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tesco clubcard 300x168 Tesco might not sell ClubCard... but does anyone actually want it?Tesco were all set to sell Dunnhumby, the people who are responsible for the ClubCard, but sadly for them, it wasn’t worth nearly as much as they thought it was.

A few companies, including Google, sniffed around it, but it seems that no-one wanted to stump up what Tesco were asking. Now, the supermarket behemoth is thinking about abandoning the sale altogether.

All but one of the bidders have withdrawn themselves from the sale process, leaving Tesco boss Dave Lewis to talk to his colleagues and advisers, to see if there’s any point carry on with the whole thing.

The sole bidder now, it seems, is the WPP Group, who work in marketing services. With one team at the table, this doesn’t give Tesco much in the way of bargaining powers. However, seeing as Tesco just sold Homeplus for £4bn, they might be in less of a rush to offload another bit of their company at a knock-down price.

Initially, Tesco thought they’d get £2bn for their data arm, but that won’t be happening now. Tesco are still trying to make up the £6.4bn annual loss for last year, and there’s some potentially expensive inquiries by the Serious Fraud Office, Groceries Code Adjudicator and Financial Reporting Council to come yet.

Tesco declined to comment.

Google looking to buy out Tesco’s ClubCard?

June 19th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

tesco clubcard 300x168 Google looking to buy out Tescos ClubCard?Not content with watching you in your home and trying to take over the whole of the internet, Google are now looking at Tesco’s customer loyalty wing, and weighing up a joint takeover bid with one of the biggest buyout firms in the UK.

It has been reported that Google is in talks with Permira, and are thinking about buying Dunnhumby, the people behind Tesco’s ClubCard.

Of course, there’s a lot of data on human beings that Google can hoover-up, if this proves to be a successful takeover. There’s nothing Google like more, than crunching the numbers from the data analysis of human beings. That said, they’re not the only ones sniffing around Dunnhumby.

Alas, the other companies involved aren’t as famous as Google, so we’re not writing about them.

There’s been a lot of interest around Dunjumby, which was originally valued somewhere in the region of £2bn, but it looks like it is actually worth half that amount, as previously reported.

Either way, Tesco have a lot of losses to contend with, with the widely reported £6.4bn annual loss for last year. Google – they’re trying to take over the entire world, aren’t they?

Value of Tesco Clubcard cut by £1bn

June 2nd, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

tesco clubcard 300x168 Value of Tesco Clubcard cut by £1bn Those who have been looking at bidding on the unit that runs Tesco’s Clubcard operation, have cut their value of it, which is invariably something to do with just how toxic Tesco’s brand is at the minute.

Private equity groups who have been sniffing around Dunnhumby – who look after Clubcard – have been having meetings with Tesco last week and, since then, cut their valuation of the wing from £2bn to somewhere in the region of half that sum.

Have Tesco got anything left that’s worth what they think it is? Either way, the retailer is not up for talking about it and declined to comment on, saying something about commercial confidentiality.

Coupled with the £6.4bn annual loss for last year, Tesco have a lot of rebuilding to do and that’s why they’re interested in someone else buying Dunnhumby, who were a main mover and shaker in the formation of Tesco’s Clubcard scheme. They were also one of the reasons that Tesco became such a big deal in the ’90s. When Tesco took control of Dunnhumby, it rapidly expanded, signing up businesses from around the world.

However, no-one values the business as highly as Dunnhumby and Tesco do themselves, so it looks like someone is going to steal in and Tesco will have to go along with it, as they’re backed into a corner somewhat.

Every little (data breach) helps

February 14th, 2014 1 Comment By Thewlis

Tesco Clubcard4 300x209 Every little (data breach) helpsPoor old Tesco. After posting falling profits at the end of last year, they are now the latest victim of data theft, with over 2,000 customers’ Clubcard data hacked, and vouchers nicked from wide open accounts.

It  has been reported that a list of 2,239 accounts was published on Pastebin yesterday with some customers complaining of being thrown out of their own accounts and that their vouchers have gone missing.

Tesco said that it was “urgently investigating” the situation: “We have contacted all customers who may have been affected and are committed to ensuring that none of them miss out as a result of this,” Tesco said in a statement.

