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ebay Middle aged men quite selfish on eBay after ChristmasMiddle-aged men don’t give a shit about anyone. That’s essentially the dimensions of a report released by eBay.

In January 2013, men between the ages of 45-54 Last January were behind 3.8 million searches for luxury items, the highest volume of consumer inquiries across the gender and age ranges.

Possibly rewarding themselves for managing to survive Christmas.

It also found that January and March both registered highs of self-gifting. Which is, frankly, a phrase that can be shot into space.

Phuong Nguyen, director of eBay Advertising UK, said: “Our latest Indulgence Barometer shows that high-end purchases aren’t restricted to Christmas; there are year-round opportunities for luxury brands to engage, and January presents a huge opportunity to grow share of wallet as shoppers stop buying for other people, and get ready to treat themselves.”

“Marketers need to make sure that they don’t blow the budget in December; ring-fencing spend for January, and adapting campaign messages to reflect the shift in shopper mind-set is key to cashing in on the January opportunity.”

An Indulgence Barometer! Have you heard such twaddle?!

ebay new logo 300x160 Is eBay completely loaded in the buyers favour  sellers beware!It seems things only go from bad to worse for eBay sellers. On top of being emasculated in the feedback stakes some time ago, and being lumped with Final Value Fees on postage, it seems eBay’s Buyer and Seller Protection plans only work one way. You  guessed it, in favour of the (scurrilous) buyer.

Of course, there are naughty sellers out there as well as buyers, so some kind of protection is a good idea. But there are also people who know exactly how to game the system, and eBay seems to favour being rude to genuine sellers than chasing up mickey-taking buyers. And we all know what happened to that poor violin at the hands of (current) eBay business Paypal…

Take the case of Matthew Wright, whose sorry  tale in the Telegraph saw him out of pocket by £160 and had his account frozen (and threatened with killing off entirely) by eBay. His crime? He sent the item (a mobile phone) to an address other than that specified on the buyer’s Paypal account. Mr Wright thought he was being helpful, but instead, he was walking into a scam. Not that eBay isn’t full of scams or anything…

The eBay buyer protection automatically pays out where the item is not received at the address (as in Mr Wright’s case, as he had sent it to an alternative address) or where the item is ‘not as described’. Clearly, this is quite a subjective criterion, but eBay sides with the dissatisfied buyer by default, paying out a refund, repayment of which is then demanded (with menaces) from the seller.

But what about the eBay Seller Protection scheme? This is supposed to protect sellers against non-paying bidders and to prevent negative feedback being left when the buyer has already had a refund. eBay itself claims it takes action to defend 30,000 sellers every month, and that’s only in Britain. Which is considerably less impressive than the Buyer Protecttion scheme, and not that it even helped Mr Wright who tried, repeatedly, to contact someone at eBay, meeting only with a ‘computer says no’ response.

“I won’t be using eBay again unless this is resolved. If they can’t sort this out properly, then I can’t trust them in the future. Amateur eBay sellers like me need to be on their guard,” he said, bitterly.

So rather than caveat emptor, when dealing on eBay, perhaps it’s the sellers who ought to beware the bias of the eBay market place. Do you still sell on eBay? Is it still worth it after all the hoops, costs and risks?

Note: Mr Wright was, apparently, relieved of his requirement to repay eBay after the Telegraph got involved. Not that little people don’t count until it becomes bad publicity or anything

Paypal bids for a life away from eBay

October 1st, 2014 2 Comments By Ian Wade

paypal Paypal bids for a life away from eBayPayPal is going to become its own thing.

It will now trade as a separate publicly traded company, and will no longer be completely associated with eBay – the breakaway is scheduled to occur sometime during 2015.

Pre-market shares in eBay surged by 11% on news of the announcement on Tuesday.

eBay said a decision had been made to separate as a strategic move to help maximise growth and shareholder value for both the payment and retail entities.

“eBay and PayPal are two great businesses with leading global positions in commerce and payments,” eBay president and CEO John Donahoe said.

“For more than a decade eBay and PayPal have mutually benefited from being part of one company, creating substantial shareholder value. However, a thorough strategic review with our board shows that keeping eBay and PayPal together beyond 2015 clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively.”

“The industry landscape is changing, and each business faces different competitive opportunities and challenges.”

This comes several months after investor activist Carl Icahn demanded a split of the two divisions. Meanwhile, most people who aren’t associated with either company are still glaring at them with contempt.

