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June 19th, 2014 1 Comment By Lucy Sweet

Amazon Fire THE AMAZON FIRE HAS ARRIVED If you’ve always fancied talking to Yoda on your holophone, then grab yourself the brand new Amazon Fire smartphone.

It’s got head-tracking photography. You can buy things with your EYES. Images on the screen appear three dimensional – and the Maps app lets you tilt the phone to ‘see around’ buildings.

The Amazon Fire was unveiled yesterday in Seattle by CEO Jeff Bezos, who waved the phone about and yelled ‘It’s time to whip the crown from Apple!’

So can they do it? Well on the face of it, the 4.7 inch Amazon Fire looks pretty snazzy. It has six individual in-built cameras to create the much-vaunted 3D effect – called ‘dynamic perspective.’ It’s also got 2GBs of RAM, a 720p HD resolution screen and a super whizzy quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. (Try saying that when you’ve had a few ales.) You get unlimited storage with Amazon Cloud, too.

Of course, you’ll have to put up with a lot of dreary Amazon apps as standard, like that bloody Mayday button with the silly Irish woman on the adverts. And you can bet the phone will make buying something from Amazon as easy as possible.

The most potentially infuriating feature is the Firefly app, which recognises what you’re looking at or listening to, and gives you the option to buy it from Amazon. ANNOYING, OR WHAT?

But it’s the 3D ‘hologram’ effect that might set the world on Fire. The only question is, will it cause a repeat of the great iOS 7 seasickness of 2013?

The iPhone 6 is coming early!

May 12th, 2014 1 Comment By Lucy Sweet

Apple are so excited about the new iPhone that they are due to prematurely ejaculate it into the world a month earlier than previously anticipated – in August.

iPhone 6 concept NowhereElse and Martin Hajek 004 220x300 The iPhone 6 is coming early!

And it’s a big one. A version with a 11.9cm screen will go on sale in stores in August, and then in September, when it was originally due to be released, we’ll see a larger version, which will either measure 13.9 or 14.2cm, screen size fans! Well, that’s the approximate sizes according to those in the supply chain, so don’t blame us if it’s all wrong.

People everywhere are getting their rulers in a twist about the larger screens, and Mac fans have been busy imagining what it will look like in a series of fanciful drawings featuring little home buttons, no home buttons, loads of apps, curved screens and skinny dimensions.

But this year, it’s all about screen size, so that Apple can compete with the likes of Samsung, whose larger screen models are going great guns with consumers.

Cue millions of weird people queuing outside the Apple store with their hands down their pants in August.

Microsoft Office might be coming to the iPad

March 18th, 2014 No Comments By Lucy Sweet

On March 27th, Microsoft has something to announce, but they’re NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS. Media bods have been invited to a special ‘cloud and mobile focussed event’.
microsoft office ipad large verge medium landscape 300x234 Microsoft Office might be coming to the iPad

What could it be? Well, rumour has it that new CEO Satya Nadella wants to unveil the new Microsoft Office for the iPad. Writers and freelance layabouts in cafes rejoice!

If it happens, it puts an end to Microsoft’s long and involved iPad snub. Like a sulky teen, they’ve been pretending for years that iOS wasn’t happening. But last year they launched software for iPhone/iPad so you can look at Word docs on your phone for free.

But they’re not going to let you have anything else for free. Oh no. If/when Office comes to the iPad it will in the form of Office 365, cloud based software for which you pay a monthly or yearly fee. Many businesses already use Office 365 for multiple computers (rather than getting a licence), but they’re likely to start doing a version for us drones if the rumours are true.

This of course, is all conjecture until the big event. Perhaps Microsoft’s new CEO won’t be unveiling Office for iPad at all. Maybe the ‘cloud and mobile focussed event’ will be an hour of him noxiously farting the Intel Inside theme tune while filming it on his phone?

New Blackberry launches – nobody cares

March 25th, 2013 3 Comments By Lucy Sweet

blackberry Z10 300x199 New Blackberry launches   nobody caresIn the world of the smart phone, hype reigns supreme. If 10,000 people aren’t camped outside the shop, desperate to fondle the new features, then something is wrong.

