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Looks like Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand has been using some of his ample injury-caused spare time wisely, developing a new football-based training machine called the SoccerXiser Pro – something that is essentially a cross-trainer with a couple of balls banged on to the bottom of it.

Rio’s even popped up on an American shopping channel, plugging the thing, although the Manchester Red Devils’ captain doesn’t seem as enthused about the wretched contraption as the buoyant fitness-mental host.

It’s all completely real and above board and in no way a cunning viral made by e.on. Oh, alright, it is.

The top dogs at Turkish airlines have probably been bricking it this week after Wayne Rooney decided that he didn’t want to be a Manchester United player any more. After all, the fat-headed philanderer is integral to their new ad, along with the rest of his team mates.

It’s an impromptu in-flight training session that almost ends with the death of Bobby Charlton. To be honest, it’s disgraceful behaviour and is certain to encourage anarchy in the air as impressionable children try and emulate their overpaid, over-privileged heroes.

The tune’s a frigging nightmare as well…

Is that a direct quote from Wayne Rooney then?

October 18th, 2010 10 Comments By Andy Dawson

Who says that Americans don’t fully understand the nuances of the English way of doing language and that? See this utterly majestic headline from Fox Sports’ website over Wayne Rooney’s impending departure from the Manchester United soccerball company…

Screen shot 2010 10 18 at 09.56.55 Is that a direct quote from Wayne Rooney then?

Find your nearest pub for 3D footy on Saturday

April 1st, 2010 5 Comments By Andy Dawson

quote image 01 Find your nearest pub for 3D footy on Saturday3D football is about to hit the TV screens of some of the nation’ finest pubs this weekend, as well as some of the shitty ones.

Following a trial in January, Sky are rolling the 3D TV thing out with the Manchester United v Chelsea match on Saturday lunchtime.

Their 3D pub finder has gone live so you can work out where your nearest booze-hole is that will be handing out the special goggles.

If it’s too far away, just pretend you don’t give a toss.

Even though you do. We know you do.

3D football coming to secret pubs this weekend!

January 28th, 2010 10 Comments By Andy Dawson
Advert for Sky 3d TV 001 300x180 3D football coming to secret pubs this weekend!

That picture we always see whenever clueless media types try and show us how football fans behave. Now with the addition of silly spectacles.

People, the future is finally here – and better still, you’ll have to go down the pub to witness it in all its majestic glory.

Sky, the broadcasting monster that we all love to hate and hate to love but secretly love a bit anyway are the providers of the great leap forward – it’s your real, actual 3D football on the telly.

It’ll happen as soon as this Sunday in a smattering of pubs around the country where the Arsenal v Manchester United Premier League skirmish will be broadcast in all three magnificent dimensions. Sky claim it will be it will be the first transmission of a live 3D TV sports event to a public audience.

Better still, if you want to see it, you’ll need to work out where to go, as Sky are refusing to reveal the identity of the nine pubs, in order to avoid a series of stampedes.

All they will say is that four of the screenings will be in London, with two in Manchester and one each in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin.

The service will be increased in April, when hundreds of pubs will be kitted out with 3D screening equipment, with scores of grown adults standing around all sporting silly 3D glasses as they watch Burnley and Birmingham grind out a miserable 0-0 draw.

By the end of the year, Sky 3D should be available in the living rooms of Sky HD subscribers who take their film and movie packages.

Where will it all end? Smell-o-vision we hope, with the chance to opt in for the whiff of stale beer and meat pies, or if you choose the retro option, Silk Cuts and male urine.

If you can correctly answer the question “What shape is a football?” you’re probably aware that it’s the Champions League Final in Rome tonight. If you weren’t aware of it, we’re sorry to have to tell you that there’s no more Britain’s Got Talent until tomorrow night. Sorry about that talent fans.

With regards to the Champions League, you may be heartened to learn that in among the vast, guffy cloud of advertising and marketing, there’ll actually be a game of football, and it’s got the potential to be a bit of a cracker.

Back to that vast, guffy cloud though. Rome is currently awash with banners and posters covered in the logos of official partners. Thierry Henry and Ryan Giggs are starring in a viral ad that is so sickeningly dull that we’re not going to link to it. The whole thing is slicker than Cristiano Ronaldo’s greasy barnet. And just as annoying.

Whither that it was all still like this, from 1979. A footballing legend, a woman in a bra and a farm-load of corn. Champion.

bryan robson 208x300 Deathwatch: Birthdays goes into administration   but at what cost for Man U?

'Captain Marvel' in happier times for greetings card retailing

Manchester United’s preparations for the Champions League final have been thrown into liquid chaos with the announcement that the Birthdays greetings card chain has been placed into administration.

The chain was previously part-owned by former Red Devils’ captain Bryan Robson, who was also once a director of the company but now works as an ambassador for the football club. The legendary midfielder is believed to have sold his stake in the card company some years ago when it was acquired by Clinton Cards, but the news that Birthdays is in trouble is sure raise a Robson eyebrow.

Fans and officials must be hoping that the raised eyebrow doesn’t reverberate around Old Trafford and lead to an outbreak of panic and confusion throughout the club, with the massive Champions League final in Rome in just six days time.

The news also puts 2,200 jobs at risk and the future of 323 Birthdays stores now hangs in the balance after parent company Clinton made the tough decision to put Birthdays into administration, along with Thorpalm Greetings Cards. Birthdays will continue trading for now and it is believed that Clinton will also continue to sell their wildly-overpriced cards and crappy gonks, having recently refinanced their debts and secured new banking facilities.

[Thanks to HotUKDeals reader member smithyp1 for the original tip-off]