BitPay orking-way ith-way eBay

September 26th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

BitPay logo 300x158 BitPay orking way ith way eBayBitPay has announced that they’ve been working with eBay to accept Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin’s payment processing solutions department confirmed its partnership with the eBay-owned firm, which indicates that the comedy currency is likely to be accepted at the online shopping portal at some point in the future.

The deal will see PayPal users, in ownership of a Bitcoin wallet, capable of using Bitcoins to purchase games, music, videos, news, ebooks, and other digital content.

Obviously, the service will be rolled out first in North America before being subsequently expanded worldwide.

Scott Ellison, senior director of strategy at PayPal, said excitedly: “PayPal is excited about all the innovations taking place in payments these days. More choices in how people create value, share it, buy, sell and trade it, that’s exactly what PayPal is all about.”

“We believe Bitcoin offers unique opportunities as more people and businesses experiment with it. PayPal is excited to work with BitPay to offer new experiences and the trusted service our customers expect. We hope to do more together as the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to evolve.”

This comes after eBay subsidiary Braintree – BRAINTREE, AS IN BRAINTREE IN ESSEX. HAS NO ONE THOUGHT THIS THROUGH? – announced earlier this month that it will also activate Bitcoin payments in the coming months.

What could possibly go wrong?

eBay phishing scam exposed

September 19th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

eBay have been having a right old time of it lately.

They’ve now been hit by online badmen who’ve been phishing and rinsing unsuspecting customers for their usernames and passwords, by placing fake item listings and redirecting users to external sites.

According to a BBC report, it was brought to attention by an eBay PowerSeller who thought something was a bit fishy about an iPhone 5 listing that took him to a weird address.

He’s also provided a video about, bless him.

The IT professional told the BBC: “It’s guaranteed – you can bet your bottom dollar that somebody’s going to click on that and be redirected to a third-party site and they’re going to enter their details and be compromised.

“You don’t know how many of the hundreds of thousands of people who use eBay will have done that.”

eBay have removed the listings, but it’s likely to be the tip of a vast iceberg, as it tries to find out how many people had been fooled by it. It’s the last thing eBay need, having had a dozen service crashes this year already.

But anyway. Keep ‘em peeled.

pants Desirable items: The Half Cover Underwear Boxer Brief PantsUnderwear news now, and the seemingly ongoing quest to make men’s pants look deeply insane continues.

After we ran a story about the sickening half-thong (basically those cock thongs that rather demand you shave around that region, or else they’ll look REALLY ridiculous) emerged, new fresh Hell has come to greet us.

These – so you can update your End Times Playsheet – are called ‘Half Cover Underwear Boxer Briefs Pants’ (I’m assuming ‘Freakini’ or ‘WTFundercrackers’ have been taken) and they are actually a thing that is available on eBay right now, after an underwear designer invented them during the throes of a mental breakdown.

There’s not much more detail other than they’re ‘Comfy. Stylish. HOT’ and that ‘the colour may not be quite as advertised’, which is quite helpful should anyone be demented enough to buy them.

If you know of someone who has partaken of these pants, and has since not looked back and thrown all their old pants away, please write in and tell us.

eBay and Gumtree are riddled with scams

July 4th, 2014 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

ebay eBay and Gumtree are riddled with scamsWe all know that eBay and Gumtree are full of scams (including some of the t&cs from the company themselves, eh readers? Eh? EH?), but just how many?

Well, the Citizens Advice have revealed that one in six complaints about products or services advertised on Gumtree, and one in 10 about sales at eBay, are scams or potential scams.

The CA’s analysis looked at 649 problem cases involving Gumtree and 3,711 at eBay.

Problems included scams advertising housing and job scams, as well as motorists buying second-hand cars and then finding out that there was a logbook loan attached.

Other scams include the classic ‘paying for something but getting nothing in return’ on things like phones and, weirdly, pets. Apparently, businesses are being stung as well as people just shopping for themselves. Companies are contacted by other firms offering cheap advertising which transpire to be cons. There’s an increase in scams on fake tickets for the Commonwealth Games, where people are being offered expensive stubs, and getting nothing back.

Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy said: “Online marketplaces are at risk of becoming a hotbed for scams. These sites are an important service for buyers and sellers, but con artists are profiting from them too. Scammers are swindling people out of hundreds or thousands of pounds by posting false products and services online.”

“Con artists are preying on those still trying to get back on their feet from the recession. Fake jobs and phoney homes are taking people’s deposits that they strived and saved so long for.”

As a result, CA want eBay, Gumtree and others to police their sites better.

If you think you’ve been scammed, then visit or call 03454 040506 (03454 040505 for the Welsh speakers among you).

