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Deals of the Day – Monday 2 December 2013

December 2nd, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Playstation Buttons 300x1871 Deals of the Day   Monday 2 December 2013The PlayStation 4 is now officially the fastest selling gaming console in history, with everyone going crazy over a piece of kit that isn’t the Xbox One, which seems to be blighted by a plethora of problems (the main one being Microsoft themselves). With Sony laughing all the way to the bank, they’ve decided to throw us all a few peanuts.

With that, Playstation Plus 12 Deals Of Christmas starts today with Fifa 14 on the PS3 costing you a paltry £24.99. In the Vita it is now £19.99. Or, you can check out Oblivion Movie Rental for a piddling 99p. Splendid work. Find out more here.


Call Of Duty Ghosts – Xbox 360 and PS3 – £22.00 with code – Free Delivery or collect
An Idiot Abroad – Series 1-3 Blu-ray. Now £10.99
Fez – Steam Sale – £1.74 save 75%
Toshiba Exite Pro 10.1 Tablet 16GB 2560×1600 , Tegra 4, 8mpx Camera From £349 down to £199.99 + £30 cashback
Far Cry 3 for £4.99 @ Steam
Samsung 32GB micro SD card. Yours for £15.99
Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray Going for £44.95
Batman Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition Xbox 360 just £9.98
From Dusk Till Dawn: Titty Twister Edition Blu-ray – Grab it for £14.99
Assassins Creed: Black Flag – Special Edition Xbox 360 & PS3 – Now £32.98
40″ Smart LED TV – Yours for £279.99

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Deals of the Day – Wednesday 27 November 2013

November 27th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

ps4 300x182 Deals of the Day   Wednesday 27 November 2013The PlayStation 4 is about to drop, which hopefully means we’ll see nerds punching each other’s lights out like an update version of when mothers used to riot in a bid to grab a Cabbage Patch Kid for their dreadful offspring. Even if they’re not queueing up, gamers might accidentally assault their postmen out of pure adrenaline.

That said, you can pick up a PS4 on Thursday night, in person, from an Asda, provided you know the secret. They have a limited number of consoles for sale – no pre-order needed – at selected stores, where you’ll be able to go down at midnight and pick one up from 00:01 on the 29th November. Stock will be limited supply and strictly 1 per customer. If you want in, click this link.


Dongle havers. 1GB mobile internet £1.00

Xbox 360 250GB with Halo 4, Tomb Raider, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and 3 months Xbox Live plus free £10 Voucher for £179.99 from 27/11/2013

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition (Steam) £3.69

Lovefilm for £5.99 PM and get an Amazon £20 gift voucher

7″ Tablet – Dual Core 16GB Android Jellybean Refurb yours for £39.99

SONY STRDH820 3D HMDI AV Receiver @ Richer Sounds for £129.95!

Last of Us – PS3 – £18

Xbox Games Store Black Friday sale @ Xbox Marketplace

Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Free Fall Edition) £29.99 Delivered (PS3/Xbox) (Black Ops 2 £10/Battlefield 3 £4 Pre-Owned)

Samsung 46″ F6800 Smart 3D TV Only £709.98 (cheaper than the 40″) plus get a Galaxy Tab 3 for only £20

Colour changing LED indoor light ball £1.23 Click and Collect

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Deals of the Day – Tuesday 26 November 2013

November 26th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Xbox One 300x242 Deals of the Day   Tuesday 26 November 2013If you’re weighing up purchasing an Xbox One, then you need to be prepared. Sure, you can buy games and work on the ass groove in the sofa while stocking up on Wotsits, but you can get more out of your console than simply plugging it in and shooting baddies.

To maximise your gaming, you should look at this ace offer where you can get a 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership for a measly £25.64. The code is always changing, so keep checking the offer page here.


Batman: Arkham City – Armoured Edition (Wii U) £9.99 Delivered

Empire (12 Months) + Assassin’s Creed IV (360/PS3) for £40

Samsung UE40F6400(Full HD, Smart, 3D led TV with WIFI) for £429.99

Argos Voucher Offer Starts Wednesday £5 voucher when you spend £50 & £10 voucher when you spend £100.