“We will issue replacement vouchers to the very small number who are affected.”

While Tesco are coming under fire for this breach, it is probably not really Tesco’s fault. It is believed that hackers obtained username/email address and password data through other hacks, and then applied the hacked data to the Tesco’s database- gaining entry to those accounts who may have used the same password/email address combination.

Trey Ford, global security strategist at Rapid7, told The Register that the breach highlighted again the danger of reusing passwords across multiple accounts.

“The attackers seem to have picked up usernames and passwords that were leaked after breaches of other, potentially unrelated organisations, and by trying them on Tesco’s site, they were able to compromise 2,239 customer accounts,” he said.

“So far the information available indicates that the impact of this has been relatively limited – stolen vouchers – but if attackers have tried this on, the chances are they are also trying it on other sites too and so we may see additional fallout.”

Nevertheless, customers of Tesco’s facebook page have suggested a lack of confidence in the security of’s online shopping portal, and that they may be turning elsewhere.

Tesco was already under data breach fire this week after accidentally emailing a list of customers who were attempting to buy a trampoline without bcc-ing the email addresses- sharing around 300 email addresses between complete strangers at any one time. One customer claimed to have received the email five times, gaining access to a list of 1500 Tesco customers’ email addresses.

The myWaitrose card, a loyalty scheme which offers a free cup of tea or coffee every day to customers, has elevated Waitrose to Britain’s second biggest purveyor of coffee after McDonalds – with one million cups shifted every week.

coffee 300x300 Loyalty cards make Waitrose one of Britain’s biggest coffee shops

Of course, these are freebies, but the My Waitrose card has been a phenomenal success, and has broken new ground in the supermarket loyalty card race.

And Waitrose are very ebullient about it. Managing director Mark Price recently attacked other supermarket loyalty cards, branding them ‘meaningless’ and saying that customers were more interested in getting immediate rewards. He said:

‘Giving free coffee or free newspapers is disruptive to the market, but I think that is what customers want, I don’t think they want a point. I mean, what is a point? I think it’s meaningless. It is about what do consumers value today, not what did they value historically. So green shield stamps, or points, were a response to what happened post-war . . . I just don’t think that is where the world is now.’

He is, of course, referring to his rivals Tesco, and their Clubcard, which is currently in jeopardy after City analysts suggested the store should concentrate on slashing prices instead.

The MyWaitrose tea/coffee scheme might not be any more modern or forward thinking than Green Shield stamps, but the punters seem to love it. The scheme will be followed by store modernisations and click and collect points and all manner of middle class bells and whistles. Meanwhile, Tesco’s Clubcard is starting to look a bit tatty round the edges. They’d better break out some emergency free pies – quick.

HMRC to tax your Quidco cashback?

March 26th, 2013 6 Comments By Thewlis

money jar 300x300 HMRC to tax your Quidco cashback?Everyone knows the insurance industry is the worst kind of old boys club. Well, perhaps not the worst kind. Still, the fact that financial advisers can be sunning themselves on a cruise paid for on the back of advice given 20 years ago is why the whole financial services regime is currently undergoing a ‘reform’ to make it more transparent for everyone involved, with such ‘trail commission’ payments expected to be banned from 2014.

Now, HMRC have decided to get in on the act, with a new ruling that any such commissions that are thrown back to consumers will, from April onwards, be taxable. Earlier years’ bonuses will not be taxed. The insurance industry are perturbed by this new announcement, but are trying to spread the bad news by insinuating they are merely the first step on an HMRC cashback rampage.

The payments in question are basically repeat commission paid annually on longer term insurance-type investments. If you purchased the product with the help of a financial adviser, you can rest assured that he has been enjoying the benefit of the annual charge-back ever since you took it out. However, if you did not have an adviser, or in certain other circumstances, the investment product provider or broker will get the bung instead. Such firms are under no obligation to show you a penny of this free commission, but some do, notably Hargreaves Lansdowne who repay 16% of any commission received to its investors as a ‘bonus’. It is this cash payment returned to customers, either by way of an account credit or set off against management fees that HMRC have now ruled as chargeable. As far as they are concerned, it is an income generated by your investment, so unless it’s in a tax-free wrapper like a Stocks ISA or a SIPP, it’s fair game.