So it’s a little bit weird that the new Z10 all touchscreen Blackberry – which is critical in reviving the company’s fortunes – has made not a dent in the public consciousness, despite Blackberry giving it a mega marketing push.

No gimps with sleeping bags were present as it quietly went on sale at AT&T stores in New York on Friday. In fact, fewer than 20 people showed up for the launch.

Even more bizarrely, AT&T didn’t do anything to display it prominently, hiding it on a shelf next to a bunch of iPhones, with no signage devoted to it. And in San Francisco, when a customer asked to see the Z10, employees had to go and get it from the storeroom.

So what are they ashamed of?

According to store representatives in San Francisco, it hasn’t been displayed because it’s really difficult to set up. But early reports from US electronics store Best Buy suggests that there’s been a positive response to the Z10, even amongst people who were determined to stick with the traditional Blackberry keyboard and not give in to a virtual one.

Maybe it’s a grower? Or maybe nobody cares and they’re busy buying up iPhones instead. Only time will tell…

Google unveil the Nexus 7 tablet

June 28th, 2012 10 Comments By Andy Dawson

Nexus 7 tablet unveiled 008 300x180 Google unveil the Nexus 7 tabletGoogle are having a TABLET OVERDOSE! Well, sort of – they’ve unveiled their latest gizmo, an attempt to get some of the tablet action that Apple and Samsung have been wallowing in of late.

It’s called the Nexus 7, has been bunged together with some bits and bobs provided by Asus and is coming to the shops VERY SOON. Best of all, it’s way cheaper than the iPad or Galaxy Tab. Mind you at only seven inches, it’s smaller.

It’ll be the first tablet computer to run Google’s new Jelly Bean Android software and it comes with a 1.2Mp camera built into it. The 8GB version will cost £169 while the 16GB version will be priced at £209.

The Nexus 7 will steal a march on Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which has been shown off but is yet to have a release date or pricing announced for it. Will YOU be buying one??

NewiPad 300x168 New iPad announced. Its got new stuff in it and that.

A Steve Jobs impersonator, yesterday.

So, the new iPad is here, as announced by some boffins somewhere in the world a short time ago. It doesn’t seem to have a name so we’re calling it Ian Pad. Here’s the main points…

* Available from 16th March – pre-ordering available from today.

* 16, 32 and 64GB versions, starting at $499 (UK pricing to be comfirmed).

* 2048 x 1536… 3.1m pixels – a million more pixels than your common or garden HD TV.

* Retina display – as first seen on the iPhone 4.

* A5X quadcore graphics.

* An iSight camera (5MP)

* HD video recording.

* Voice dictation. A bit like Siri, but not.

* 4g/LTE – which means nothing to us here in the UK at the moment.

* 10 hour battery life (9 hours on 4G)

* Bundled with iWork and with free updates available if you’ve already bought it.

If that’s not enough for you, you can get more detailed info from our smartypants mates over at Gizmodo.

There, the story is in the title. Obviously we don’t have any pics of or anything else (in fact no one does), so here’s some completely unrelated footage of a weird Japanese thing called Starfish Hitler to flesh the story out a bit…

Apple Logo Apple to make iPad3 announcement in March (try not to mention Foxconn)Apple will be announcing things about the iPad 3 on Wednesday, March 7th. Possibly. Nothing has been confirmed of course, but the sources leaking this information are making a lot of noise about this.

So what will be in the announcement? Well, if the mutterings are correct, the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor and LTE compatibility. That’ll mean nothing to most of you and, in fairness, everyone at Bitterwallet too.

Basically, LTE offers faster data speeds than 3G and isn’t available in the UK yet. It seems likely that LTE may be held back ’til the next iPhone, but Apple may want to show-off to its rivals.