Lightroom 5 (download) £61.54 at Adobe

Just Cause 2 £2.49 (Steam)

Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch PS3 for £14.82

Netgear WN3000RP Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender yours for £24.99

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3 £14.86 Delivered

Lenovo ideapad flex 14″ touchscreen now £399.99

Vita Console & Tearaway Deal – £149.99

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Deals of the Day – Monday 25 November 2013

November 25th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

lost 300x182 Deals of the Day   Monday 25 November 2013Do you miss trying to figure out what the crap was going on in Lost every week? Did you not see it first time around? Do you half remember something to do with some polar bears having sex with a plane while a man punched numbers into a thing while another bloke spoke in a terrible English accent?

Well, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can buy series 1-6 of Lost on Blu Ray for a paltry £34.99. You can fondly remember a time when it wasn’t Breaking Bad that everyone constantly parped on about, because people were too busy constantly searching for Dharma Initiative conspiracy theories online.


£10 Amazon voucher for £5 at Bespoke Offers (marked as expired but it is still live if you keep trying)

Security cameras at Ebuyer for £34.98

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 £219.99 from Amazon

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for XBox now £4.98

Lexar 8GB JumpDrive S50 Flash Drive Memory Stick for only £3.49

Google Nexus 10 16GB at Expansys for £274.99

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag PC for £25.74

What HiFi 5 Star Laptop Speakers only £19.99 plus 10% off coupon

Samsung Galaxy S4 500m, 5000 texts and unlimited data £25 per month.

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Deals of the Day – Friday 22 November 2013

November 22nd, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

t rex 300x210 Deals of the Day   Friday 22 November 2013This big old world is filled with weird and wonderful people, so there’s no telling what’ll get your rocks off. Some people like the opposite sex. Some like the same sex. Some like both. Some like inanimate objects because they don’t decay, argue with you or try and get off with their work colleagues. In fact, it is a wonder us humans haven’t ditched each other altogether.

With that, for those of you wanting something a little different in your life, why not have a look at this life-sized T-Rex replica that we’ve found for sale. It is going for £32,999.99, which might seem like a lot of money, but really, how much have you spent on dates, anniversaries and birthday presents? This is a sexual investment. Or something to frighten your neighbours with. Have a look at the deal here.


Humble Weekly Sale- ZEN Studios PWYW Bundle

VTech Innotab 3 in pink or blue. Now £34.99.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8″ with free 16gb Memory Card, £180, delivered with code.

Wii U Special Edition Mario & Luigi Premium and Lego Marvel & free Lego Marvel drawstring bag. Selling for £249.99

Tearaway (including the Jukebox Pack DLC and Tearaway Keyring) PS Vita £19.85 delivered

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone (16GB UK sim-free, unlocked) in white now only £376

BlackBerry Z10 – PAYG upgrade yours for £149.95

Sennheiser CX175 earphones for £14.99 and free postage

iPad mini with retina display. WiFi, 16GB, delivered to you for £287.10. Needs code.

Toshiba 3TB Internal Hard drive, for £74.99

WD TV Play Media Player, now going for £39.99

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Deals of the Day – Thursday 21 November 2013

November 21st, 2013 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

The Brick 300x182 Deals of the Day   Thursday 21 November 2013Technology is getting smaller and sleeker and it just isn’t good enough. Once upon a time, our gadgets were huge enough to show off to everyone. Boomboxes the size of beer crates were carried on shoulders, computers needed separate tape decks and, of course, mobile phones were the size of house bricks.

With that, someone has designed a phone you can use now called The Brick which is painfully ‘80s and is cumbersome, loud and has, Snake and Bluetooth aside, bugger all in the way of features. And of course you want one. They’ve been going for nearly £50, but we’ve found a deal where you can get one for £29.95! Have a look at the deal here and go all Gordon Gekko.


2 Apartment video intercom door system with night vision LED! Now £54.85

£1 Quidco cashback for every collect plus parcel you send

Re-boxed BlackBerry Playbook 64gb 7inch Dual Core selling for £69.99

iPad Air WiFi, 16GB, black or white, £359 with code

Tesco direct ASUS Memo pad 16gb with memory card slot and the like. £69 with code

The Last of Us for PS3, yours for £20.90 including delivery

Western Digital Red 3TB £99.98 (free delivery)

Netgear 500MBPS Powerline Kit now only £24.99

Google Nexus 7 16GB – £129.99 (£117 after quidco) at Argos

Blazing Saddles on Blu-Ray yours for £4.99

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (La Fleur,White, Blue & Red), PAYG upgrade. Now £129.95 (£6.30 potential cashback £123.65)

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Deals of the Day – Wednesday 20 November 2013

November 20th, 2013 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

81oHyHzrHRL. SL1500  300x182 Deals of the Day   Wednesday 20 November 2013Mischief is something that never leaves. Whether you’re winding people up on a work’s do, or you find yourself eyeing up spud guns every time you go to the local newsagents, you’ve got a bit of Dennis the Menace in you.

