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poundland Poundland: where the prices stay the same but the stock is gradually shrinking...There aren’t many high street shops that are thriving these days, but one that is managing to rake in the coin in the face of the recession is Poundland. It’s not hard to see why – everything is a pound, and that adds up to bargain after bargain after bargain.

Or does it? Tonight’s Dispatches on Channel 4 casts a sceptical eye over Poundland’s success – with impressive sales of £780m in the year ending April 2012, up 19% on the previous year, and pre-tax profits of £18.3m, up from £12.2 the year before.

It seems that gradually shrinking what the customer gets for their pound is the key. Back in 2007 a 10-pack bag of Quavers was £1. Last year, you got seven packs for your quid, and now it’s five packs. Last year a pound got you 12 Kodak AA batteries; now it’s 11.

Tune into Channel 4 at 8pm tonight and you’ll see plenty more. Does the gradual shrinking of Poundland’s offering bother you as a consumer, or do you accept it as fair play in lieu of price rises? Tell us, you keen-eyed consumers!

viagogo official madonna ticket partner 300x169 Channel 4s ticket reselling investigation nails ViagogoWell, there’ll be some awkward moments in the office at Viagogo this morning after last night’s Dispatches documentary on Channel 4. We all know that the event tickets game is riddled with things that make us all want to vomit everywhere, like booking fees, bewildering fees for tickets that you print at home, touting and getting a seat behind a tall, hat-wearing person.

The ‘fan-to-fan’ reselling websites are pretty disgusting too. We’re talking about the likes of Viagogo, Seatwave and Getmein. That sector got a bit of a shoeing on last night’s documentary, with Viagogo taking the worst of it.

Undercover reporters showed how Viagogo staff snapped up tickets for gigs as they went on sale, using multiple credit cards, before listing them on the site at inflated prices. Additionally, allegations were made that blocks of tickets were sold to Viagogo directly from promoters, with the money being split between both parties. We’ve got a feeling that this won’t be the last we hear of all of this.

If you missed it, the Dispatches programme can now be seen over at the 4OD website. And if you do want to get involved in fan-to-fan ticket reselling, we’d recommend Scarlet Mist, where tickets can be purchased at face value.