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Apple to fix your iPhone camera

August 24th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

apple Apple to fix your iPhone cameraIs the camera on your iPhone, to use the common vernacular, a load of shit? You may recall that, last year, the iPhone 6 Plus had Apple’s best ever smartphone camera, but for some, their pictures were coming out rubbish and blurry.

Well, Apple have decided to fix that. Over the weekend, Apple said that they’re doing a replacement programme for faulty iSight cameras on the iPhone 6 Plus.

It seems that some phones have a faulty component in it, and Apple have identified what and where the problem is, and it concerns phones sold between September 2014 and January 2015.

So what do you need to do? Well, you will have to check your phone’s serial number on Apple’s designated site about this issue. If you find your phone is on the list, you’re in business.

You’ll be able to get your faulty module sorted out at an Apple Store. Apple don’t seem to be doing a phone swap though, so if you’re smart, you’ll backup the contents of your phone before taking it in.

While you have a little time to get this sorted, what with Apple covering this issue for three years from the time you purchased your phone, it is worth remembering that Apple are on the brink of releasing a load of new bits, including the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, which means they’re going to be rammed and busy… so better to get this sorted out sooner, rather than later.

Apple TV put back ’til 2016

August 14th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

apple Apple TV put back til 2016Apple have had to put back the release of their internet TV service that they basically copied off Netflix, but with added live broadcasts. The company announced their plans a while back, and the service would revolve around the Apple TV set-top box, and offer you films and some live TV.

These plans have been pushed back to 2016, thanks to the tricky and difficult world of TV executives and getting the rights for shows.

It was thought that the TV service would launch in September with a new phone, as well as an updated version of their Apple TV hardware.

What will the new hardware be like? Well, it seems that it’ll have a redesign remote, bigger storage and Siri voice control. You can expect Apple to give it a specific bit off the App Store as well.

Of course, Apple have got form when it comes to getting rights and dealing with awkward CEOs – just look at the way Apple have become a major player in the world of music. If they can do for television, what they’ve done for music, then Apple are going to make a frightening amount of money in the process.

How much will Apple charge for a monthly subscription, that’s the big question.

New iPhone next month?

August 10th, 2015 4 Comments By Mof Gimmers

There could well be a new iPhone hitting the market within weeks, with rumours abounding that it’ll hit the shelves on September 7th. Or 9th, depending on which rumours you’ve heard.

Will it be a new iPhone 7, or the (more likely) iPhone 6 S or Plus or whatever they call them? And will there be those ugly plastic bits on it?

iphone7 500x280 New iPhone next month?

It looks like the design will be the same as the newest iPhones that are currently on the market, but the innards will be given a makeover. It’ll still have 16GB of storage, but will include new NFC technology and fewer chips. The NFC tech, for the uninitiated, means Apple are going hard on Apple Pay, so you can waft your phone at a device and pay for stuff.

There’s also talk about something called ‘Force Touch’, which features on the latest Macbook and Apple Watch. Basically, this senses how hard you’re tapping and touching your phone, so you can do different commands. It could be used like a ‘right click’, but for a touch screen.

Will the new phone have a better battery life? Well, you’d hope so wouldn’t you?

Blabbermouths at Foxconn – they’re the people who actually assemble iPhones – have been saying that the new iPhones will have 12MP rear cameras and support 4K video recording, which is nifty. Likewise, you can expect the new phone to have a better screen resolution, to match the improved image capturing tech.

Will it be cheaper? Don’t be silly.

Attack of the Mac viruses!

August 5th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

sad apple logo Attack of the Mac viruses!People who buy Macs have been pretty free of the skirmishes that hit PC users, especially concerning viruses. Well, there’s two new serious bits of malware that have hit Macland in quick succession.

One of these bugs lets a program gain access to your Mac, which runs as though it is the admin of the computer. That means it can sidestep a lot of Apple’s security features. Apple still haven’t fixed the flaw, which has annoyed people like Stefan Esser, the German coder who found the exploit.

Esser writes: “At the moment it is unclear if Apple knows about this security problem or not, because while it is already fixed in the first betas of OS X 10.11, it is left unpatched in the current release of OS X 10.10.4 or in the current beta of OS X 10.10.5.”

There’s a new nasty thing in town too, according to researchers from Malwarebytes. They’ve found a new adware installer, which can embed itself into the operating system, and, worryingly, allows adware to install itself without needing your password.