If you haven’t already, change your eBay password, because the site has been compromised by hackers stealing email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and names.

ebay new logo 300x160 eBay tell you to change your password   four months after attack

eBay urged all its 233m users to change their passwords immediately after the cyber thieves nicked personal information. But luckily credit card and bank details are encrypted and stored on a different database, which is safe.

An eBay spokesperson said:

‘Our customers are our highest priority; and to ensure they continue to have a safe, secure and trusted experience on eBay, we will be asking all eBay users to change their passwords.’

Which is all fine, apart from one teeny little thing. The cyber burglars got into the database through eBay employee logins and stole the information back in FEBRUARY– but eBay apparently didn’t find out about it until a couple of weeks ago. Today, eBay have been blasted by MPs for what they’re calling ‘inexcusable delays’.

Anyway, if you’re an eBay seller or user, you should finally be getting an email today telling you to change it.

That’s unless you’ve already had your identity stolen and last month a strange man turned up at your front door pretending to be you and threw you out of your house…

Kraftwerk: for beauty we will ebay

April 18th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

zzzz53 300x218 Kraftwerk: for beauty we will ebayKraftwerk are having a bit of a clear out.

Robot-fetishists and all round geniuses Kraftwerk have been clearing out their old German studio, and bunged a load of kit on eBay.

So now – AT LAST! – you can get your hands on a Vermona Digital Rhythm Machine Drum Midi, a Analogue Solutions Europa 17 Track Midi Sequencer or even a Vikinx Network Analog Audio Matrix 64×64 Stereo Symmetric, all for the price of your next few months rent.

The more bargain conscious fan can get a Yamaha WX-7 Wind Controller Electronic Saxophone. But really, saxophones are vile at the best of times. An electronic one can only be worse than famine.

The page can be found here on German eBay.

Kraftwerk themselves can probably be found performing in an art gallery somewhere being all 3D and amazing.

Submerged car sold on eBay

March 21st, 2014 1 Comment By Ian Wade

ZXZZZZX2 300x201 Submerged car sold on eBayCast your mind back to the mists of time (Christmas) when half of the country was seemingly underwater.

Great, yeah? Erm, anyway.

A submerged car, which became the unofficial symbol of the Somerset floods, has apparently been sold for £101,100 on eBay.

The Seat Toledo was sold by Hubert Zajaczkowski to raise money for a charity.

The car was abandoned near Muchelney on Christmas Eve and would soon be seen on news reports, popping up and bobbing along underwater-ly like a four-door whale.

In the sale description, Mr Zajaczkowski wrote:

“Genuine Seat Toledo from the floods in Somerset. Obviously NOT in working condition, but my aim is to sell the car and donate the money to a charity which is helping with the floods. Any questions please message me. Collection only.”

Collection only!

Mr Zajaczkowski is new to the eBay game, and is not sure if the bid is genuine or not, but according to eBay’s terms and conditions, a bid or purchase on eBay is considered a contract and you’re obliged to purchase the item unless the seller is willing to cancel the transaction. So there.

Mo’ online shopping, mo’ problems

March 7th, 2014 3 Comments By Lucy Sweet

Nearly half of people who shop online have had some kind of problem with their purchases in the last two years. That’s according to Which!, who showed that 46% of people were left vaguely unsatisfied by their online shopping experience.

online shopping  Mo’ online shopping, mo’ problems

34% of those polled said they’d had issues with Amazon, and 29% had a bone to pick with eBay. So what are people most upset about? Mostly, the problems are with deliveries arriving later than expected or not turning up at all. Other issues concerned faulty goods and packages being left outside their house without the customer’s permission.

It also found that we have no clue about our consumer rights when we shop online. After all, do YOU know what the Distance Selling Regulations are? (No, me neither). Apparently, DSRs state that you have seven days to cancel your order – from clicking your mouse until the day after you receive your package. You’re also entitled to information about the seller, and if you’re sent duff items, the retailer has to pay the postage by law.

Consumer powerhouse Ricardo Lloyd said: ‘With people increasingly shopping online and millions experiencing problems with their purchases, it is vital that consumers know their rights on late deliveries and faulty products.’

So if you’re one of the 46%, you can swot up on your consumer rights here.

Do you want a free pass to heaven? You’re in luck

February 14th, 2014 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

PythonGod 300x225 Do you want a free pass to heaven? Youre in luckDo you believe in God? Are you one of those people that doesn’t really believe, but is worried about the off-chance that there might be something higher than us, so you’d like to keep your spiritual toe in because you’d rather be in heaven than hell?

Well, you don’t have to worry about being moral or good anymore because you can by a heavenly favour from eBay, thanks to one selfless soul.