Hargreaves Lansdown, who is the largest bonus re-bunger, is understandably unimpressed. “It seems the Government is now seeking to tax small savers and investors. This is effectively a second tax on their income,” grumbled chief executive Ian Gorham.

However, he didn’t stop there, complaining to the Telegraph that it wasn’t just sour grapes, he was merely concerned that “the government may have set a precedent in taxing such loyalty schemes and savvy shoppers could well be next with Multi-buys, cashback credit cards and cashback websites all possible targets in the future.”

So should we all be worried about our clubcard balances? Is the taxman going to be making honey out of your Nectar card? Should you start declaring your Quidco and TopCashback earnings on your tax return? Apparently not. HMRC are reported to have dismissed these claims as “complete rubbish”, and the taxing of additional income on an investment product (i.e. designed to make the holder money) does seem to be entirely different from earning 20p from buying a kettle at Argos.

Still, you can never say never with HMRC, and perhaps the good folks at Hargreaves Lansdown have just given them a great idea for next year’s Budget…

Nil points for dozens of Clubcard members

February 19th, 2013 8 Comments By Lucy Sweet

Tesco Clubcard4 300x209 Nil points for dozens of Clubcard membersIt’s pretty creepy that Tesco use the Clubcard scheme to send targeted mail about Tena Lady and vodka (or this that just me?). But even creepier, now it seems your points might not be safe.

Today it was revealed that internet scamps have been hacking into Clubcard accounts to steal points off unsuspecting customers. Tesco and the police are investigating, and appealing for those who have been affected to get in touch.

According to Tesco the number of customers affected is ‘significantly less than 100.’ But those who’ve been hacked have been reporting login issues, and some Clubcard members have been informed that the vouchers were spent miles away from their home. Some poor sap on the Tesco site complained:
‘We logged on this month to find that £160 of vouchers that we were hoping to use at Christmas had been stolen from our Clubcard account. It had been spent in two stores in London, miles away from where we live.’

So if you see anyone in the er… London branch of Tesco wearing a balaclava and pushing a trolley full of someone else’s Christmas presents, give them what’s known in the trade as ‘an unexpected item in the bagging area’.

Tesco Logo Colour 300x98 Now you can pick up a 25 year debt with your groceriesAfter much anticipation from some people without much else to do, Tesco bank have finally unveiled their first mortgage offerings. And they are pretty underwhelming.

Largely fixed rates, their best rate is 3.19% fixed for two years, with a 70% max LTV, although higher rates are available with a deposit down to a minimum of 20%.

While 3.19% isn’t a bad rate, it is far from market leading, with high street names like HSBC already offering 2.99% fixes for five years. Ray Boulger of mortgage brokers John Charcol chuntered “any hopes that the entry of Tesco would produce a significant increase in competition have been dashed, at least initially, by its opening rates, which seem to be designed more to avoid getting too much business than to ruffle the feathers of existing lenders.”

“Its opening rates would have been competitive a month ago but not now, unless Tesco has re-defined the word competitive,” he grumbled.

The big USP for Tescos is the fact that you can get Clubcard points on your payments, and you even get your Clubcard points (4 points per £) on all repayments you make, not just on the interest. You are also allowed to make up to 20% of the outstanding balance repayments each year without penalty, and those get Clubcard points too.

However, assuming a mortgage repayment of £1000 per month,  that would earn you 250 Clubcard points a month, or 3000 Clubcard points a year. Given that 1 point equals 1p, we are not sure that £750 of Clubcard rewards over 25 years is a desperately exciting incentive. But we could be wrong.

Still, being able to go hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt while buying nappies and milk is what this country has been crying out for, no?

Tesco show off their augmented reality service (Hmmm)

November 17th, 2011 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

Tesco may be a shower of gits by offering the dole queues unpaid work, but they’re not afraid of the future. They’re introducing an augmented reality service which enables you plebs who can’t afford to buy anything the chance to hold a Tesco Direct catalogue and see what products look like on your webcam on life-size 3D projections.

