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tron bike 300x164 Hands up if you want a street legal Tron motorbike!Even if you hate Tron, there’s a decent chance you love those lightbikes they razz around, right?

Well, if you spent your youth playing the Tron arcade game whilst gazing lovingly at the neon blue joystick, wishing that one day, we might just get to see one in real life… or indeed, buy one, then that day has come!

America’s Parker Brothers’ Choppers have gone and bloody well made one and it is street legal!

Five custom Lightcycles are being made up. Each of the five will have a different light colour (red, blue, yellow, green, and orange) so if you have the money and a preference, you better get in touch with the Parker Brothers now.

For spec-enthusiasts, the wheels are custom made 22″ x12″ dual hubless wheels with custom made tyres, the frame is 2″ cold rolled and boxed hardened steel with carbon fibre/fibreglass bodies and the accent colours are neon glowing from behind frosted plexiglass.

The bikes also come with a TRON style helmet and prices are starting at $35,000… but it is fair to assume they’ll sell for a lot more than that.

If you want to find out more, click here to visit the eBay page where it is being touted.


An apology. A few days ago, we ran a story about the Resomator, a new smokeless alternative to cremation that has been pioneered in West Yorkshire.

In the interests of balance, we should point out that other alternative post-death scenarios are also available. Such as this one, as preferred by Puerto Rican man David Morales Colon, who recently passed away.

Rather than being displayed in an open casket for friends and family to pay their respects, David opted to be perched on top of his Honda CBR600 F4, with his cap and shades on, looking as cool in death as we’re sure he was in life.

Great work dead bloke!


6 300x225 Traffic cop ignores the law   bring back Dixon Of Dock Green!Following yesterday’s expose of a couple of members of the DVLA clamping team flouting the law and parking on some double yellows wihile they scoffed their chips, here’s another example from an avid Bitterwallet reader of authority gone crazy on the nectar of power.

Our contributor, Steve Blag, tells us

[The DVLA story] reminded me of this little tosser, who I was following on my not un-macho Vespa one morning when, after committing no fewer than 10 endorsable offenses (overtaking on a crossing, overtaking the wrong side of a traffic island, speeding etc etc), stopped as illustrated in the photo.

“No!” I can hear the PCC screeching – “it was an emergency”!

“Fuck off!”, I say! There are no emergency lights, the brake light is on, his foot is down, and he’s stopped in a fucking cycle-only area after behaving like a prized toolbox for some time. Pogo on that, you twats. etc etc etc.

Eeeeeeeeh, it makes my blood boil. I never stop in those…..

Obviously, as photographing a police officer is some kind of offence now, we’re probably all going to jail for showing you this picture, even though someone appears to have dumped a blue sack of rubbish by a bin further up the road. Surely that’s a more heinous crime?

If you spot an authority figure acting like a bit of a hypocritical tit end, you be sure to get some evidence and forward it to us here at – the more we get, the less likely we are to run pictures of pricing mistakes in supermarkets.

If and when Best Buy ever reaches these shores, it may have a few twists in the consumer electrics offering. Because not content with selling HD televisions the size of a horse or enough white goods to fill a small moon (or a space station), Best Buy are taking stock of motorcycles.

The retailer’s US stores is to sell the Enertia, a two-wheeled bike that may look the part, but is powered by rechargable batteries. How fast is it? You only have to look at this graphic from their website to appreciate just how fast it is. It’s like watching Steve Austin run:

picture 22 Best Buy to begin selling electric motorcycles. Obviously.

This might have been a tale of true revolution if it wasn’t for the fact that the Enertia only travels 45 miles on a full battery. And then you’ll have to spend four hours charging it again.

And it costs £8,000.

picture 17 300x203 Best Buy to begin selling electric motorcycles. Obviously.It does get slightly worse. Those 45 miles travelled are if you belt along at the near-light speeds of 25 mph. If you want to go crazy and hit 32 mph, you’ll only get 29 miles on the thing. At the top speed of 50 mph, you might reach the end of your road. As long as it’s a short road.

With those sorts of performance figures – short distances, slow traffic, plenty of time for charging – the Enertia is clearly only meant for the daily commute.

For £8,000.

If that’s the sort of corporate thinking going on at Best Buy, they’re going to be right at home when they open up on the retails parks in this country.

[Wall Street Journal]

HotUKDeals Of The Day – Wednesday 5th November

November 5th, 2008 1 Comment By Andy Dawson

hukd logob HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 5th NovemberOver in the United States, there has been what feels like a revolution. Barack Obama has been elected as the USA’s first ever black President, and while he’s probably spending most of the day being fitted up with a whole new, bulletproof wardrobe, he’ll need to do some shopping before he takes up the Big Job.

With some help from the electorate at HotUKDeals, we’ve found a few things Obama might need, that won’t break the Presidential budget.

honda cbf125 2009 01 300x225 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 5th NovemberThe White House is a big place. We got a close look at its inner workings during The West Wing and we’ve got no idea what the East Wing looks like – might be twice the size of its western counterpart. With that in mind, Obama will need to get around the place in a hurry, and he could do a lot worse than investing in this brand new Honda CBF125 motorbike for just £1770.

It’s light and nippy and cheap to run – ideal if you’re looking to whizz around the corridors of a vast seat of power. Plus, it won’t do any harm to Obama’s ‘Coolest President Ever’ tag.
(deal found by geedamg)
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