If you’re a Beano nut, you may prefer to be likened to Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger or the Bash Street Kids (although, you probably look more like Baby Face Finlayson), either way, you will definitely want to terrorise your neighbours on a special 75th anniversary edition Beano Chopper bike! A BEANO CHOPPER! Yours for £284.99.


Sennheiser X320 Gaming Stereo Headphones with Noise Cancelling Mic for Xbox 360 £19.99 with code.

Lord of the Rings Extended Blu Ray boxset for £18.77

Duracell PreCharged Rechargeable 1950 mAh AA Batteries 4 pack £5.88 delivered

Dishonored yours for £8.24 at Xbox Live Marketplace – Gold only

Bad Santa Blu-ray £4.49 with code

Borderlands 2 £4.00 GOTY £18.56 Season Pass £4.95 PC Steam

Register a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system and one of 15 games to get a free Super Mario 3D Land download. Click here.

Nintendo 3DS XL Zelda Link Between Worlds Limited Edition. Yours for £189

Ovivo Freedom sim now with 300 Texts, 150 Minutes and 500MB data each month, all this for a one of £20 payment. More here.

Dell Venue 8 Pro (Preorder) £249 Atom Z3740D, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD at Dell.

Syma 2nd Edition S107G New Version Indoor Helicopter (Red) – £12.98 delivered

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Deals of the Day – Tuesday 19 November 2013

November 19th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

kindle 300x182 Deals of the Day   Tuesday 19 November 2013Ever found yourself creeping over people’s Facebook pictures, or watching mucky films on your phone and thought to yourself – ‘this screen is slightly too small!’? If you have, you’re in luck because there’s these things called tablets which make creeping a whole new experience.

Of course, some dirty sods have been on this for a while, but as Christmas approaches, Amazon and Apple are going toe-to-toe with new gadgets, which means that there’s some killer deals knocking around. For example, you can get your dirty paws on a Kindle Fire HD 16GB 7″ for just £99 at Amazon!


You can spend you Nectar points on eBay! Find out more.

The Matrix Trilogy on Blu Ray now £8.62

Crucial M500 240GB 2.5-inch SSD for £119.99

Tomb Raider (Steam), going for £5.99

Anker® 25W 5V / 5A 5-Port USB Wall Charger Compact Portable Travel Charger £11.99 with code

Samsung 3tb D3 External Hard Drive – £79.98 delivered

Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy on Blu Ray for £6.99

PS4 KNACK Bundle – on day of launch- for £385.00

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series Blu Ray, yours £38

The Raid on Blu-Ray £5

iPad Mini with Retina Display 16GB + £30 off, yours for £319

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Deals of the Day – Monday 18 November 2013

November 18th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

tron 300x182 Deals of the Day   Monday 18 November 2013

The best thing about the Tron films is that they dispatched with the most pointless bit of any movie – the plot. Basically, when you have cool speeder bikes that have fancy lights on them, a discus that can take your head off and a load of wonky synth music, the last thing you want is anything that requires emotional investment.

So with that in mind, while every other sap sobs their way through Christmas films (and worse still, cries at festive commercials – seriously, what’s wrong with you people?), you can get stuck into the original Tron and Tron Legacy with this double pack for £7.99.


LG 50” widescreen Full HD 3D Smart Plasma TV with built in WiFi for £574.29

WiiU Premium plus Nintendoland yours for £199.99

iPads reduced at John Lewis with a 3 year warranty.

LG 32GB D802 delivered for £369

PlayStation Vita 3G 16GB with Sports Racing mega pack. Now £140

£25 iTunes voucher for £20 at Asda (instant delivery)

Free upgrade to 100mbps when customers commit to another 12 month contract with Virgin. See here.

