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Woman finds ‘fang’ in Waitrose lasagne

September 22nd, 2015 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

waitrose shopping bag 20 jpg Woman finds fang in Waitrose lasagneA lady was having a lovely time eating her lasagne from Waitrose, when suddenly, it turned out she was chewing on a tooth that wasn’t one of her own.

Arabella Frankel, who is from North London, was eating her ready meal, and took out a bit of what she thought was a bone. After giving it a wash under the tap, she found it was a ‘fang’.

Frankel said: “I was eating and then there was a hard thing in my mouth. I bit down and thought “what is that?” I thought maybe it was a bit of bone or metal. But when I took it out of my mouth and washed it under the tap I realised it wasn’t.”

“It was a fang, about one and a half centimetres long. It even has a root on it. It was really really grim. Honestly, when I think about it it gives me the shudders.”

She added: “I even spoke to a dentist at the practice near my work and he said it looks like a rat’s tooth. I just don’t understand how a tooth could have got in there unless there are rats running around the factory. I didn’t see it in the food and it could’ve been a really bad choking hazard. I know things happen but I wonder how it could have got in there. It’s so grim that it was in my mouth.”

“I think this is the end of my lasagne days. I was probably eating ratty lasagne which is disgusting.”

Meanwhile, the phrase ‘ratty lasagne’ is the thing that will stay with us the longest. Anyway, she contacted Waitrose, who said sorry and said they’d look into the matter. Remarkably, they didn’t offer her a refund.

A spokesman for Waitrose said: “We take all customer complaints seriously and are very sorry about this customer’s experience. The quality and safety of our products is our top priority and our ready meal suppliers have very strict processes to prevent materials which shouldn’t be there getting into food – so we are mystified how this could have happened.”

“We would like to investigate by sending the item for analysis – which we will do as soon as we receive it.”

Product Recall: Boots recall sushi with metal in it

September 17th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

boots logo 300x182 Product Recall: Boots recall sushi with metal in itBoots have issued a recall on a variety of ready-to-eat sushi products, because they might have bits of metal in them.

The products fall under the ’Strand Super Duper’ and ‘Shapers’ sushi range, and have the ‘use by’ dates of 17 September 2015 and 18 September 2015. Here’s a list of the recalled products, just for you.

Strand Super Duper Veggie Sushi 187g
Strand Super Duper Salmon Sushi 191g
Strand Super Duper Nigiri Sushi 232g
Shapers Salmon and Prawn Sushi Rice Salad 156g
Shapers Smoked Salmon Sushi main 118g
Shapers Hoi Sin Duck Sushi main 121g
Shapers Veggie Sushi main 115g
Shapers Sushi Mini Rolls main 186g
Shapers Sweet Chilli Chicken Rice Sushi salad 153g
Shapers Smoked Sushi snack 66g
Shapers Veggie Sushi snack 59g
Shapers Sushi limited edition 129g
Shapers Prawn and Salmon Sushi

No other Boots products are known to be affected. Boots have pulled the products off the shelves, but if you bought one and haven’t got ’round to eating it yet, it is best that you don’t.

Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought and you’ll get a full refund.

Product Recall: Bisto might have metal in it

September 15th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

bisto 300x300 Product Recall: Bisto might have metal in itThose Bisto kids loved the smell of gravy, but not so much if they end up ingesting loads of bits of metal. That’s right, thousands of Bisto gravy products are being pulled from shelves today as they might have dangerous bits of metal in them.

Premier Foods, who make Bisto, have recalled 50,000 or so tubs of Bisto For Chicken Gravy Granules and Reduced Salt Bisto For Chicken Gravy Granules. They’re keen to point out that not all of the 170g tubs would contain steel shavings, but it is best to not take any chances when there’s a batch with bits of metal in them.

Spokesman Steve Marinker said: “After some maintenance there was a fault which occurred in a filler bowl on the production line and there was some rubbing against the metal bolts, and that is what created this issue.”

“The company apologises to Bisto consumers for any inconvenience caused.”

Customers who have bought the products, which have the production code BBE JAN 2017 L5208 printed on their bases, should take them back to the stores where they were bought, where they’ll get a full refund. The retailers have been informed, so don’t let them try any funny business.

