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3D TV is coming – you can’t ignore it. Before long we’ll all have 3D telly in our homes and the effect will be so earth-shattering that we’ll even start seeing real things in 3D once we’ve switched off the box. No, really.

In this fascinating and educational infomercial, Rich Fulcher (of Mighty Boosh fame) takes a closer look at some of the art world’s most iconic works, using Samsung’s state of the art 3D technology, revealing some previously unseen hidden sub-plots that you’ll barely believe.

You’ll never look at Whistler’s Mother with the same contempt again.

Here comes Nike’s relaunching of the rebranded Tiger Woods, ahead of his return to golfing action at The Masters later today (well I’M excited about it).

Look at him – he’s pensive, he’s a bit sorrowful, he’s older, wiser, possibly still thinking about shagging blondes but certainly doing a good job of hiding it if he is. And who’s that talking bollocks at him? Why it’s his dead dad Earl!

Thanks Nike – that’s some classy work there! Although obviously nicked from that anti-smoking ad starring Yul Brynner that appeared after he died. Actually….