Toy Story 1-3 on Blu-Ray for £12.99

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Deals of the Day – Friday 15 November 2013

November 15th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

ps4 300x196 Deals of the Day   Friday 15 November 2013The push for the next-gen consoles is getting serious now, with everyone ramping up their deals and offers in a bid to lure you away from your Xbox 360s and PS3s. For those of you who can’t possibly wait-and-see what it is going to be like, we have some offers for you.

For starters, there are the official PlayStation 4 launch deals with GAME, which have some hot offers (click here for those) as well as PS4 bundles from Amazon, for delivery before Christmas which can be yours from £429.99.


Get your mitts on Rayman Legends for the Wii U for £19.99

Sim free Moto G (comes with a free sim with £10 loaded if you want it) for £129.98

New Humble Bundle Weekly Sale: Bit Composer Games

LG 47LN575V 47-inch Widescreen 1080p full HD Smart LED TV with built-in wifi and Freeview HD now £499.99

Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 Quad Core Tablet 16GB Storage, 10.1″ Display, Android 4.2 with Bluetooth keyboard & Case yours for £199.99

Mario & Luigi Premium Wii U Pack – £219.99

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for the Wii U, now £29.99

PS Vita plus 10 game Mega Pack with 16GB Memory Card and 30 Days PS Plus and FIFA Football download for £149.86

Second Generation Google Nexus 7” FHD Asus Tablet 16GB for £169 with free delivery.

Samsung 2TB D3 Station External Desktop Hard Drive – Black for £59.99

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Deals of the Day – Thursday 14 November 2013

November 14th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

moto g 300x182 Deals of the Day   Thursday 14 November 2013Phones. You can never have enough of them can you? Especially if you have a high powered job and you’re having an affair with a subordinate. However, you don’t need gigantic amounts of money to buy a new handset, because we’ve always got deals for you.

How about a Motorola Moto G 8GB (sim free) phone, shipped from Amazon to you for a reasonably £135? Click here to check out the deal! You’ll be sending SnapChats to your secret lover in no time!


Full Windows 8.1 Toshiba Encore Tablet. Going for £249.99

An idiot Abroad series 1-3 Blu-ray, BBC shop, £12.99 delivered

Batteries! Duracell Plus Power AAA Batteries – 36pk for £9.99 / 18pk Duracell Plus Power AAA £6.49 / 16pk Duracell Plus Power AA £4.99. Have a look.

The Chronicles Of Narnia Trilogy Blu Ray. You’ll need a code and it’ll be yours for £9

Cheapest place to purchase PS4 games from £23. Click here

PlayStation Plus in December: Resogun, Contrast, Grid 2, Guacamelee!, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and GTA Liberty Stories. Find out more here

Sony HT-CT60 Soundbar £89.99 delivered.

Lexar 32GB 45MB/S Jumpdrive S73 USB 3.0 Flash drive memory stick – £11.99 delivered

Toshiba 32L1353B 32 Inch Full 1080p HD LED TV with Freeview HD at £199.99

Google Nexus 7 16GB (2012) £129.99 + £10 Argos Voucher. More here.

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Deals of the Day – Wednesday 13 November 2013

November 13th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

ipad mini white apple new 300x182 Deals of the Day   Wednesday 13 November 2013

Tablets are fun, unless you’re one of those dreadful pillocks who takes them to gigs with you so you can awkwardly take photos of bands and record their songs, when really, your smartphone would do the same job. Away from that, they’re excellent for showing off that you’ve got a bit of money.

If you’re not interested in a Hudl or Argos’ MyTablet, you might want to check out this deal on an Apple iPad mini with Retina display, 16GB, Wi-Fi. It is going for £319 with £30 cashback so possibly £289. Not bad eh? Have a look here.


Sony PS Vita Virtua Tennis 4 – World Tour Edition for £4.99 including free delivery

3DS XL with Professor Layton games (Azran legacy and Miracle Mask) going for £159.99 (plus free £10 Argos voucher)

A whole load of discounts, codes and deals with PayPal.

Syma 2nd edition helicopter £13.29 delivered

Christmas edition: Collection of Wii U games, accessories, and pre-order deals – both local and online. Have a gander.

Great price on an Xbox 360 wireless controller – yours for £22.99

Monthly rolling contract – 750mins, 5000 txts – 1GB data – £10 @ Tesco Mobile

PS Vita Wi-Fi, refurbed with 12 month warranty and a snip at £99.

