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fuel gauge 285x300 Save £25 per month by not fuelling up on the motorwayEven though there’s a diesel price-war on, there’s always room for someone to try and rip you off. And in ‘water is wet’ news, diesel at motorway stations is overpriced and ripping drivers off. At some forecourts, diesel costs as much as 127.9p a litre, while petrol cost 125.9p a litre yesterday, reckon the AA.

Comparing it to the average of around 116.6p a litre for diesel and petrol on the pumps away from motorways, you can see that the difference is noteworthy – if you fill up a large family car with 60 litres a week, you’d be spending £25 more a month at a motorway service station.

With Tesco and Morrisons dropping the price of diesel, following on from Asda and Sainsbury’s, you have to wonder what the motorway services are playing at.

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “Diesel drivers will think that the latest fall in the cost of their fuel is ‘better late than never’ and is very welcome. However, the average pump price of diesel across the UK remains above petrol’s even though the former is around 3p a litre cheaper at wholesale level.”

“Many of the supermarkets can be applauded for recent price cuts but it is what is happening outside the areas they influence that worries us. The message is clear to diesel drivers: check out the supermarket prices first if they are looking to cut their fuel bills.”

Now, we hand over to our outside unit, live, to find out whether or not bears defecate in woodland areas…

The diesel price war is on!

July 20th, 2015 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

petrol The diesel price war is on!There’s a diesel price war imminent, thanks to Morrisons, as they’ve cut diesel prices for the second time in two weeks.

Seeing as wholesale diesel prices have been 2p cheaper than petrol for more than a month, there’s a sense of ‘about time’ about it, but it is more than welcome to see the forecourts actually passing on some of the savings to motorists.

And, for the first time in over a decade, the price Morrisons are selling it at, diesel is cheaper than petrol.

For those who like a moan, the wholesale price of diesel has been dropping since the start of 2014, falling by 44%. During that period, the price at the pumps has only gone down by 14%, so more should’ve been done for drivers. There’s been a bunch of price drops on fuel after the fuel duty price freeze in the Budget. A number of forecourts have shaved 2p off, which is something.

Mark Todd, Petrol Director for Morrisons, said: “Because of the recent price drops in the wholesale diesel price, we are able to pass on these savings to our customers. This is a milestone in motoring and many younger drivers won’t remember the last time that diesel prices were lower than unleaded.”

“While we are cutting diesel prices today, we will continue to look for opportunities to pass on savings on unleaded as soon as we can.”

Anyway, with Morrisons offering this low price, you know that the other fuel vendors are going to join in and kick off a price war, so start stockpiling now!

picture 33 Nissan recall vehicles that can shut down the engine while youre drivingNissan is recalling about 270,000 vehicles worldwide, thanks to the ignition start buttons which can malfunction and unexpectedly shut down the engine.

That’s no good is it?

They said that the recall covers certain Note, Cube, Juke and Leaf and Venucia e30 vehicles, as well as the Serena, March and Micra, and the Latio and Versa sedans. Oh, and the recall also includes the Sunny, Almera, Tiida, Pulsar and Sylphy sedans, and the eNV200 and NV350 vans.

The recalls focuses on vehicles that are mainly from the 2013 and 2014 model years.

So what’s happening? Nissan say that the buttons can get stuck when they’re in warm temperatures and, if that happens, vibrations from the road can cause the switches to shut off the engine.

From August, Nissan dealers will replace the housing for the buttons, for free.

Nissan are aware of two incidents where engines have shut off, but there were no accidents resulting from them. Nissan say that they’ve decided to do a recall to be cautious. Everyone’s a bit jumpy after the Takata airbag debacle.

Check here for Nissan’s recall page.

Car insurance is on the up!

July 15th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

poolside Car wash 300x197 Car insurance is on the up! have published their car insurance price index, which is a fantastically catchy name indeed. However, they’ve found something that won’t surprise you, but will irritate you to the point where you might grind all the teeth out of your face.

They’ve noted that the average price of comprehensive cover has gone up in the UK.

The average premium is now £600, which is a rise of £9 on the previous quarter, and £21 over the course of the last 12 months.

So what does this mean for you? Well, ‘you’ is a bunch of different people, so let us wade through some figures. If you’re a man who is between 21-25 years old, you’ve seen the largest annual increase, which won’t shock many. If you live in London, then you’ve got the most expensive car insurance in the UK.

