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Giffgaffimage1 150x150 When unlimited mobile internet can be legitimately limited.We all know how the definition of ‘unlimited’ varies depending on whether you are an internet user or internet provider. However, mobile network operator giffgaff have just won a case that explains exactly when unlimited is allowed to be limited.

Giffgaff was accused of misleading customers who reported the company to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), for advertising ‘unlimited’ mobile data plans that were actually capped.

Eight customers complained about giffgaff’s £10, £15 and £20 goodybag plans which offer unlimited mobile data for a month. They claimed they had been disconnected from data service after being warned they were using too much data. Which was kind of contrary to the offer of unlimited data.

The ASA did support their complaint, but has now ruled in favour of giffgaff who claimed these eight rogue individuals had been using the service ‘illegitimately’.  Now ‘illegitimate’ is another one of those word (like unlimited) that could potentially have any number of definitions. Just ask any bastard. However, giffgaff’s position was supported by the ASA as these users hadn’t paid enough attention to the small print. Giffgaff’s terms and conditions state that unlimited data must be for personal use and that SIMs can’t be used in other devices such as dongles or “if you do anything or permit anyone else to do anything which we reasonably think adversely impacts the Service to other giffgaff customers or may adversely affect the Network”. Note, however, that the help page of their website also stated, in answer to the question “What is the fair use policy?”  that “if you have the £10, £15 of £20 goodybag (i.e. wherever we say that data is unlimited) then there is NO Fair use policy … Unlimited – At giffgaff ‘unlimited’ means ‘unlimited’, so play fair and play nice, so it stays that way”.

So, how did giffgaff know these eight users were not using data for personal use? According to the ASA’s adjudication giffgaff explained that they would suspend customers using over 1GB an hour and contact them to ensure they were using the service legitimately. If they were, service would be restored. This was contrary to the evidence of one complainant who claims he confirmed he was not illegitimate, and was then told that “his usage was still too high and his service would be disconnected if the usage rate continued.”

The ASA noted the situation above, but found this to be a customer service fail, rather than misleading advertising, and that the user had, in fact, been disconnected due to an adverse impact on the network. The ASA said:

“we noted the terms and conditions outlined that the service must not be used for tethering or connecting to other devices. We considered that this was a fair condition and was not contrary to what the average consumer would understand from an unlimited mobile internet service.

“We also considered the condition that the service would not be used ‘in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other gifgaff customers’ was, when used correctly, an acceptable condition.”

The ASA further accepted that giffgaff do not have a fair use policy that would impinge on a “normal consumer’s” unlimited data use.

Charity donation outrage over at GiffGaff HQ

March 26th, 2012 12 Comments By Bitterwallet Staff
 Charity donation outrage over at GiffGaff HQ

...GiffGaff users, yesterday...

Cheap mobile tariff company GiffGaff (who claim to be independent yet run by the o2 family) had some problems recently which resulted in outage for many of their customers which lasted just under 8 hours.

Sure, bit of an inconvenience. However, as a way of saying sorry and aiming to put things right, they offered to make a £10,000 charity donation.

The CTO of GiffGaff announced – “It has been amazing to see the messages of support and the suggestions that we should make a charitable donation as a way of making up for Friday’s outage.  We therefore intend to make a £10,000 donation to a charity of your choice.  The charities are ones you nominated for Payback in December  -  to vote just use the polling buttons on the main blog page before the end of the week”.

Reaction to this suggestion was very mixed and there were many cries of “we want personal compensation”. One forum member even requested that Rangers Football Club somehow benefitted.

Is it really a sign of the times that even when a charity donation is suggested we still hope for some form of personal compensation? What would our individual compensation (for the loss of service) be here? Possible £2 at the most I would imagine. Or, is this the easy way out for GiffGaff? Their members have paid for a service and they have been let down by GiffGaff so they do deserve to be compensated. It could be quite a cynical view but did GiffGaff realise it would be difficult for many members to morally object to a charity donation and insist on personal compensation? The administration and compensation here would surely outweigh their suggested donation. Plus, no doubt they would get a certain amount of good press from this move.

It would be interesting to see the general consensus here. So, lets take a vote…

Did you have eggs for breakfast this morning? Free range were they? Because you do realise that battery hen farming is bad don’t you? Good job we’ve got SIM-only mobile network GiffGaff around – they’re on a mission to eradicate battery hen farming from the planet with their new scheme, and they’ve got a celebrity hen to endorse it. No, not hen, what’s the other one… yeah, a duck.

It’s Orville to be precise, although to be fair he’s taking a backseat and letting his arm-master Keith Harris do most of the work in this not-that-bad-actually rap fiasco. The spiel is that GiffGaff will rehome a battery hen for everyone who unlocks their phone and joins their service. It’s all about unlocking, see?