The Telegraph report that “more tech-savvy Tesco shoppers will be able to watch 3D film trailers projected onto a Tesco Clubcard and play with ‘virtual Pirates of the Carribean Lego’ on sale in the supermarket using their webcams at home.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “This is a really exciting new technology which in this form is a relatively untapped opportunity in the UK. Thanks to our work with Kishino, augmented reality will allow customers to be closer to our product and interact in a way that has never previously been possible.”

Will anyone actually get anything useful from this service though? We haven’t heard of anyone using Tesco’s Android app which acted as an in-store sat nav.

HotUKDeals Of The Day – Wednesday 28th September

September 28th, 2011 No Comments By Andy Dawson

new hukd logo HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 28th SeptemberTime for your daily dose of banging bargains from the hallowed portal of savings that is HotUKDeals. Get ready to have your temptation-dodging skills tested – you’re going to want ALL of this stuff…

Tesco Logo Colour 300x98 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 28th SeptemberCome with us, if you dare, into the murky world of the Tesco Clubcard. On the face of it, it all seems so simple. You buy stuff, you get some points, you convert those points into other stuff. What could be confusing about that?

But there’s variables at play. Sometimes you get double points, and the word is that Tesco are taking those away next month. Never mind (as Kurt Cobain would say) because the word on the street today is that there’s QUADRUPLE points offers to be had. It baffles us but it might be of some use to you lot.

1025696 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 28th SeptemberA few days ago, HotUKDeals was ABLAZE with talk of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, sometimes known as the Playstation Phone. It’s more than a phone, as it opens up into some kind of mini gaming console, with loads of old Sony Playstation games playable on it.

In short, an enormous boon, and here at Bitterwallet, we’re always on the look out for enormous boons. Anyhoo, the Xperia Play is available again for the sensational price of just £199.99, and it comes unlocked and SIM-free. Admit it – you want it.

1025780 1 HotUKDeals Of The Day   Wednesday 28th SeptemberHave you ever woke up and thought to yourself that you wanted to Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who’s been handpicked to oversee the defensive needs of one of America’s most experimental biotechnology firms? You’d have a job that is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes.

Yeah, us too. Well now you can re-enact that EXACT scenario by investing in the wildly popular limited edition version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where that’s EXACTLY the sort of thing that goes on. You can get it for £18.99 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 here, or for… erm, £18.99 on the PS3 at a different place here. Good luck Adam Jensen.

(deals found by HUKD members eddieconway, zeroHour2, barman200 and StefBarns)

How to reclaim your unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers

February 16th, 2011 264 Comments By Andy Dawson

Tesco Logo Colour 300x98 How to reclaim your unused Tesco Clubcard vouchersIf you’re a Tesco Clubcard holder, here’s a handy tip from avid HotUKDeals user ds2000 that seems to have gone down well and could see some of you making some great savings that you might not have known you were entitled to.

We’ll leave it to ds2000 to explain

This might not be great for everyone if you keep on top of your Tesco discounts, however – I’ve little doubt some of you are a bit like me and have forgotten Tesco’s love icon smile How to reclaim your unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Simply go to the link posted, you’ll need your Tesco card handy to log in.

Then click “Your Vouchers” on the right and hand side and see what you have/haven’t used. If you want your unused vouchers reissuing TO SPEND INSTORE – simply call 0800 59 16 88 – with the voucher reference from your login. To spend online simply copy the code and paste it at checkout.

Being forgetful I’ve just landed 12 months Xbox live and 2100 point for £26 – nearly 50% less than I would have paid – happy days!

For people that have moved houses/email address, its worth checking and correcting your contact details to.

So there you go – now what are you waiting for?

Tesco Logo Colour 300x98 Tesco fail on Clubcard rush, force staff through hoops for bonusesRemember Tesco slashing the worth of clubcard vouchers? Well, there’s more trouble with them as scores of people faced stupidly long queues while trying to cash them in at stores. Those trying to use them on the website, in an attempt to escape the throng, were met with an error message as Tesco’s site couldn’t cope with the number of people trying to log on.

And so, the complaints started rolling in. And they couldn;t get through to the call-centres either.

So, obviously, customers did the only thing left as an option, and that was to swarm around internet forums and whine and moan about the whole shoddy experience.

