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Picture 31 Friday poll   did Panorama or Ryanair rule the skies this week?This week saw Panorama attempt to stick it to Ryanair on primetime television, except the BBC hadn’t reckoned on CEO Michael O’Leary and his near-unlimited powers of spin and manipulation, not unlike a modern-day SuperJesus. Our considered opinion is that the show was commissioned before the research was complete, leading to the somewhat embarrassing situation of a programme exposing little more than its own lack of substantial content.

Weak editorial combined with Ryanair’s masterstroke of publishing its full correspondence with the BBC put O’Leary in the driving seat. Add to that the Sky Marshall playing the corporation like a fiddle – by agreeing to an interview on terms that would have been unacceptable to any broadcaster, O’Leary appeared to be the injured party – and it seemed to us that the budget airline won hands down. You have no idea how much it pains us to say that.

But what did you make of the programme and the media circus that followed it into town? Did the BBC deal a savage body-blow to the Sky Marshall, or did Ryanair batter the beeb into a bloody pulp? You decide, as a man once said.

2977363615 bc164e2a2d m The Friday Poll   which is the worst mobile service provider?Another day, another mobile phone company tries to hoodwink customers by seemingly redefining the meaning of the word “contract”. Over the Summer we saw Three cancel free roaming, Orange run around like headless chickens doused in petrol, Virgin Mobile quietly change their charges and last week, T-Mobile announced they’re going to screw customers into the ground.

Mobiles have been commonplace for a decade, and most of us have owned a bagful of handsets on contracts with numerous providers. Is there any one of these rapscallions that has taken your eyes out time and time again, or are they all rotten to the core? If you’ve tried several, which company would you gladly see thrown down an abandoned mineshaft and buried alive in in a mix of animal excrement and onion gravy?

We really wanna see those fingers, because it’s Bitterwallet’s very occasional Friday Poll – yes, you’re very welcome.

img 0096 200x300 Friday poll   will you subscribe to Spotifys iPhone app?So the good news for iPhone loving music chums is that the Spotify app has now been approved by Apple and will be available in the App Store shortly. This means you’ll be able to compile playlists on your desktop or your iPhone – choosing from millions of songs – and then cache them offline so you can effectively keep any 3,300 songs on your handset at any time.

The bad news is that to use the app, you’ll have to subscribe to Spotify’s Premium service at a cost of £9.99 per month. Although this means you can enjoy music on your desktop app at far higher quality (320kbps), access to exclusive tracks and none of those bleeding Kate Moss ads, it’s going to cost you £120 a year. And unless Spotify have done some extraordinary deal with Apple by which it can operate as a background app, you can’t do anything else with your handset while music is playing. That, frankly, is a complete pain in the arse.

So on the one hand you have access to millions of tracks on your iPhone or iPod and you never need bother with iTunes again, and on the other you’re £120 out of pocket. So which is it to be? Vote, comment and let us know. And if you’re not an iPhone fanboy, chances are you’ll pay the same price if and when Spotify is released for your handset, so don’t be shy and vote too: