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Continuing on with our popular ‘Animals in ATMs’ series that began a few weeks ago with the snake that attempted to make its escape out of a Spanish cash machine, we bring you the slightly more tragic tale of a dead mouse emerging from a Swedish ATM. Witness the sadness…

30fc515499edb6c88aaa1c842849f09d 500x281 You should have pressed the ‘no dead mouse’ button….

That’s Gholam Hafezi. All he wanted was 700 Swedish Kronor to spend on aftershave and loafers (probably) and a receipt for his personal records, but what he got instead of the receipt was an expired rodent, tail first out of the cash slot.

Gholam then got some help from a member of staff in the shop that was hosting the rogue cash machine. He says: “He took out the mouse. His head was intact although a little bit bloody.” (we think he’s referring to the mouse there).

“Then I got my receipt.”

Pepsi claim that Mountain Dew dissolves dead mice

January 5th, 2012 13 Comments By Andy Dawson
blisstree mountain dew 400 400 Pepsi claim that Mountain Dew dissolves dead mice

'Squeak! Let me out!'

If you’re a fan of the Mountain Dew energy drink, we feel obliged to tell you that your tipple of choice may contain a dead mouse – but you’ll never know it, because it’ll have dissolved before the bottle even touches your lips.

That’s the potentially nuclear claim that Pepsi, makers of Mountain Dew have themselves made, after a punter alleged that a dead mouse tumbled out of a can of the stuff that he recently bought.

Ronald Ball of Madison County, US of America is suing Pepsi after claiming that he opened a can of Mountain Dew that he’d purchased from a vending machine, only to discover a deceased mouse when he began to drink from it.

Ball says he sent the mouse to Pepsi, who then destroyed it. He is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, although Pepsi are fighting his claim. Their argument, and get a load of THIS, is that the mouse would have dissolved in the drink had it been in the can from the time of its bottling until the day that Ball drank it. That’s right – your Mountain Dew may or may not have contained a dead mouse, but you’ll never know. Unless, you know, you can taste it. Which is probable.