If you prefer, you can get your money back by calling 0800 085 3959.

Make soup in your coffee machine!

September 14th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

soup 300x225 Make soup in your coffee machine!Do you have one of those pod coffee machines? Ever wish it produced something a bit more savoury? Well, you’re filthy pigs are in luck!

Keurig, the people who make pod coffee machines, have teamed up with Campbell’s so you can brew your own soup through the same machine that gives you your hit of caffeine eighteen times a day.

No, seriously. It’ll be like having your own vending machine, only minus the tittle tattle about the things Janice got up to over the weekend, now she’s left her husband.

So, you’ll be able to get two things from Campbell’s – you can have Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle soup and Southwest Style Chicken Broth & Noodle soup, which is nice. Sounds more like a Pot Noodle than proper soup, but y’know.

How do they get all those noodles into a pod? Well, the short answer is: they don’t. You have to empty a sachet into your cup, then put the pod of flavour into your machine, and then hit the button.

Sounds like more faff than just buying some Super Noodles or whatever, but there we go.

The soup pods are sold in eight-cup packs, just like the coffee variety and will cost about £8 a pop. At a quid a pod, you might want to just buy a tin of soup instead.

Campbell’s reckon this’ll be a hit, and say that 80% of people that buy Keurig pods also buy Campbell’s soup. Whether or not your coffee will end up tasting like old soup, is anyone’s guess. If you try it out, do leave us a comment and let us know.

Google develop new foodie add-on for Maps

August 24th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Recipie For Natural Dog Food 1 300x224 Google develop new foodie add on for MapsHate people taking photos of their tea? Assume they’re either showing off how often they can afford to eat in restaurants or that they’re crowing about what amazing cooks they are? Well, you’re going to love this news from Google.

The tech behemoth has unveiled a new food photo tool, which they’ve built-in to the Google Maps app on Android. Basically, you can now attach images of your dinner to places within Maps. This is to improve people’s reviews or something.

So what do you do? Well, you take a photo of what you’re eating and then, Maps figures out where you are from your GPS, gives you a notification saying that they’ve detected a shot has been taken in the establishment where you’re sat and then, with a tap, you can post your visual review onto Maps.

It looks like the Tablescape app which Google were mucking around with, but shelved, has had its technology repositioned to this Maps add-on.

There you have it. Amateur foodies are given yet another outlet to blort on about things being under-seasoned, or saying the word soupçon about some crappy meal or whatever.

Just what we all needed.

tip jar 209x300 Tipping scandal continues with Turtle Bay and Las IguanasTipping in restaurants is a hot topic at the minute, with a number of companies getting hauled over the coals about their policies. At Côte, there’s been consternation, while Pizza Express have come under notable fire too.

The latest reports say that some restaurants are making staff ‘pay to work’, thanks to their tipping policy where they have to give bosses cash at the end of the night.

Las Iguanas and Turtle Bay, two popular food chains, have a system that requires staff to pay back to their employer 3% of the table sales generated on each shift. So, the money taken isn’t relating to the tips taken waiting on staff, and can erase all the gratuity they’ve taken.

“This policy is far worse than that of Pizza Express,” said Perry Phillips, of the GMB union. “The fact that these restaurants are taking money off the waiting staff regardless of the tips they earn is unjust, unfair and downright disgraceful.”

The Observer found that, in one week this year Las Iguanas raked in £34,000 from its own staff. Nice little earner for a business, if reprehensible. So how do they justify this? The businesses say that this allows them to share tips with non-waiting staff.

If you work for Turtle Bay, the employment contracts say that, where tips don’t manage to cover the 3% payment, staff are “required to make up the benefit of any shortfall in the next or subsequent shift, or in the event of leaving the company by a deduction from wages due, such that the deduction does not reduce your effective rate of pay below the minimum wage”.

According to the report, one Turtle Bay waiter had to pay £20 to their manager at the end of the night, while one waiter from Las Iguanas said that they pay back £25 to £30 per shift, on average, thanks to the 3% policy.

