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All hail the arrival of the JeanShoe!

October 13th, 2010 6 Comments By Andy Dawson

For years, it seemed as though every denim product imaginable had been invented and marketed. The jeans, the jacket, the shirt, the skirt and, briefly, the denim shinpads have all sold in their billions.

Now, when we thought it was more or less all over, comes the JeanShoe. Spotted in America (or at least we hope it was) by keen-eyed blogger mikomb, it’s got that permanent ‘Hey, my jeans are around my ankles look’ that we’re amazed that no one has tried to capture before. It screams ‘classy’ and ‘disgusting’ in equal measures although we’ve got no idea why.

All it needs is for Cheryl Cole to wear them once on The X Factor and they’ll be everywhere by Christmas.

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[BuzzFeed - and yes we know that it's probably more of a boot than a shoe]

Babies are humans too, right? So why should they be excluded from a society that rates people on how cool they are according to their look – even when it comes to the kind of nappy they wear?

Here’s a new American ad for Huggies’ new super-chic denim nappies – although we were all over this concept in the UK a year ago, it seems to have got USA broadcasters up in arms over the gratuitous use of the word ‘pooping’, with three networks, including ABC refusing to run the ad until the tagline was changed. Lightweights – we’re advertising abortions and everything on our tellies over here.

Still though, denim nappies eh? At last kids can piss and shit themselves confidently, knowing that they look great while they’re doing it. Humans everywhere should give themselves a massive pat on the back for being part of a species that has come up with such a terrific leap forward.

Mind you, we prefer the adult version

Commercial Break: Make A Splash With Denim

December 9th, 2008 4 Comments By Andy Dawson

Men! Put some Denim aftershave on your Christmas list. Splash it on and within moments the women will be trying to get in your shirt, their bright red fingernails like angry, erotic, red-headed snakes… or something.

When they’re not attacking your chestular hairs, they’re seductively blowing up balloons and bursting them in your face. What can it all mean? What will it all lead to?

Two point four kids and a second-hand Citroen Xsara Picasso that smells of cola and sick if our experiences are anything to go by…