The place which has been their insurance rocket by the most, is Dundee, where drivers have seen their insurance go up from £386 to £445 over the past year. If you live in Manchester or Merseyside, you’ll be glad to know that there was a small dip in how much you have to fork out, with comprehensive policies falling by £4, from £808 to £804.

Anyway, if you missed the link in the first line of this article, get all the information you need about this, by clicking here.

Toyota to recall cars with software glitch

July 15th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Toyota Logo 4 Toyota to recall cars with software glitchToyota is recalling around 625,000 hybrid cars all over the globe, because they need to fix a glitch in the software of the vehicles.

The software faults means that drivers could find that the hybrid system is shut down while the car is being driven.

So which models are affected? Well, the recall includes the Prius V minivans (called Prius Alpa and Prius+, depending on what market you’re in) which were built between May 2010 and November 2014. This of course, comes on the back of the gigantic recall over the faulty airbags made by Takata.

Toyota recalled around 5 million vehicles thanks to the faulty Takata airbags, while this one is a little more modest, accounting for 160,000 were in Europe (and there’s more in Japan and North America).

Mercifully, Toyota have said that – thus far – there have been no reports of any crashes or injuries resulting from this software glitch, which is something.

To see if you car needs recalling, click here.

DVLA extend check code lifespan

July 14th, 2015 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

old driver car DVLA extend check code lifespanRemember when the DVLA came up with a scheme, so you used a code so you could hire a car? This was particularly problematic if you were going on holiday and wanted to rent a car, because the code only lasted for 72 hours.

Well, the DVLA have changed all that, with the validity period of the check code which is generated for motorists, extended to 21 days.

“We’re pleased that the DVLA has listened to industry feedback that the code lifespan was too short,” said Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. “This common sense approach will reduce queues at rental desks and give millions of renters more time to plan and arrive prepared ahead of their journey.”

This all came about after the DVLA got rid of the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence. Drivers can view up-to-date driving licence info using the DVLA’s View Driving Licence website, which happens to include the ‘Share My Licence’ service, where you get the code so you can hire cars and all that.

One thing that the DVLA could do with sorting out, is the opening hours of their call centre. While this is an improvement, they’ve got to remember that not everyone is a user of the internet. Alongside that, they should absolutely stop charging people for a premium line phone service too.

Then again, we shouldn’t expect too much from the DVLA, because any improvement is welcomed, from a group of people that are, for the most part, thunderously hopeless.

Honda recall a further 4.5million airbags

July 9th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

picture 35 Honda recall a further 4.5million airbagsUnbelievably, the airbag recall – which has seen millions of cars brought back in – isn’t over. Honda are recalling another 4.5 million vehicles globally, while they try and sort out the awful mess of faulty airbags, which has (so far) claimed eight lives.

So, at the moment, the total Honda recalls now include 24.5 million vehicles worldwide – the total if you include other car makers, is a dizzying 40 million.

As you’ll know, the fault with the airbags in question, made by a company called Takata, saw bits of metal and shrapnel shooting out when the airbag inflated. This is the largest vehicle recall in history. What’s worse for Takata, apart from their reputation, is that Honda’s new CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, said that his company will not be helping Takata to pay for the recalls.

Of course, another thing hanging over Takata is the multiple class-action lawsuits, and criminal investigations and regulatory probes. One of the things that will haunt the company is when they failed to support an American-wide recall of vehicles fitted with their airbags.

This is going to rumble on.

To check if you car is subject to the recall, you can take a look on VOSA’s vehicle recall list. Toyota also features a recall section on their website.

Look at these stupid double yellow lines

July 9th, 2015 3 Comments By Mof Gimmers

While the Tube strike causes ABSOLUTE CARNAGE on the streets of London to which everyone IS SUFFERING ENDLESSLY, that’s the least of the capital’s worries.

Even though we gave them all a guide to getting around London during this difficult time, there’s a huge problem with London’s roads.

We are, of course, talking about Clapham Junction and those who will be travelling on it in a teeny, weeny clown car. Or a Smart Car if you prefer. That’s because there’s the disaster waiting for them, in the shape of a six-inch stretch of road that is protected – valiantly we might add – by double yellow lines.

CJZ5axZUkAEJ8KW 500x333 Look at these stupid double yellow lines

All hail!

That’s right, on Mossbury Road, near Lavender Hill, there is, what appears to be, stupidly small double yellows. So anyone thinking of parking their unicycle there, can get bent.