A general manager at one of Las Iguanas’s branches spoke to the Observer, saying that they have the job of totting up the amount that is owed to the company from staff at the end of the night: “I am lucky as the company pay the general managers well, but morally I find it totally wrong to take money off the waiting staff. One night recently I felt terrible because a staff member had made £125 in tips and I had to ask her for £65 back.”

“Most of these waiters are just kids. The way the policy is sold to them is that the money is for recognition and development, but that is no way to take care of your staff.”

Table service at McDonald’s anyone?

August 6th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

mcdonalds logo Table service at McDonalds anyone?McDonald’s, in a bid to get people munching their meat again, are going to start offering table service to its customers. No, seriously.

There’s a trial at one of the restaurants in Manchester, where customers will choose a seat and then, with the help of a fixed tablet gadget, will put their order in and then wait for someone to bring them their food and drinks.

Now, they already do this service in Australia, France, Switzerland, and Germany, so if the people of Manchester go for it, then it’ll almost certainly be rolled out across the whole of the UK. Basically, this whole thing is a really fancy way of clicking your fingers.

Maccies have to do something though, as globally, they’ve been having problems with falls in sales. Last week, they announced that across the globe, comparable sales had fallen 0.7%, with a drop in income of 16%. Of course, Ronald McDonald & Co are still wildly rich, but there’s a definitely decline.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s UK said: “To meet customers’ evolving expectations we are investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience.”

“We are testing some new concepts, such as table service, whereby customers place their order via our new digital kiosks and then have their food brought to them. It is currently on test in our Mottram restaurant in Greater Manchester, but with plans to increase the trial over the coming month.”

“It’s an idea that has been successfully launched in other McDonald’s markets including France, Germany and Australia, and we are keen to see if it will prove as popular with customers in the UK.”

Tesco to ban Ribena and more from stores

July 27th, 2015 6 Comments By Mof Gimmers

ribena Tesco to ban Ribena and more from storesTesco are going to remove added-sugar drinks from their shelves, which means no Ribena for you. Or Capri-Sun. Or Rubicon. And some other drinks that taste nice.

And why are they doing this? Well, in their bid to ’help prevent childhood obesity’, they don’t trust you adults to buy what you want from a shop. No, they’re going to have to remove things from the shelves so you irresponsible arseholes don’t destroy your children’s lives.

Of course, you might be really responsible and only give children these things once in a blue moon as a treat or, indeed, you might be an adult that doesn’t know any kids and likes drinking Ribena and Rubicon together in the same glass when you’ve got a hangover.

Tesco don’t care. They’re your new dad, now. And from 7th September, these products will be no more, just in time for the kids starting a new year of school.

Naturally, you’ll be able to go to the newsagents nearby and buy whatever you want without having Tesco dictate their values on you. And indeed, you can imagine they’ll still be selling cans of Coca-Cola and the like, so you wonder what on Earth they’re thinking.

And will other supermarkets follow suit? You can bet that they absolutely won’t and will try and exploit this idiotic decision by Tesco by having some lovely deals and offers on sugary drinks. Shall we assume that Tesco are going to get rid of all things that are bad for families, like cigarettes, wine and cake?

We’ll see.

n2bl 300x237 More food fraud  and this one you’ll never spotWho could forget the horsemeat scandal that saw so many of us being unwitting consumers of horses, and not to mention the subsequent Which!!! Investigation that found a worrying number (40%) of lamb curries were actually not lamb at all. Ok in that instance they were mostly beef or chicken, but there was a principle at steak stake. Now, the lovely investigators at Which!!! Have found another food that seems to be commonly not actually what it sayd on the outside- and its something you’d never be able to tell by yourself, and have quite possibly been consuming the substitute for years. The kitchen culprit? Oregano.

An “exclusive cutting-edge food fraud study” for Which!!! found that 25% of 78 samples of dried oregano contained ingredients other than oregano. Fortunately these other ingredients weren’t Chinese tea, or toenails or anything else actually harmful, but in most cases were olive and myrtle leaves,  but they were found to make up between 30% and 70% of the product. So in some cases, less than a third of your oregano jar is actually proper oregano. And don’t think this is just dodgy spice pack bought from Spices R Us online- the investigation used oregano samples bought from a range of shops in the UK and Ireland and from online retailers.

