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When it comes to the recession, budget airlines have put their fingers in their ears and are shouting LA LA LA LA LA very loudly. At least that’s what the headlines would have you believe. After last week heralding additional routes for Newcastle, has this lunchtime announced a new base of operations at East Midlands Airport.

The seven new routes on offer from the budget airline are Lanzarote, Dalaman, Corfu, Heraklion, Paphos, Tenerife and Sharm El Sheikh. All routes are now available for departures from May 2010, with starting fares from £59.99 one way including taxes. Last week new routes for Newcastle were announced, departing to Dalaman, Crete, Gran Canaria, Paphos and Sharm el Sheikh.

Between the two announcements are claiming up to 700 new jobs will be created. Now we can’t knock that – more passenger choice and new jobs are very commendable – but will this be all there is to this story? Let’s look at Ryanair – on August 11th, Ryanair announced a massive expansion in operations at Leeds-Bradford Airport, increasing the number of destinations served to 17 and creating 1,000 new jobs. Less than a week later, Ryanair announced it was closing down all services out of Manchester with the exception of a single route. 600 jobs will be lost.

ryanair vs jet2 vs Ryanair   when two budget airlines go to war launches counter-attack on Ryanair (artist's impression)’s main base of operations is Leeds-Bradford Airport, where they now have Ryanair potentially outgunning them in terms of prices and PR. clearly aren’t happy about the situation, not least because they seemingly weren’t told Ryanair were moving in on their patch. While it’s unlikely will quit Yorkshire, it seems from today’s announcement that is gearing up for a turf war; Ryanair already operates nearly 40 routes from East Midlands airport. It’s good news for the consumer in the short term (unless you live in Manchester) but will both airlines survive?

Every day you pour out the contents of that swill bucket you call a mind, straight into the comments section of Bitterwallet. Every Friday from today, we’re going to sieve that swill, pick out the lumps and phlegmy viscera to determine what the collective brains of Bitterwallet readers really think.

Let’s kick off with an easy one – budget airlines. On Tuesday we reported on Sky Marshall O’Leary’s plans to expand Ryanair’s operations at Leeds-Bradford Airport, introducing 13 new routes to add to the four existing destinations served. Then yesterday we noticed the extreme knee-jerk reaction from, who clearly didn’t know about the announcement until it happened. Their website is now swathed in claims about the outrageous charges levied by “other airlines” while failing to point out any of their own wallet-raiding techniques.

Plenty of you provided a list of reasons why Jet2 is worse than Ryanair, while others had nothing more to say on the matter other than Ryanair is a lot of old balls. So which is it? And what about the likes of easyJet? So for Friday, vote with your fingers and decide the fate of the big 3 budget airlines:

Any comments, informed reasoning or wild accusations, stick them below as usual.

In Ryanair News today, it’s not passengers that Sky Marshall O’Leary is aggravating, but other budget airlines. The announcement that Ryanair plans to fly 13 new routes out of Leeds Bradford Airport has upset the other budget airline that’s been based there for quite some time. are getting the arse about it, as the homepage of their site subtly makes clear:

picture 15 Budget airline catfight ahoy, as bitchslaps Ryanair

The “full story” turns out to be a shocking catalogue of abuse that “other airlines” will dish out to hapless passengers, while conveniently ignoring their own charges and twisting the figures to boot:

  • 22kg baggage allowance from £7.99 one way – on other airlines this could cost YOU £115! (£230 return)
  • Seat Allocation – Be sure to sit with your family, on some other airlines you’ll have a mad rush to grab a seat!
  • Sports Equipment costs £20 one way with – some other airlines will charge YOU over £74!
  • FREE ONLINE Check-in for Hand baggage with – some other airlines will charge YOU!
  • AIRPORT Check–in with will only cost you £3 each way – on some other airlines YOU will be charged a staggering £40 each way!

Of course Ryanair could point out that charge up to £8 per seat, or up to £25 for one with extra legroom – “for a return flight, that’s up to £200 for a family of 4… just to sit down!” – and obviously don’t mention that Ryanair has a different baggage allowance hence the massive discrepancy, or that their own pop-up list of additional charges doesn’t mention how much passengers are charged per additional kg of baggage – “the airline that hides the truth from you!” – and so on. You get the point.

The website is stuffed full with huge banners, pages of claims, ticker-tapes running across the screen. It’s such a knee-jerk reaction that makes management look like petulant children, you can’t help but that feel a) it won’t make a dent in Ryanair’s passenger numbers once they roll into town, and b) didn’t know a thing about Tuesday’s announcement until they saw the Sky Marshall in that bloody shirt.

Twitter user creates hate site for

July 1st, 2009 6 Comments By Paul Smith

We told you recently about embracing social media, encouraging brand loyalty and all that marketing bollocks by setting up a Twitter account and giving away free flights. On the very first day, it was Bitterwallet reader Rob that won the trip to Alicante, the lucky blighter.

So is all well and rosy in the world of Twitter? Not a bit of it. Say hello to Jet2.con, a new Twitter account that appeared yesterday, using the same colour schemes and graphics as’s page, but which is dishing out customer complaints registered with as yet uncredited source, which we’ve tracked down to Skytrax – a website that rates and reviews over 600 airlines and a similar number of airports:

picture 13 Twitter user creates hate site for

The driving forcing behind Jet2.con is the creator’s claim that the budget airline suggested some specific “advice” which led to them personally losing £381. When the individual complained, the airline failed to produce a recording of the conversation with Customer Services, claiming it was “lost”. I’ve flown with them many times before,” says the complainant, “but when things go wrong they don’t want to know at all.”

Every message that Jet2.con is posting is presented as a @reply to, meaning that the airline is well aware of all these messages. Will the airline attempt to have the Twitter page shut down? Twitter has so far only closed accounts that misrepresent individuals and companies, but not those that criticise them.

Has Twitter changed your life yet? No? Well, it’s fast becoming the place to be for savvy consumers. Not only are some companies using it to provide direct access to customer services, but it’s beginning to throw up some exclusive, and not to mention very decent deals. United Airlines recently promoted cut-price air fares on Twitter, and this lunchtime is your chance to get in on some tasty travel twittering:

picture 23 giving away free flights this afternoon are flogging free flights via Twitter in about 20 minutes time. The good news for you is that they currently have just 530 followers, a piddling following in Twitter terms. We don’t know how they’re going to go about the giveaway, but if you’re interested you’d best register and synchronise watches.