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bono snap 300x184 Palm sell up to HP   Bono loses a stack of cashTroubled smartphone makers Palm have admitted defeat and agreed to sell up to Hewlett Packard for $1.2 billion dollars.

It’s good news for Palm and users of their myriad of products but bad news for previous investors in the company, who will receive a poxy return for their initial outlay.

Investors like Bono, whose private equity venture Elevation Partners own an approximate 30 per cent stake in Palm, chipping in with a $460 million investment in 2007 and 2008.

To put it more simply, every time we click our fingers, Bono loses £92 million.


There it goes…

Hewlett Packard and their big old racist computer

December 22nd, 2009 15 Comments By Andy Dawson

Hewlett Packard have developed a new rootin’ tootin’ MediaSmart supercomputer with a built-in face tracking device as part of its camera. Wow – now the camera will follow you around the room whenever you’re making a video call or performing a live online sex show. That’s some grand technology there for sure.

Slight problem though – it doesn’t seem to work if you’re black. That’s the conclusion that Desi, the black (are we allowed to say that?) star of this YouTube video has reached. Here we see as he tests out the face-tracking device with the help of his white (we’re still allowed to say that though, surely?) co-worker Wanda.

The camera follows Wanda around like it’s a bee and she’s the nectar, but for poor Desi (who has actually bought the damned thing) there’s nothing. The MediaSmart isn’t interested. It’s like he and his people don’t even exist. Did Martin Luther King really die for THIS?

HP have said that they’re aware of the problem and that they’re looking into it. Looking into it just like poor black Desi – let’s hope HP can get it sorted before we have another LA riot on our hands, eh readers?

HP deliveries weigh heavy on their customers

August 23rd, 2009 8 Comments By Paul Smith

Considering the size of the packaging and the fact this HP delivery required a wooden pallet to support it, you can only assume that the contents were of a considerable weight, similar to a set of drawers full of lead bricks:

500x hppellet HP deliveries weigh heavy on their customers

According to the Consumerist it contained a 10ft power cord. Made of some sort of white dwarf matter, surely? It’s seemingly par for the course for HP deliveries, however – check out this award-winning example from The Register, finer than any other we’ve seen to date. Unless you have better? Send the evidence to


dellburn Fire up the laptop   HP, Toshiba and Dell recall batteriesNow there’s a new way to get flamed online. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 100,000 laptops fitted with Sony batteries after 19 reports of overheating, including 17 cases of fire. Two people also suffered minor burns as a result, which makes you wonder how important that email reply must have been. Flesh. Burning. Pain. Unbearable. Must. Keep. Typing.

Although they were manufactured by Sony, the lithium-ion batteries were supplied with machines built by Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Dell. 35,000 batteries were used in models sold in the US market, 2,000 batteries were shipped to the Japanese market and the remaining 63,000 went to European and Asian markets.

At the moment, no recall notices for those batteries and machines shipped to the UK and Europe have been issued, but they are expected imminently.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has only released model details of the batteries being recalled in the US, which may or may not be similar to those that will be recalled in the UK; you can find full details here.