This was spotted by the baffled firefighter Stewart Brown, who noted Wandsworth Council’s sterling work. And, just a few yards down the same road, there’s another tiny set of double yellow lines too.

Well done, to everyone concerned.

Driver fined for eating a banana

June 29th, 2015 5 Comments By Mof Gimmers

sad bananas 300x201 Driver fined for eating a bananaMost drivers are pretty aware of what they’re doing, hence the reason why you can go for entire months without seeing a bad crash. Drivers, contrary to popular belief, are not stupid because crashing your car is a) Expensive and b) Might mangle you up.

So with that, one driver was stuck in a traffic jam and thought they’d have a bite of a banana. Sounds innocent enough? Well, she was astonished to find that a policeman in an unmarked car was pulling her over and doling out a fine of £100.

Elsa Harris from Dorset said the banana was already half-peeled before she set off to work, and thought she’d have a bite while her car was stationary. The police pulled her over and then accused of momentarily not being in control of her vehicle and was given a fine and the option of three penalty points or paying for a driver awareness course.

She said: “I was dumbfounded. I was horrified that he gave me a ticket – it’s the most expensive banana I’ve ever had in my life. I had already peeled it and started driving. Then when I stopped at a roundabout I pulled down a little bit of banana skin momentarily and carried on eating and driving. Unbeknown to me, there was an unmarked police car that followed me all the way down the dual carriageway and then pulled in front of me and slammed its brakes on. It caused confusion with other drivers and people were beeping.”

“I wondered what on earth was going on and wondered if it was something coming along and he was warning me. When the officer got out he was really angry from the offset, but I was still completely unaware I had done anything wrong. The officer said I was driving without my hands on the wheel and that I was a danger to other drivers.”

“I couldn’t believe it. He put me in the back of his car like a criminal and told me what a danger I was. He gave me a docket and fined me £100 and treated me in a very dismissive and rude fashion. Understandably, it is illegal to take both hands off the wheel but I don’t think I was a danger to anybody. I have never been in trouble with the police before and a warning should have sufficed.”

“You get drink drivers, people texting and eating while they speed along. Surely, me eating a banana in a traffic jam is not that important.”


People who are able bodied shouldn’t park in bays set aside for disabled people. You might think you should be able to, but you shouldn’t. Why? You’ve had enough, you bloated swine.

In Brazil, someone found themselves on the end of a grand prank, after they’d parked in such a spot.

The person in question came back to his car to find it covered in stickers, to make the whole vehicle look like a blue disabilities logo. The front, top, sides and even wheels were covered.

As you can see from the video, not only did the driver suffer the defacement of his car, but also, a watching and sarcastically cheering crowd too. He sped off and everyone laughed at him.

Not only that, the driver in question got himself a ticket too.

Now, we hand you over to all those people who have missed the fun of a prank like this, for them to complain about vandalism and littering or something.

Another death thanks to recalled airbags

June 22nd, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Screen Shot 2015 05 13 at 11.27.36 300x254 Another death thanks to recalled airbagsThe airbag recall has been huge, and if you haven’t sorted yours out yet, you really should as it has been reported that a woman who died in a crash in LA was confirmed as the eighth person to be killed by air bags made by Takata Corp.

Jewel Brangman was 26 when she died from her injuries, resulting from the air bag in her rented 2001 Honda Civic, which inflated with too much force, and showered her with metal shrapnel. Both Honda and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined that the air bag was the cause of her death.

In this instance, Honda said that they’d originally recalled the vehicle in 2009, but it was not repaired despite the company sending four notices to the owners. This is all part of the largest recall in automotive history, with 33.8 million vehicles being recalled in the US alone.

Brangman’s father has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Honda, Takata and the Sunset Car Rental LLC of San Diego, alleging that the air bag cut his daughter’s neck and caused a severe brain injury.

Check to see if your car has been recalled

Middle lane hoggers – now getting fined!

June 22nd, 2015 4 Comments By Mof Gimmers

old driver car Middle lane hoggers   now getting fined!A van driver has been fined almost £1,000 and slapped with five penalty points, becoming the first person in the country to be convicted in court of being a hogger of a motorway’s middle lane.

The driver in question, was stopped by West Yorkshire police, was nicked after persistently driving in the central lane and not budging on the busy M62. The police said that a number of drivers had to brake and swerve to overtake.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court noted that the driver had a lot of opportunities to get into the inside lane, but didn’t. As an aside, the driver didn’t turn up to court, was fined £500 in absence and has to pay £400 in costs with a £40 victim surcharge.