Other rumours also state that the new iPad will have a ‘retina display’, with an improved screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Meanwhile, before all this kicks off, Apple are carrying out inspections at their Shenzhen factory known as Foxconn City. That’s where loads of people committed suicide. ”We believe that workers everywhere have the right to a safe and fair work environment, which is why we’ve asked the FLA to independently assess the performance of our largest suppliers,” said Apple chief-exec Tim Cook said in a statement. “The inspections now underway are unprecedented in the electronics industry, both in scale and scope, and we appreciate the FLA agreeing to take the unusual step of identifying the factories in their reports.”

Over on the Mobot side of the office, Lewis has been throwing together all the iPad 3 rumours into one easy-digestable post, for your reading pleasure.

netflix 300x224 Netflix bring their streamertainment to the UK. Yes, streamertainment.Netflix have sprung a surprise this morning by suddenly launching their new streaming video service in the UK – although they did promise ‘early 2012’ so we should be impressed with their efficiency.

They’re charging £5.99 per month for unlimited streaming, with your first month free as part of an initial launch offer. Content is varied, with Netflix saying that: “At launch, Netflix is offering films and TV programmes from All3Media, the BBC, CBS, Channel 4′s 4oD, Disney UK & Ireland, ITV, Lionsgate UK, MGM, Miramax, Momentum Pictures, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Viacom International Media Networks.”

Once you’re signed up, you can access their library through your PC, Mac, PS3, Wii, and Xbox as well as Smart TVs and Smart TV adapters and iOS and Android devices. No messing about – Netflix is HERE.

There’s more about it all in a very lively thread over at HotUKDeals, which was started by avid member Gunnzie.

EDIT: It looks as though Lovefilm have responded by freezing their unlimited streaming price at £4.99 per month. It was launched as a special offer last month but they have said that the price won’t be increasing.

TABLET WARS! Amazon have just held a busy launch event where they unveiled a range of new hand-held devices, throwing the cat right among the pigeons with the $199 Kindle Fire. It’s a colour, 7-inch tablet and although it doesn’t have stuff like a camera or 3G, and only has 8GB of memory, its price alone means that is certain to shift some serious units.

Amazon have also updated the Kindle e-reader with three new formats. There’s the Kindle Touch, a touchscreen reader which is $149 with Amazon Whispernet connectivity and $99 for a wi-fi version. Then there’s the basic Kindle – you turn the pages by using buttons and there’s no keyboard, but it weighs only six ounces and, crucially, will retail for just $79. But will people buy a Fire or a Touch? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says they’ll buy both.

kindle family 500x321 Amazon set the tablet world alight with the Kindle Fire

The Amazon logic is that if you draw people in with affordable hardware, they’ll happily stump up for the software – books, music, films and apps via the Android store. There’s a November 15th US launch date for the Fire, and frustratingly, there seems to be no indications of UK prices as yet.

Right, that’s that sorted out – now we wait for next week’s Apple event to see what they’ve got up their sleeves…

EDIT: Amazon’s UK site is now showing the $79 version of the Kindle as being available for… erm, £89. Also, the US prices quoted are for a version without ads – the ad-free version will cost more.

Is the Amazon tablet coming on Wednesday?

September 24th, 2011 6 Comments By Andy Dawson

Screen shot 2010 12 22 at 15.03.25 Is the Amazon tablet coming on Wednesday?Amazon have sent out some invitations to a press conference in New York on Wednesday and while we’re still waiting for ours to arrive, we’re prepared to (grudgingly) report on what it might all be about.

Rumours are flying around the techosphere that the press conference could see the grand unveiling of the Amazon tablet, believed to be called the Kindle and almost certain to run on a version of Android that will be unique to he device.

Best of all, the Amazon tablet is believed to be priced at about $250 – well below the iPad and probably cheap enough to convince large numbers of punters to give it a whirl. The trick will be that Amazon will then make their money from selling content and other services for it through their own app store.

The Amazon tablet is said to have a seven inch screen and a full colour display and some analysts are already calling it a game-changer. Things should get very interesting after Wednesday…

Apple order 15million iPhone5s for Autumn

July 5th, 2011 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

Steve Jobs 300x245 Apple order 15million iPhone5s for AutumnThere’s been rumour after tedious rumour about the release of Apple’s iPhone5. Well, here’s another one. Apparently, Apple have ordered 15 million iPhone 5s from its Taiwanese suppliers with plans to start shipping the devices in September.

