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Blockbuster planning to sell electronic goods

September 25th, 2010 13 Comments By Andy Dawson

Blockbuster Video eps 300x300 Blockbuster planning to sell electronic goods US movie rental giant Blockbuster might be up to their necks in the brown gooey stuff across the pond but over here, they’re going from strength to strength… sort of.

The American arm of Blockbuster have just filed for bankruptcy and are $900 million in debt, but their non-American operations are a separate entity and are about to expand their ‘offering’.

Over here, Blockbuster have announced that they’re going to start selling mobile phones, iPods and TV sets along with the continuation of DVD, Blu-ray and games rentals. A TV-selling trial in 10 of their stores has proved to be successful enough for them to expand it to a further 25 in the near future and they have said that talks will mobile phone companies are ongoing with a view to them flogging phones from next year.

Will it work? Will any of you change your habits and visit Blockbuster for electronic goods or are they just good for DVD rental and popcorn?