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Hewlett Packard and their big old racist computer

December 22nd, 2009 15 Comments By Andy Dawson

Hewlett Packard have developed a new rootin’ tootin’ MediaSmart supercomputer with a built-in face tracking device as part of its camera. Wow – now the camera will follow you around the room whenever you’re making a video call or performing a live online sex show. That’s some grand technology there for sure.

Slight problem though – it doesn’t seem to work if you’re black. That’s the conclusion that Desi, the black (are we allowed to say that?) star of this YouTube video has reached. Here we see as he tests out the face-tracking device with the help of his white (we’re still allowed to say that though, surely?) co-worker Wanda.

The camera follows Wanda around like it’s a bee and she’s the nectar, but for poor Desi (who has actually bought the damned thing) there’s nothing. The MediaSmart isn’t interested. It’s like he and his people don’t even exist. Did Martin Luther King really die for THIS?

HP have said that they’re aware of the problem and that they’re looking into it. Looking into it just like poor black Desi – let’s hope HP can get it sorted before we have another LA riot on our hands, eh readers?