This is thought to be the first time someone’s been done for lane hogging, since the law was changed in 2013.

PC Nigel Fawcett-Jones from the Road Policing Unit of West Yorkshire said of people not budging from the central lane: “It reduces the capacity of roads and motorways, and can lead to dangerous situations where other drivers ‘tailgate’ the vehicle in front to try and get the lane hogger to move over.”

“Members of the public regularly tell the Road Policing Unit that lane hogging and tailgating are real problems on our roads and this conviction shows that the police and the courts understand the public’s concerns and take this offence seriously.”

So there you go. You’ve been warned. Or, indeed, you’re someone who hates this driving behaviour, so replace the warning for punching the air.

Behold the Samsung giant screen safety truck!

June 17th, 2015 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

Lorries can be a bit of a menace, thanks to the sheer bloody size of them. So, with that, Samsung have been tinkering with their large fleet of trucks, and they’re using very fancy technology to try and make them safer.

When you’re trying to pass a truck, if can be very difficult to tell if another vehicle is coming until you start your manoeuvre. That is, until you come into the back of a special Samsung lorry with magic screens on it.

We’ll let this video explain.

Samsung call this fleet ‘The Safety Truck’ and they have wireless cameras on the front bumper that stream images from the front of the truck to screens mounted on the back doors.

The cameras even have a night vision mode, so you can see it all in the dark, which is pretty nifty and a decent move on Samsung’s part. We’d like to see more trucks operating a system like this.

And, if you stick your mobile in front of it, and stick YouTube on, you get a free outdoor cinema when all the truckers are doing an overnighter in some job centre car park!

halfords logo comp 300x175 Halfords Autocentre fined £47,000 after uncover investigationAn undercover operation found that a Halfords Autocentre failed to fix 11 out of 20 defects that had been deliberately left by Trading Standards.

The watchdog sent an illegal Vauxhall Astra with broken and missing light bulbs, irregular tyre pressures, oil leaks and faulty windscreen wipers to the centre in Filton, Bristol. The car was supposed to get a major service, which should’ve cost £235.

Investigators soon found that something was amiss, and told North Avon Magistrates’ Court: “It became obvious that not all the checks were done. Things were ticked as having been done that had not been and the consumer was not made aware (of the defects).”

“This is a national company. A consumer puts a lot of trust and faith in a national firm to do a proper job to ensure a car service is conducted thoroughly and professionally and in these circumstances it was not.”

This won’t allay some of the fears that many drivers have, that they’re being ripped off when it comes to getting their cars fixed or given the once over. This uncover sting came about after the number of complaints about the car industry in the area, were rather high.

Halfords pleaded guilty to eight counts of breaching consumer protection laws and the mechanic who carried out the service, has since resigned. Magistrates fined the company £32,000, ordered them to pay £14,862.04 costs and a £120 victim surcharge.

car in flood Euro Car Parks forced to scrap £20,000 of finesParking your car is treacherous at the best of times, so it is always nice to see someone who dishes out parking fines get it in the neck.

We’ve spoken about the 10 minutes of grace drivers will be getting with their tickets, and the potential for millions of pounds worth of fines to be repaid for being illegal – now, we’re seeing Euro Car Parks getting slapped around!

The parking firm has been forced to ditch £20,000 worth of fines because they doled them out illegally at a supermarket. At the Sainsbury’s in Aberdeen, 300 penalties were dished out after drivers were told that they’d breached parking rules.

However, a trading standards investigation found that a lot of the drivers had parked on land which isn’t owned by Sainsbury’s. Did that stop these asshats from chasing up fines? No chance. Not only that, paperwork sent to motorists by the London-based company also referenced legislation which doesn’t exist in Scotland, because the law is different between the two countries.

With that, Euro Car Parks has had to accept all this and promised to refund 64 paid parking charges worth £2,830 and cancel 246 outstanding ones that are worth £17,220.

Aberdeenshire Council’s trading standards department, said: “We would like to take this opportunity to remind all consumers of their rights in relation to parking on private land operated by private parking companies and the subsequent issuing of parking charge notices.”

“Full information can be found on our website – it is important to note this advice only applies in the case of private car parks and not to parking tickets issued by local authorities or the police.”

The information they refer to can be found here.