to take a closer look. is where we’re at.

Christ, who knows – as it’s a new charge that is being introduced outside of the terms and conditions that Orange customers signed up for and is detrimental, it might even constitute another chance for customers to cancel their contracts. Surely not? We’re not sure we’ve got the energy for it all again…

New Google opt-out keeps user data private

August 13th, 2009 9 Comments By Paul Smith

[The Onion]

logo How to opt out online from new mobile phone directoryLast month we reported on the controversial new mobile phone directory enquiry company, 118800, who have legitimately got their hands on millions of UK mobile numbers and the names of their owners.

Entry in their directory is opt-out and when the news first broke a month ago, 118800 were faced with a tide of outrage from consumers who wanted to do just that. In fact, the bewildered company’s phone lines almost literally melted with the deluge of disgruntled callers.

But it’s simpler now – click here and you can opt out through their website – and it should only take a minute or two. There. Better?

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