Tesco said: ‘We experienced a huge last-minute rush over the weekend. This meant that some customers were not able to exchange their vouchers or had problems with the process, and missed the deadline of 5th December. We are doing everything we can at our customer service centres to help those customers affected.’

Will they be extending the deadline? Don’t hold your breath.

Still, at least Tesco are looking after their staff, right? Well, all 280,000 employees of the company been given a Christmas present of a voucher worth up to £20 as well as a discount booklet worth a further £120! However, you can only spend it at a Tesco store.

The Telegraph report that the £20 voucher is only redeemable on a “spend £5 and get £1 off” basis, meaning staff would have to buy £100 worth of groceries to get the full benefit. Except the discount booklet can’t be used on useful things like food or booze. How entirely pointless.

Merry humbug one and all!

Tesco to slash value of Clubcard from December

November 17th, 2010 7 Comments By Mof Gimmers

tescodroid Tesco to slash value of Clubcard from DecemberHey exciting Tesco Clubcard loyalty scheme customers! Have you been saving up your Clubcard vouchers? Were you thinking that you might swap ‘em for something at four times their value?

Perhaps you were going to snag a holiday with them or something?

Well, you better hurry up because Tesco will be cutting the reward rates from 6th December from being four times the value to three times the value.

Currently, £10 in Clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for a £40 token to spend on food at places like Pizza Express and Café Rouge, but from 6th December you’ll only get a £30 token in exchange for a £10 voucher. You’ll have to act sharply if you want to reap the benefits of the latest Clubcard offer where you can exchange every £5 in vouchers online for £10 in rewards tokens to spend in selected stores.

The last date to exchange your vouchers online at the higher rates is 5th December. For full details see

Tesco has justified this change to customers by highlighting their decision to continue giving shoppers double points where, for each £1 spent on products that qualify for points either in-store or online, customers now get two points rather than one.

“Double points means we send out more vouchers, so customers have more value to spend with our rewards partners. To help both Tesco and our partners manage this increase (after all, there are only so many seats in a restaurant or rooms in a hotel), we will be making changes to our rewards rates.”

At the start of this month, Clubcard points earned on fuel purchases went down from one point per £1 spent to one point per £2 spent. Also, Tesco are looking to close accounts that have not been used for the last two years.


123742 As Asda launch complex sounding coupon offer, Tesco double up Clubcard vouchers

A thing, in a supermarket, yesterday

As we briefly revealed last week, Asda are having a U-turn on their stance over loyalty schemes and are introducing a new ‘voucher book’ offer in an attempt to hang on to customers in the run-up to Christmas.

In theory, the rules are simple – spend £40 or more and you’ll get a book of vouchers worth £40. In practice, although there are savings to be made, it all looks fairly complicated and time-consuming with much tearing of coupons forseen by our crack team of bargain analysts.

The first book of vouchers, Green Voucher Book One will be redeemable between the 1st and 14th of November against a specific list of groceries as seen here. In the fortnight after that, Red Voucher Book Two will be launched, filled with different coupons for different products.Hmmm….

If you’re an Asda shopper, you can look forward to standing in checkout queues for that bit longer while baffled punters argue the toss over about why their vouchers aren’t being accepted. Grim.

Meanwhile, in a move that sounds like it could be much more fun and significantly easier, Tesco are bringing back their Clubcard ‘Double Up’ voucher exchange offer again, starting on Monday November 8th. As ever, there’s more info from the geniuses at HotUKDeals.

Tesco slammed for CT scan Clubcard ‘perk’

September 4th, 2009 13 Comments By Andy Dawson

tesco 1 150x150 Tesco slammed for CT scan Clubcard perkYou might think you need your head examining if you’re prepared to hand over your personal details to a supermarket’s loyalty card scheme but if you’ve got a Tesco Clubcard, it’s one of the perks. Not just your head, but your whole body.

The retail giant has been criticised by The Society Of Radiographers for failing to make clear the associated risks that come with CT scans, which are currently available to Clubcard holders.

The radiographers say that as well as the perils of radiation exposure, CT scans can flag up things that later turn out to be perfectly harmless, leading patients to clog up their GPs surgeries and causing everyone untold sleepless nights.

Tesco – groceries, clothes, electricals, toys and a laser beam up your Harris.