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3D Mario made out of tuna

March 26th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

With retailers telling Nintendo that their Wii U price-drops aren’t enough, and that they’re looking at ‘another GameCube’, Mario fans will be in need of some distraction.

And so, to a mall in Calgary, that has made a display from food cans that stars a huge 3D Mario

mario cans 3D Mario made out of tuna

Apparently, this display was made using 11,000 tuna cans, or thereabouts and was built for the 8th Annual Canstruction Event.

All the canned grub gets shipped off to the charity, Calgary Food Bank. Surely an Italian foodstuff would’ve been more appropriate?


Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii2 300x251 Deathwatch: Only 64,000 Wii U consoles sold in February   is Nintendo doomed?At the moment, no-one wants to buy a Nintendo product. The Wii U has only sold 64,000 in February, and the Wii Mini got unveiled much to everyone’s thorough indifference.

Considering that the Wii U is a newly launched console, this is worrying for Nintendo who haven’t been able to keep up with the video game market for some time now.

To put this into perspective, the Xbox 360 sold more than over 300,000 units last month in the US, despite the fact it is nearly ten years old. The PS3 is still outselling the Wii U, even though Sony have announced the next-gen PS4.

Handheld gaming is one of the few success stories for Nintendo, but it is only a matter of time before they die out as smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity?

So could Nintendo go the same way as Sega?

The only discernible reason one would buy a Nintendo product is to play the games that aren’t available on other systems, like Mario, Zelda and the like. Could we see Mario Kart being released on all consoles in the not-too-distant future?

Deathwatch: Nintendo post worrying losses

April 26th, 2012 27 Comments By Andy Dawson

SonicGenerationsWallpaper1 300x168 Deathwatch: Nintendo post worrying lossesWe’re sure they’ve got a few quid stashed away in the bank but no one at Nintendo will be jumping around like their popular Sonic The Hedgehog character* this morning at the news that the company has announced a £284m loss (to the year ending 31st March 2012). The figures are in stark contrast to last year’s numbers, when they made a profit of about a billion quid.

The downturn in sales of 36.2 percent are largely to blame for the bad digits, and it seems that the 3DS hasn’t been as profitable as was hoped. It’s worth remembering that some drastic price cuts occurred quite soon after the handheld console was launched, which won’t have helped matters for Nintendo’s bean counters.

Sales of home consoles fell by over 50% and the Japanese gaming giants will need the forthcoming Wii U to be an instant hit if it is to avoid further losses – the console is due for international release before the end of the year.

*we know

Mario is killing Nintendo

February 17th, 2012 9 Comments By Mof Gimmers

mario 3d tanooki 229x300 Mario is killing Nintendo

Nintendo weren’t a raging success in 2011. What was the problem? Those stupid Wiimotes that didn’t sufficiently double up as a joypad, leaving old-school gamers cold? Maybe it was a lack of great in-house games?

Nope. Mario is getting the blame.

A Japanese newspaper has claimed that Mario and his pals are hampering the company’s ability to evolve into the digital age. It has even been called the “curse of Mario”.

Sankei News reports: ”As the game market evolves, Nintendo seems unable to move beyond creating games that rely on the image of Mario.”

You may think this is all theorising and conjecture, but Nintendo need to do something about the rot which is about to take the shape of an announcement noting that the company will be posting huge losses for the fiscal year passed, as well as shares dropping below the ¥10,000 (£80) mark for the first time in nearly a decade.

There have been problems shifting 3DS devices off the shelves, but now, people are looking at Nintendo’s famous mascot to take some responsibility.

Mario is one of the most recognisable characters in pop-culture, but alas, one thing that is looking a little out-dated concerning him at the moment is the fact he’s stuck on one platform. Sonic the Hedgehog got a second lease of life after becoming available on all formats, leaving Mario looking a bit old-fashioned.

If Mario become available on the PS3 and XBOX, would Nintendo fans puke in disgust, vowing never to buy another Ninty product ever again? Messing with Mario is a big risk, but it seems like Nintendo need to do something soon for fear of going the way of Sega.

3ds 300x168 Nintendos 3DS finally comes good as pre Christmas sales rocketIn a turn of events as unlikely as Gary Glitter becoming a judge on next year’s X Factor, the Nintendo 3DS has suddenly become the biggest-selling games device around at the moment – and there could even be stock shortages before Christmas. So, if you’re after one for your younglings, it might be worth buying it sooner rather than later.

Sales were sluggish when the futuristic gaming contraption was unleashed earlier in the year, but a price cut followed by the release of two all-new Mario games saw just sort of 70,000 3DS consoles sold last week.

According to the HotUKDeals massive, your best price for a 3DS right now is £119.99 delivered from Amazon or £117.99 from (black only) and you could get started on your 3D odyssey with the acquisition of the 3D edition of Super Street Fighter IV for just £9.99. SEE YOU AT THE EYE DOCTORS!

Nintendo 3DS price now below £120

August 11th, 2011 6 Comments By Mof Gimmers

nintendo 3ds 300x215 Nintendo 3DS price now below £120There was a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

And what’s not to be thrilled about?! A genuine 3D gaming device! That’s mindblowing considering the fact that, not that long ago, video games had worse graphics that Teletext’s Bamboozle game. However, the response to the handheld console has obviously not been as great as expected (invariably thanks to various financial woes befalling the world – and the 3D induced headaches don’t help) which has seen the price drop dramatically.

And so, a price war has broken out with everyone trying to undercut each other. Now that Nintendo have slashed the price, Tesco are now selling the device for a paltry £115 while Morrisons will be flogging them for £120 with games going for £25. GameStop UK are selling 3DS’s for £135.

That’s nearly as low in price as a DS Lite. If you’ve got the spare cash, now’s the time to bag a Nintendo 3DS. Just remember to remove your eyes first.