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Bitterwallet Airline Reviews lets you share the ups and downs of your flightYou’ve vented on Facebook, whined on about it on Twitter, and pissed and moaned to anyone else who’ll listen down the pub. For whatever reason, a bad experience with an airline is guaranteed to cause the red mist to descend.

We’ve just discovered, and our desire to rant in despair means it’s probably going to do well. It’s a recently launched website with a very simple proposition – it lets you rate and review the service you received on a recent flight. It’s a TripAdvisor for airlines, and could in time prove a useful tool when deciding who to give your hard-earned cash to.

It’s early days, and there are a couple of tiny issues – some reviews appear to mark airlines down because of a negative experience dealt by the airport – but the results of this aggregation are already interesting. Emirates is proving to be the favourite airline of reviewers; even Ryanair has plenty of loyal supporters, although predictably there are a few who take issue:

Not a pleasant experience. Michael O’Leary is a truly intolerable man and my experience of his airline just reinforces this widely held view.

British Airways hit rock-bottom Down Under

April 1st, 2010 3 Comments By Paul Smith

British Airways 857 19385812 0 0 4005 300 British Airways hit rock bottom Down UnderThere’s not a lot to be grateful to Australia for, except prison facilities for deviants and murders just about as far from Blighty as possible. And Neighbours, although we’re obviously talking about the golden era of Doctor Clive, Scott and Mike’s car crash, Jane and Nell Mangel. Super times.

TO be fair, they’ve little love for the poms either, and now they’ve just gone and sent our national airline to the bottom of the league; British Airways has been voted the least favourite carrier for flights to the UK by Australian passengers. That’s according to a survey of all international airlines by an Australian-based consumer group.

Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines and Emirates ranked first, second and third in preferred choices for flying to the UK; BA trailed in last out of eleven airlines. Poor in-flight service, rude and confrontational staff, bad food, poor legroom and rubbish seats – all were reasons given for flying with any carrier other than BA. It wasn’t a small survey, either – 9,000 consumers were asked to rate airlines based on price and service. Not a great month for Willie Walsh, is it?