You can now bid on a ‘credit in heaven’. Buying your way into the choir invisible? That’s what Masons do, so why not avoid all that knee-tickling nonsense and idly win an internet auction instead, while scratching your arse in front of the telly?

The listing says: “I have, from time to time, done voluntary work for a Christian church. The pastor has told me that my work has earned me credit in heaven.”

“I’m not a Christian, and I don’t think I’ll get to heaven, so I would like to sell my credit to someone who can use it.”

“I can’t give any details about how much credit there is, or how to claim it, but I am assured that it’s a very good thing to have.”

So there you have it. Win this bid, and you don’t have to worry about going to church, Christenings, prayer, being nice to anyone, not murdering, your inevitable suicide attempts or any of that rubbish because, if you win this, you’ll already be on God’s good side.

Feel free to bid right here, amen,

Buy yourself a cheap date for Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2014 5 Comments By Thewlis
dateauction 300x300 Buy yourself a cheap date for Valentine’s Day

a charity case, yesterday

14th February is just around the corner (it’s on Friday, in case you need reminding). A day when singletons everywhere sing Eric Carmen and cry into their pillows. Unless you are an enterprising young lady from London that is.

“Brave” Hope Anscomb has auctioned the opportunity to take her out on a date on Friday. It’s a win win win situation- she gets a date, a similarly desperate young man (or young woman) also gets a date and Hope’s chosen charity (the Autism Trust) gets a wodge of cash.

In addition to a free meal at an Italian restaurant in central London, paid for by Ms Anscomb, the lucky winner can expect:

“Charm and wit (majority will be charm)

The chance to brag to your mates that you did something stupid and all in the name of charity

An honorary mention in my blog(!!) and my upmost respect for the rest of your days”

How can you resist?

Hope told The Evening Standard: “I am actually getting quite nervous… when I spoke to my friends and family they said I was insane.”

Interested parties may be dismayed to discover that Hope’s auction has now ended, with a final selling price of £621. Nevertheless, some other lonely women have jumped on the bandwagon,  at a bargain 99p start, so whether you like Thai models in Hull *, or pink cupcakes in Coventry, get yourself a smashing Valentine’s deal…

* caveat emptor. Thai model describes herself as ‘used’.

bitcoin 300x197 eBay opens up a new category for non existent coinsEver wanted to be a virtual millionaire? Well now the UK’s favourite online auction site can help you pursue your dreams, with a new ‘virtual currency’ category scheduled to go live on 10th February.

Bitcoins have gained massively in both popularity and value recently, but much like anything else, bu the time it’s popular, is there any room to make money. eBay certainly seem to think so. The new category will be a classified-ad only item, meaning that eBay ‘purchases’ are not binding, but merely a way of introducing buyers to sellers online. A bit like Bitcoin Dating.

For now at least, the new category will only be available on eBay UK, presumably while the bosses upstairs ponder on whether this will be big for eBay, or whether the only people interested in buying are happy to frequent geekish Bitcoin fora in shady places on the  net.

Still, the UK is an interesting choice for a launch, given the current furore and confusion over the tax treatment of Bitcoins in the UK, not least whether those selling them ought to account for 20% VAT (once minimum thresholds are surpassed). It might have been easier to launch on the German eBay site, where the treatment of Bitcoins is more clear. For now, anyway.

So will you be picking up  few Bitcoins with your children’s clothes on eBay, or do they belong on a black market somewhere, rather than on a red, blue, yellow and green one?

Would you like a £250 gift card for Starbucks that actually costs £280? If someone offered you that, you would spit gingerbread latte in their face and complain to Lynn Faulds Wood, wouldn’t you?

gold card 300x200 Comically lousy Starbucks gift card sells out in seconds

Well, it seems that some people are so dumb that they’re happy to fork out extra for the new rose gold coloured Starbucks’ gift card. Created by Starbucks and sold by, this year’s limited edition card sold out in 6 SECONDS.

Retailing for $450, the cards only contain $400 of credit. Which means that the 1000 people who bought it paid $50 for a piece of rectangular plastic with Starbucks written on it.

Starbucks defended the stupid card by saying: ’It costs us more than $50 to produce this card. That’s what you’re paying for – the quality of the card itself.’

Ooh, a lovely quality plastic card. Just what everyone wants for Christmas. Oh, and it also comes with ‘Gold Level’ perks, which is Starbucks-speak for ‘a free shot of crappy syrup.’

Obviously, the world being as it is, limited edition cards from last year are selling on eBay for $1001, and one seller is demanding over 4 grand for cards from 2012 and 2013.

Make. It. Stop.