Interestingly, it is reported that the iPhone 5 “does not have any major update from iPhone 4″, which means that the new handset will just be a tarted up iPhone 4 without overhaul.

The strongest rumours suggest that the new iPhone will contain the same A5 processor that is in the iPad 2 and an improved camera (an 8-megapixel one as opposed to the current 5-megapixel effort). There is also talk of Apple releasing two versions of the iPhone this year, with one of them being considerably cheaper than the other. Will this pave the way for an iPhone that is free with a contract?

Of course, Apple isn’t commenting on these rumours as they know that the mill will keep churning things out until release date (excellent PR work there). The company don’t have any events booked for August or September, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


Hipster heaven as Apple launch upgraded MacBook Pro

February 24th, 2011 9 Comments By Andy Dawson

It’s good news for Apple fans – especially those with knackered laptops. That’s because the Cupertino-based technology company have updated the MacBook Pro, with the damned thing available from today.

Apple claim to be bringing us “next generation processors and graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime® HD camera.” The whole caboodle supposedly features “the very latest dual-core and quad-core Intel Core processors” and “the entire MacBook Pro line is up to twice as fast as the previous generation.”

apple macbook pro 2011 500x148 Hipster heaven as Apple launch upgraded MacBook Pro

The new MacBooks Pro (is that right?) are packing an SDXC memory card slot, WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, two USB 2.0 ports, gigabit ethernet and a FireWire 800 port. There’s also a slot-loading 8x SuperDrive DVD-burner (no Blu-ray) and a webcam, which they’re now calling ‘FaceTime-HD’ and will allow users to chat with iPhone 4 owners. Like the cooler-than-thou hipster bastards that they are.

Then there’s Thunderbolt. Great name for a horse, great name for some lightning fast I/O technology. Apple say that “Thunderbolt… delivers an amazing 10 gigabits per second and can support every important I/O standard which is ideal for the new MacBook Pro.”

The new MacBook Pro comes in 13”, 15” and 17” flavours – as we wrote this, the Apple Store in the UK was being updated, so we don’t have any prices as yet. This message is now over.

iPad 2 launch confirmed for next Wednesday

February 23rd, 2011 8 Comments By Andy Dawson

6115735 300x271 iPad 2 launch confirmed for next Wednesday Confirming what has been suspected for the past few days, the iPad 2 will be launched at an Apple event next Wednesday (March 2nd) – unless Apple have suddenly turned into a bunch of pranksters.

The email invite they’ve just bunged out says: “Come see what 2011 will be the year of”. As you can see, there’s a picture of an iPad. And a big number two (not a poo).

The launch event will be in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco, and Bitterwallet will be THERE! (no we won’t)

Best Buy to launch early… and bid for DSGi?

April 19th, 2010 21 Comments By Andy Dawson

best buy logo 3 300x200 Best Buy to launch early... and bid for DSGi?Big fat cigar-chomping Yank electrical retailers Best Buy are coming to the UK – and even though there’s no planes and everyone is contemplating a return to a rustic, non-electric lifestyle, it’s going to happen sooner than we thought.

They’ve brought forward the opening date of their first store, in Thurrock, Essex to Friday 30th April – a week earlier than originally announced. They’re promising a ‘four-day launch festival’ with amazing deals and no doubt, some party poppers and balloons.

As it stands, Best Buy, who are operating in the UK in conjunction with Carphone Warehouse, plan to open between 70 and 80 UK stores by 2013. Or do they?

Speculation in the financial press (well, the Mail) suggests that Best Buy have put together a shopping list of potential acquisitions… with DSGi at the top of the list.

Rather than take on the Currys and PC World competition, could Best Buy just be plotting to buy them out? The Mail believes that a friendly £2.2 billion bid could be in the offing. Now what do you all think about THAT sack of plums?