Roku 2 XS 1080p streaming media player now £54.97

Resident Evil Revelations – yours for £9.99 at Xbox Games Store (Gold Members only)

PS3 500GB with GT5, God of War and Call of Duty Ghosts Freefall edition, for £219.99.

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Deals of the Day – Tuesday 12 November 2013

November 12th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

 Deals of the Day   Tuesday 12 November 2013Tablets, as gadgets go, are entirely pointless – that’s what makes them so brilliant. Sure, 1% of a real use for them at work, but really, everyone else wants or has one because they’re a bit fancy and needless. Just like breadmakers.

And now that Christmas is upon us, there are a lot of deals on tablets because. If you’re after a starter tablet and don’t want to shell out loads on the new Kindle or iPad, check out this deal on a great Nexus 7 16GB, going for £99.99.


Fable – The Lost Chapters for £1.74

Sony Bravia LED HD 1080p Smart TV, 42″ with Freeview HD and 5 year guarantee for £499

Just Cause 2 (Steam) for £1.99 at GetGamesGo

Want to relive the London Olympics 2012? Grab this Blu Ray boxset for a measly £9.99.

Virgin free upgrade to 100 Mbps when you commit to another 12 months. Click here to see more.

Spartacus Collection Series 1-3 (9 Discs) on Blu-ray for £20

£10 Cashback on £50 spend at Argos and other great offers with American Express. Here for more.

Blackberry Z10, sim free, for £179.95

Kindle Paperwhite (Wi Fi) from Waterstones for £89 when you click & collect

Sandisk 128GB SSD for £56.99 with free saver delivery

HP 4th Gen Intel i5 4200U (New Haswell Processor)15’6 laptop 4gb ram 500gb hdd for £399.99 delivered

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Deals of the Day – Monday 11 November

November 11th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

mario facepalm 300x182 Deals of the Day   Monday 11 NovemberThe scrap to get to the top of the console pile continues and Nintendo are bringing out their big guns after having a bunch of games so tedious that it made the company look like Microsoft’s minesweeper compared to everyone else’s fancy announcements.

Zelda happened and now, there’s a really good deal where you can get your hands on a Wii U (32GB, premium) complete with Super Mario Bros U. How much? To you mate, £199.99.


Get yourself an ace Panasonic Viera (3D and all bells and whistles) for £389.95. That’s £200 off!

Want a good adapter for cheap? Have a look here

The magnificent game, The Last Of Us, yours for £25.99

Check this. Playstation 4 with Lego Marvel Super Heroes with Christmas delivery guaranteed. That’ll be £374.98.

The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy on Blu Ray. £9.99 to you.

World Rally Championship 4 on PS3 or Xbox 360, going cheap for £17.99

Transformers 1-3 boxset on Blu Ray for £13.99

Looking for a smartwatch? Grab this Sony one for £99-99

Samsung 840 Evo 120GB SSD. Yours for £69

Samsung external hard drive 3tb, Going for £79.98.

All this and more bargains over at HotUKDeals…

Deals of the Day – Friday 8 November 2013

November 8th, 2013 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

 Deals of the Day   Friday 8 November 2013Even though he’s got a voice like a 20 year old moped with a dry engine, there’s still a lot of Eminem fans out there. As some of you know, he back and he’s ready to take names and numbers, as well as thoroughly and absolutely hate every human on the planet.

If you’ve been looking at getting his new album, good news! Torrents exist! If you like doing it by the book, we’ve found a decent offer. You can get Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP2′ (the explicit version, obviously) on a download for £4.99. Click here if you’re interested.


Get yourself a new HP Chromebook 11 for £199.99.

Hitman Collection (Steam) £6 with code (includes Hitman: Absolution)

Daedalic Humble Bundle Weekly Sale

If you’re wanting an Xperia Z tablet, here’s one for £329.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch tablet (WiFi 16GB) in all colours for £179.99.

Google Nexus 7 7-inch Tablet (2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC) yours for £209.99.

Saints Row IV 4 Commander in Chief Edition for £17.49 (Xbox 360/PS3).

20% Off All iTunes Cards @ Game (Up To 6.3% Cashback). Click here.

Rayman Legends – PS3 & 360 for £17.99

Samsung Galaxy S3 III Mini Ceramic White reduced to £149.99 with free £20 rewards

There a loads more bargains to to had over at HotUKDeals…