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riot police 300x233 London Met to erode civil liberties by tracking everyoneHey! Got a criminal record and live in London? You’ll love this news then! See, those great guys at the Metropolitan Police (y’know, those guys who shoved a guy over ’til his brain died? Yeah, those guys) have decided to buy software which will map suspects’ digital movements!

This Geotime software will collect data from social networking sites, satnavs, mobile phones and even bank transactions in an attempt to map every stinkin’ move a suspect will make in real life and the digital realm.

The Guardian report that the Met have confirmed they’ve purchased this software that they’ve refused to rule out its use concerning public order disturbances, which means that, should you get nicked at a protest having done nothing wrong, they still might stalk you.

Sarah McSherry, a partner at Christian Khan Solicitors who represents several protesters in cases against the Metropolitan police, said: “We have already seen the utilisation of a number of tactics which infringe the right to peaceful protest, privacy and freedom of expression, assembly and movement. All of these have a chilling effect on participation in peaceful protest. This latest tool could also be used in a wholly invasive way and could fly in the face of the role of the police to facilitate rather than impede the activities of democratic protesters.”

All this comes on the back of news that the police force has kept a detailed record of the political activities of an 86-year-old man on a secret database, despite the fact he has no criminal record. He’ll be seeing them in the high court.

Do you live outside London and now having a good laugh at the poor, tracked saps? Careful. Sadly, the Ministry of Defence is also weighing up whether to us Geotime.

For fuck’s sake.