Mind you, the terms and conditions say that the hen-rehoming figure is limited to 1,000. And they’re doing NOTHING for the ducks.

Now BlackBerry users can save money with GiffGaff

November 14th, 2011 9 Comments By Andy Dawson

Giffgaffimage1 150x150 Now BlackBerry users can save money with GiffGaffMore and more of us are eschewing the mobile phone contract these, partly because handset technology isn’t as fast-moving as it used to be and partly because we’re all skint. As a result, GiffGaff have quickly established themselves as a value-for-money SIM-only network provider.

As of November 24th, even more of you will be able to sample their unique brand of, erm, GiffGaffness, when they start offering a service for BlackBerry handsets as well. The cost will be a standard £3 per month on top of their regular ‘goody bag’ prices. As avid HotUKDeals member MassiveAttack99 says, “you could get unlimited texts, unlimited internet, 250 mins + Blackberry Services for just £13 a month on Pay As You Go”.

Any GiffGaff users want to boast about how good they are? Or maybe slag them off? Any BlackBerry users want to tell us about some riots that they’re planning to orchestrate using BBM? Yeah, thought not.

HotUKDeals Of The Day – Wednesday 18th May

May 18th, 2011 No Comments By Andy Dawson

hukd logob1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 18th May We like to think that we know our readers inside out. Almost to a man/woman, they’re hugely in favour of looking at stuff that is far away, posh chocolates and getting value for money phone calls from a network provider with a ridiculous name.

With all of that in mind, we’ve scoured HotUKDeals today and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

940429 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 18th MayWe all know that looking at stuff can be a lot of fun – but what if stuff is slightly too far away to see properly? That’s when fights start and people end up in hospital. That’s essentially why binoculars were invented.

You can avoid those kinds of skirmishes and violent attacks by investing in a decent set of binoculars – like this pair, boasting 8×21 MCF stats (no, us neither) and down from £20 RRP to only £4.95. You’ll be looking at all kinds of stuff once you’ve got these.

940205 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 18th MayStuff like, erm, big boxes of Ferrero Rocher, with 24 of the sumptuous, delicious chocs in them for just £2.49. Perfect if you’re a PA for an ambassador or just a fat bastard who likes eating them while watching The Jeremy Kyle Show of a morning.

There’s been some chin-stroking debate over on HotUKDeals about the best before dates on these things, but if unless the best before date expires a few hours after you get them out of the shop, we can’t see why that would need to be an issue.

940360 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 18th MayFinally, a slightly different way to get better value for your mobile phone use, with the latest ‘goody bag’ offer from O2-owned service provider giffgaff. They say they’re ‘the mobile network run by you’ but we don’t think that involves having to power the thing by pedalling a bicycle non-stop for five hours a day. Perhaps a giffgaff customer could advise.

Anyhoo, giffgaff’s latest goody bag sees you get 800 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts and ‘truly unlimited’ data along with free giffgaff-to-giffgaff calls for only £20 a month. Nothing in the small print about powering it all yourself. Which is a huge relief.

(deals found by HUKD members shadow1, parisp and illy1965)

O2 are rolling out a new people-powered network before Christmas. Yep, it’s more of that social media buffoonery that’s gripped the world like a clam in a vice. It’s called giffgaff, which is – according to O2, at least – a “real English word meaning ‘mutual giving’”.

There’s not a great deal of information around at the moment (although there are bits and pieces on the new website that appeared today) – we’re going from an internal memo doing the rounds at O2 (thanks to Bitterwallet reader TFEB). We do know giffgaff is based entirely online, and members will be encouraged to create content (such as user guides), provide forum support, recruit new members or come up with marketing ideas. What’s in it for them? The more members get involved, the more credits they’ll be rewarded – which will pay off up to 100 percent of their top-ups.

According to the internal memo:

“Run on the O2 network, giffgaff will run independently of O2 with a team of about 14 people working from a separate office near Slough. The low cost business model aims to drive down costs by not having big call centres, subsidising phones, big marketing budgets or hundreds of staff, keeping the carbon footprint low.”

giffgaff supplies a SIM to use in any unlocked handset, cutting out the need to get involved in hardware. So not only is it a quirky way of grabbing some headlines, it’s dirt cheap to operate. Clever O2. Taking their lead from the likes of Wikipedia, O2 are hoping that by crowdsourcing all the human resources a mobile network needs, they can run the backend for pennies and develop a loyal userbase that supports itself.

Can a mobile network really run on 14 staff? How would that scale with bigger numbers? If it actually works out, it’ll be interesting to see how the other networks react and what happens to the traditional model of call centres.