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Phones4u logo Phones4U hope youll JUMP around in excitement at their new upgrade ployIf waiting two whole years between getting a new mobile handset is driving you spare, your fears and anguishes could soon be at an end. That’s because Phones4U are looking to make the dreaded 24-month contract a thing of the past, and allow punters to get new handsets much sooner.

They’ve launched a new service called JUMP, which stands for Just Upgrade My Phone and Phones4U say that it will allow handset updates every six months or so. How will it work? Well, apparently it splits your bill into part phone service and part ‘JUMP service agreement’ with the former portion going to the carrier and the latter portion going to Phones4U. After about six months or so, customers can opt to upgrade their handsets while trading in their current device in the process. The remainder of the JUMP balance being paid on is then offset against the price of the trade-in device, then the cost of the new device is added to your JUMP balance.

All of which means that you’ll be able to upgrade your phone sooner but your monthly fee will be higher than if you’d stuck with the same handset for the duration of the contract. It’ll be down to you, the canny consumer to decide if you want to fork out more each month in exchange for a snazzier handset as and when it’s released.

The JUMP service is available in Phones4U stores now (with online offering to follow), and we’re sure their pin-sharp staff will be fully briefed and ready to answer all of your questions about the whole thing. GO!