But how could they tell what was oregano and what was other milled leaves? The simple answer is you can’t, or at least you can’t, Which!!! could by using impressive-sounding mass spectrometry which identifies compounds by their atomic composition. The analysis was conducted by Professor Elliott, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security, who was the author of the independent review into food crime commissioned by the government in the wake of the horsemeat scandal.

Professor Elliott said: “Clearly we have identified a major problem and it may well reflect issues with other herbs and spices that enter the British Isles through complex supply chains. Much better controls are needed to protect the consumer from purchasing heavily contaminated products.”

Which!!! are, of course, adding this to their ‘Food Fraud’ dossier, and will be passing these latest results to the Food Standards Agency. Which!!! executive director Richard Lloyd, said: ‘It’s impossible for any shopper to tell, without the help of scientists, what herbs they’re actually buying. Retailers, producers and enforcement officers must step up checks to stamp out food fraud.’


mcdonalds logo McDonalds   bring the all day breakfast to the UKGrease-vendors, McDonald’s, might be rolling out all-day breakfasts this year, over in That America. They’ve been playing with the idea and testing it out in a couple of their chains, but now, it looks like it could go statewide in October.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they’ve seen memos which has been sent to all their American staff, and warned them to be ready.

Of course, with McDonald’s not doing nearly as well as they used to, it seems that they’ve finally started cottoning on to the fact that people want certain things from them (such as all-day breakfasts and McRibs all the time) and they should probably give it to them.

Basic commerce really.

Earnings have been down across the world for six successive quarters, and they ended up sacking their CEO, Don Thompson as a result. We hope they threw his body into the machine that makes nuggets.

So with that, we’d like to see this rolled-out to the UK please. We think it is ridiculous that you can get a Fillet O’ Fish any time of day, when no-one wants them, but you can’t buy a Sausage and Egg McMuffin after some arbitrary time of day. We like the sausage patties because they do what a McDonald’s foodstuff should do – trickle grease down your top and give you two day’s worth of salt intake, per mouthful.

Maccies! Make it happen! Don’t make us set up an internet petition!

Can egg McMuffins and orange juice buoy the food giant back to growth? It had better, since other efforts have not done the trick: McDonald’s franchisees, in a recent survey, said the turnaround isn’t working, leading one analyst to give the company the worst six-month outlook he had seen in 21 years. Thus, new CEO Steve Easterbrook is placing high hopes on the power of breakfast—for lunch and dinner.

Doctors want 20% tax on sugary drinks

July 13th, 2015 4 Comments By Mof Gimmers

sugar is a drug Doctors want 20% tax on sugary drinksJunk food is bad for you. Who knew? Well, doctors (who cares which ones?) would like to see a 20% tax on sugary drinks, as they think it would be a “useful first step” towards reducing obesity. It is thought that a third of the UK will be obese by 2030, so the British Medical Association (BMA) think this tax might put the scuppers on that.

Maybe if someone thought of a way of making other food more tasty than sugar, that might help first.

The BMA report, Food For Thought, warned that bad diet costs the NHS somewhere in the region of £6bn a year, so a 20% tax on all non-alcoholic water based beverages with added sugar (a gobful in itself), including energy drinks, fruit drinks, fizzy pop and all that, could subsidise the sale of fruit and veg.

They also have a pop at the Government for putting far too much emphasis on industry involvement when it comes to developing food and nutrition policy in the UK, thanks to their reliance on public-private partnerships. The BMA reckon that this arrangement provides a platform for companies to promote and enhance their own wares, which is clearly problematic.

The report’s author, Professor Sheila Hollins, said: “While sugar-sweetened drinks are very high in calories they are of limited nutritional value and when people in the UK are already consuming far too much sugar, we are increasingly concerned about how they contribute towards conditions like diabetes.”

“We know from experiences in other countries that taxation on unhealthy food and drinks can improve health outcomes, and the strongest evidence of effectiveness is for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. If a tax of at least 20% is introduced, it could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by around 180,000 people.”

“We know that the majority of the UK population, particularly low income households, are not consuming enough fruit and vegetables, so financial measures should also be considered to subsidise their price, which has risen by 30% since 2008.

