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The French have stopped drinking wine

March 26th, 2013 4 Comments By Lucy Sweet

wine glass 240x300 The French have stopped drinking wineWhat is the world coming to? The French, who for years have complimented their politically awkward, laissez faire shrugging and shagging reputation with a nice glass of red, are apparently cutting back on the wine.

According to the International Journal of Entrepreneurship, who studied French drinking habits, only 17% of adults drink wine on a daily basis, down from over 50% in 1980. And 38% of crazy fools prefer not to drink wine at all, replacing the bottle of Beaujolais with water or Sprite.

The reports’ authors say it’s a cultural thing – young people have no historical connection with wine, and those in the middle aged bracket see wine drinking as an occasional indulgence, rather than an everyday activity.

They’re also blaming the steady erosion of the family evening meal (or repas, if you were concentrating in GCSE French).

Wine connoisseur Denis Saverot is not happy with the findings. ‘Wine is the subtlest, most civilised, most noble of anti-depressants,’ he shouted, possibly throwing an empty bottle over his shoulder. ‘But look at our villages. The village bar has gone, replaced by a pharmacy.’

Oh well. More for us, then.

Buzzfeed has a list of baffling Google Translate fails, most likely Easter eggs that Google technicians bet one another will never be found. Our favourite is this somewhat random translation from German into French:

Picture 13 500x160 Germans   gotta catch them all, says Google[BuzzFeed]

easyjet1 Zut Alors! French strikes cause problems for airline passengersAfter a one day protest by air traffic controllers last week, the French are once more going all out to cause maximum airline misery over the next few days.

A general strike affecting aviation workers has been confirmed to begin this evening – and last until Friday. The strike action is likely to affect domestic flights and short-haul routes between France and European cities, as well as flights passing through French airspace.

Air France is attempting to operate a full service of long-haul flights throughout the action. British Airways’ website hasn’t bothered to add details of any disruption (and in fact don’t even mention the strike is occurring), unlike Ryanair who are fully briefing their passengers.

80 per cent of easyJet flights pass through French airspace, and as a result the airline is expecting disruption and cancellations across the week:

We are working closely with the French Government to try to minimise the impact to our customers, unfortunately however we will have to cancel a number of our flights and have been advised that there is a high risk of additional disruption during the day. As soon as we know which flights are directly affected we will contact those customers affected.

If you happen to be flying to mainland European destinations or beyond this week, check in with your airline before heading off to the airport.