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New iPhone in April? Maybe. Cake mode? Unlikely.

January 13th, 2010 7 Comments By Andy Dawson
iPhone Cake slideshow image 240x300 New iPhone in April? Maybe. Cake mode? Unlikely.

How the iPhone 4G might look if it has a cake mode

iPhone rumour alert! The new one is coming! In April! Some Koreans just said so! You heard it here (roughly) first!

Yes, according to a couple of reputable sources in Korea, the 4G is on its way and it’ll be chock full of new features, including a dual-core processor, improved graphics, video chat, an OLED display and a removable battery. Removable battery? Surely not?

According to The Register, the reports come from The Korea Times and Telecoms Korea, quoting sources at both Apple Korea and telecoms company KT, the Korean iPhone carrier.

Apparently, the 4G (the G is for ‘generation’) will have two built-in cameras, one front-facing and one back-facing to allow the video chat mode to work. Oddly, the removable battery would be a step away from the latest MacBook, which has a built-in battery, said to increase the number of battery cells that can be contained within the bones of the crate (we’re getting super-technical with the terminology here.)

Odder still, the rumourmongers claim that the 4G will be offered to large corporate clients to test for two months from April, ahead of a full launch in June. We’re adding our own rumours that it will have an edible ‘cake mode’ and will be able to take x-ray photographs of the insides of snails’ bodies.

Watch this space… or don’t – it’s entirely up to you.