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OH JESUS CHRIST! There’s some barmy adverts out there in the big weird world, but this Korean Burger King commercial has to be up there with the oddest. Essentially, a man sees a triple Whopper and decides he wants it. And down in one it goes as a song backs him demanding we ‘eat like snake’ and ‘unhinge our jaw’. HOLY COW!

Are you a human being of Korean origin who happened to grow up in Scotland? You are? Well this American Starburst ad should be like looking in a mirror, or at the very least, like seeing some kind of documentary about your everyday life.

It brands ‘Scotch Koreans’ as a contradiction, something that “[doesn’t] make a wee bit o’ sense.” Just like Starburst itself – apparently. Stirred in with the casual racism is a cameo appearance from another contradiction, ‘Timmy the Albino lifeguard’ – who looks suspiciously like Darnell from Big Brother 9. Might not be though – after all, they all look the same, that lot.

For crying out loud, why can’t we all just get along?