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Football kits have come a long way since the days of teams releasing one kit every three years. The most noticeable change is that there’s at LEAST one new kit per year, and often, you’ll find teams having four or five shirts to buy at once (including goalkeeper tops, Champion’s League specials, away goalie shirts and third kits… not to mention training kits, jackets and whatnot).

And so, to Chelsea FC, who have a new kit coming out and, along with Adidas, want fans to pre-order it without actually seeing it, with the strapline: “It’s blue. What else matters?

As well as saying ‘just buy it because it is a blue kit’, Chelsea throw down the gauntlet and say “Prove your passion for the blues. Pre-order the new kit WITHOUT seeing it“.

Like Chelsea? Prove it to us. That’d be Chelsea who charge £87 to watch them play at Stamford Bridge in the West Upper. And the advert is jarring enough as it is, with the loathsome John Terry featuring heavily and Gary Cahill making an appearance as the plaything in some kind of Blue Meanie bukkake video.

Fact is, you’d be mental to buy a football shirt without seeing it first. The design might be awful. It might be one of those lycra shirts that clings to your non-athletic guts, choking you into misery. It might be sponsored by Nigel Farage’s face. That said, if you’re a Chelsea, no-one is that sympathetic because you’re Tim Lovejoy, and frankly, you deserve everything you get.

Made In Chelsea 300x221 Kensington and Chelsea doesnt want superfast broadband because its uglyWhile the world and his dog wants BT to hurry up in giving us superfast broadband, one stupid bit of the world doesn’t want it at all, isn’t that right Kensington and Chelsea?

BT planned to install 108 fibre cabinets in the borough but have now been forced into ditching their plans Kensington and Chelsea Council refused 96 of BT’s planning applications for the cabinets.

“The council said the cabinets weren’t in keeping with the historic streetscape. Now they can have the historic broadband to match,” a cheeky BT spokesman said.

Apparently, dialogue has been going on between the two parties for some time and, according to BT, the council asked BT to bury the cabinets underground, which BT refused in case of flooding. The council then asked BT to make special small cabinets for them. BT laughed in their stupid, posh faces.

Kensington and Chelsea Council said: ”BT was seeking permission for 108 cabinets, many of them in sensitive locations. It would not compromise on the number, or on the design. It would not use sites that already had unused BT equipment and it would not consider putting the equipment underground or any other method.”

So, taking its ball away, BT have decided to play elsewhere, saying it had “no option but to send our engineers to other areas that are more welcoming”.

Find your nearest pub for 3D footy on Saturday

April 1st, 2010 5 Comments By Andy Dawson

quote image 01 Find your nearest pub for 3D footy on Saturday3D football is about to hit the TV screens of some of the nation’ finest pubs this weekend, as well as some of the shitty ones.

Following a trial in January, Sky are rolling the 3D TV thing out with the Manchester United v Chelsea match on Saturday lunchtime.

Their 3D pub finder has gone live so you can work out where your nearest booze-hole is that will be handing out the special goggles.

If it’s too far away, just pretend you don’t give a toss.

Even though you do. We know you do.

What Russian billionaires have for lunch…

November 3rd, 2009 20 Comments By Andy Dawson

abramov 231x300 What Russian billionaires have for lunch...Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has been banned from splashing out on new players until the summer of 2011, but the FIFA ban won’t see him putting his wallet into hibernation.

From TMZ, here’s the receipt following a Roman feast at Nello’s restaurant on Madison Avenue, New York City – a mouth-watering $47,221.09. Abramovich allegedly chucked in an extra $5,000 tip on top as well, and with ten diners present, that comes to a delicious $5,222 per head.

Mmmm… truffles, mmmm… filet mignon, mmmm… posh wine, mmmm…hang on, $15 for a tiramisu? $28 for a couple of ‘parmesan chunks?’ Sounds like the opulent Russian billionaire has had the piss taken out of him.

fft16 mf413498Jpeg What Russian billionaires have for lunch...