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Yesterday was a fine day for joking and prank-pulling – yes it was April Fool’s Day, although it turns out that our Mof actually IS pregnant with twins. Wow – congratulations mate – now we know why you’ve been eating nothing but sprouts and charcoal for the past three weeks.

But our favourite April Fool gag came courtesy of Google, who used the special day ‘o’ laughter to launch their new 8-bit version of Google Maps, with this demonsration video that shows how your trusty Nintendo NES can now run the global mapping system.

For the small handful of you who DON’T have a Nintendo NES, you can check out the 8-bit Google Maps by visiting the site and clicking on the ‘Quest’ link. Impressive stuff.

As somebody has this morning pointed out: ‘They should rename it “Internet Is Shit Day”.’

The world is falling over itself to tell you about April Fool pranks, but instead of allowing you to stumble upon them naturally and question their plausibility, everyone is making it VERY BLEEDING OBVIOUS, which means you instantly know it’s a waste of your eyesight to bother reading.

To save you the effort of even clicking on some links, here’s a collection of blatantly transparent tat:

Virgin Atlantic to grow vegetables on-board flights

Introducing Google Blimp Ads

Money Saving Expert loses URL to Wonga

Picture 6 500x260 Humanity sews sides up after another hilarous April Fools Day

BMW launch ‘Will’ edition for Royal Wedding

Introducing Starbucks Mobile Pour

Branson buys Pluto, reinstates as planet

The Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike

GMail Motion – A new way to communicate

Communications wizards Qualcomm have allowed their cameras into their research and development department for a scintillating glimpse into the future of mobile networking.

From the simple, obvious idea of implanting base stations into pigeons to help create a stronger wireless network, the boffins are straying into animal hybrid territory in a major way.

It’s all VERY exciting stuff and gives us mere mortals a chance to peek into the… aw shite, hang on, they upped this video yesterday didn’t they? Tossers.