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Sure, we can all imagine what goes on at a My Little Pony convention. Lots of people standing around looking at and stroking each other’s ponies. It’s perfectly normal and natural.

But have you ever wondered what goes on after dark, when the pony-staring comes to an end and the massed fans need to let their hair down?

This. This happens.

We’ve just bought our early bird tickets for next year. See you in the mosh pit!


Skyrim is the game of the moment, but it’s an addictive, time-consuming affair, with hundreds of thousands of players reportedly ‘lost in the rimhole’ – or at least they would be if we hadn’t just made that phrase up.

But how can Skyrim be made more accessible for the younger, easily-scared gameplayer? Simple – just modify it and replace the dragons with My Little Ponys. Now is THAT an improvement or what?

The mods are only available for the PC version of the game and can be had from Skyrimnexus.

Look at this lovely food item.

Yep. That’d be sliced up My Little Pony bits to slap on a sandwich with a paste made from Rainbow Bright’s tears and leaves yanked off the baddies from Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors*.

my little pony meat 499x230 Whats for dinner mum? Sliced up My Little Pony!

*The ‘Monster Minds, led by Saw Boss, if you’re wondering


What the suffering Christ is this all about, then? It’s what happens when you’re forced to play with My Little Pony as a schoolgirl, but secretly loved what the boys were playing with. Obviously they were playing with their penises, but in fact we’re referring to popular toy lines such as Stars Wars figures and the like:

my little pony makeover m 015 My Little Pirate   fat arsed 80s toys get movie mash ups

Artist Mari Kasurinen has been taking those fat little trollops and rebooting them for the 21st century in all manner of guises, including The Dark Knight’s Joker, stormtroopers and Edward Scissorhands. They’re all a little disturbing, not unlike the original ugly plastic nags of frumpy lifeless tosh, but somebody clearly has a soft spot for them – Kasurinen is flogging them for over £300 a time.

[Mari Kasurinen] via [Guardian]