“This is an important way to help redress the imbalance highlighted previously between the cost of healthy and unhealthy products, which particularly impacts on individuals and families affected by food poverty.”

With a heatwave set to hit the UK (c’mon – let us be excited as it might be the 2 days where we don’t get rained on this year), we need to invest in some appropriate snacks.

And so, to Asda who have knocked it out of the park and allowed our arteries to harden in advance, with a twist on a classic biscuit – you’ll be able to horse a load of bourbons and custard creams into your gob, but ice cream sandwich versions! YES!

asda ice cream biscuits 374x500 Custard cream and bourbon ice cream for the heatwave!

It goes without saying that bourbons and custard creams are staples in the British diet, and these ice-cream versions will hopefully get us all staples in our stomachs as we grow ever outward after gorging on them all summer.

Should you need these things explaining to you, the bourbon affair stars some chocolate ice cream between two bourbon biscuits, while the custard cream number is filled with vanilla ice-cream. They need to do a jammy dodger one too, with raspberry ripple middle and a load of ice-cream squidged inside it.


maggi noodles 300x300 Noodles that have lead in them, still available in the UKOver in India, 27,000 tonnes of Maggi noodles have been destroyed because they ‘contain too much lead’ and that they are ‘unsafe and hazardous for human consumption’.

This is an issue in the UK though, as these noodles – similar to Super Noodles – are available to buy here.

At the time of writing, you could still buy the noodles from Ocado (see here) and Tesco had them available too (again, see here). If you’re a Maggi kinda person when going for noodles-on-the-go, then you might want to give them a wide berth for the time being.

If you’ve already eaten some, you might be alright through, according to the manufacturers.

In a statement, Nestle, who own the Maggi brand, said: “We are working closely with the regulators in each country to explain the situation in India and, where they want to test the products, we are cooperating fully with them.”

“The batch of noodles originally tested by the authorities in India is not sold in the UK or Ireland. Other flavour Maggi noodles are not imported from India but from other Nestlé factories in other countries.”

That said, The Food Standards Agency have requested that tests be undertaken of Maggi noodle products in the UK, so it’d be worth waiting before buying.

Want Nando’s delivered? You can!

June 5th, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

nandos Want Nandos delivered? You can!Before we get going, let us make one thing clear – if you say “cheeky Nandos”, ironically or otherwise, then you should be lowered into an active volcano, never to darken a doorstep or social media timeline, ever again.

Now, for the rest of you who like to eat Nando’s (we’re more likely to be found in a local friend chicken shop, as they’re more generous with all that gloriously disgusting grease), you’re in for a treat.

You don’t have to leave the house to get your chicken as Deliveroo has said that they’re going to start delivering Nando’s to your door.

Deliveroo do this for a number of restaurants that don’t usually deliver, but with the devotion that some people show to Nando’s, this is suddenly newsworthy.

So, hangover fiends, you can get your fried chicken fix while sat on the sofa and, when you’ve finished your food, you can gentle grab your pal Connor by the throat, and kick ten shades of bants out of him and thrash him with his Toms.

Check the Deliveroo site, here

Behold! Guinness sauce!

May 13th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

guinness 200x300 Behold! Guinness sauce!If you’ve enjoyed a pint of the black stuff and wished you could indulge in your fondness for stout 24 hours of the day, well you’re in luck. That’s because Guinness is launching a new table sauce.

Guinness hope that their sauce will rival the favourites of ketchup and brown sauce in your kitchen, and it has been developed for the past 2 years. Apparently, what we have is a ‘premium table sauce’ which replicates the flavour of the famous drink and is best suited when squirted on meat.

It has been described as a “beautifully balanced, rich, dark sauce” and in each bottle, you’ll get ‘seven per cent Guinness’, sourced straight from the brewery in Dublin.

You know, obviously, that there’s been edible forms of Guinness before. HP sauce flavoured one of their sauces with Guinness a while back. There was also a Bull’s-Eye Guinness BBQ sauce too and some people make gravy with Guinness in it.

Anyway, you’ll be able to try it from May, when it goes on sale in Tesco for for £1.49.