There’s more. Researchers have found a bunch of weaknesses in Apple’s firmware (that’s the stuff that runs fans, USB ports, power supply and the like) which allowed them to run their own code in it. Apple have been told, and Apple haven’t done anything about it. In addition to that, the researchers managed to write a proof of concept attack, which creates a worm virus. That’s the kind of virus that can spread from Mac to Mac.

Concerning the latter, a nasty sort can infect an email on someone’s MacBook, which will automatically try to infect any hardware connected to it. If you plug your device into something else, then the worm spreads.

Stay vigilant. Or ignorant. We’re not your real dad.

As all sensible people know, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on Android or Apple, because it is a phone and, only a desperately sad human would define themselves by their operating service.

However, we also know that some people actually do care. They think that by being an Apple Fanboy, or an Android Devotee, they’ve made a very definite decision about themselves and what kind of person they’re projecting themselves to be. [insert obligatory God Help Us If There's A War comment here]

Here at Bitterwallet, we like it when absolutely anyone gets the piss taken out of them, so with that, we go to Alexander Spoor and Sacha Harland, who are behind the Dutch YouTube comedy thingy, ‘Dit Is Normal’. They’ve put a video out which shows Apple Fanboys being told that Android is the new iOS9.

Are they going to say the whole thing is a travesty or will they simply follow the Apple party-line by saying ‘of course it is better! Apple is always better!’?

As you can see, some people think the OS is rather swish, saying things like ‘I like it a lot!’ and referring to the system as “faster, smoother, prettier, and more practical.”

If you’re an Android Devotee, don’t be thinking that this is a victory for Android though – all this shows is that some people are quite dim sometimes. Stop crowing.

Anyway, the conclusion to the clip is that “it doesn’t matter what Apple releases because people are going to think it’s prettier, bigger and better than the competition anyway.”

Siri will transcribe your messages for you

August 4th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Siri 300x173 Siri will transcribe your messages for youApple is making Siri more personable and useful to people who like speaking into some circuits with no other humans involved. Siri will be answering your calls for you, as well as transcribing messages, so you don’t have to listen to them.

Say what? Let us explain.

Well, old people like listening to voicemail messages, while younger people have zero interest in someone blathering on in a recorded message. So, with that, you’ll be able to tell Siri to write them down for you. As for answering your messages, if you’re away or somewhere with very little signal, you’ll be able to instruct it to reply to people, explaining why you can’t take certain calls.

Obviously, you could just rerecord your own voicemail message, but if you’re using the iCloud voicemail, you have the option of letting Siri do it for you, instead of letting the call go to the standard digital audio recording.

And when is this happening?

Well, it is thought that this will become a thing some time next year in 2016. You can assume that this will coincide with a new version of iOS, along with a host of other new features for your Apple devices.

Data corruption on latest MacBook Pro

July 24th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

sad apple logo Data corruption on latest MacBook ProApple have sent out a warning to everyone that the latest MacBook Pro has an issue which might cause data corruption. There might be a separate issue with screen damage as well.

Regarding the data corruption, Apple have put out a firmware update to fix the laptop’s flash storage component. It is the 15″ mid-range 2015 Retina model that has shown signs of corruption.

This follows a lot of complaints about MacBooks that have knackered screens. Marks, or ‘stains’ are appearing on the laptops in such volumes that someone bothered to set up a website dedicated to the problem. It is called, and shows a number of botched screens.

Just shy of 3,000 people (and counting) have joined a Facebook group about this issue too.

Obviously, one of the big concerns is that they’re going to be rinsed with expensive service fees that they’ll have to fork out for once the warranties or protection plans expire.

Considering that the MacBooks are considerably more expensive than the rest of the market, you can see why people have the hump.

Apple haven’t confirmed whether there’s an issue or not (there clearly is) and it seems to be models from 2013 that are causing the most grief for people.

Apple won’t sell Google’s Nest

July 24th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

nest 300x270 Apple wont sell Googles NestGoogle and Apple don’t like each other. They both want to rule the world, but sadly, this Earth isn’t big enough for the both of them. And they’re probably going to squabble about that new Earth that NASA have found, too.

Anyway, onto smaller things and it looks like Apple have pulled the plug on Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat from its physical and online stores.

The people at Nest have said that they consider Apple to be a valuable partner for their company, and they intend to sell their wares through Apple’s channels, even though Apple have taken all the product pages down.

This isn’t the first time Apple have walked away from the Nest – they removed both physical and online listings of the device from their stores earlier in July. However, this time, it looks like they’re doing it for good.

Even though Apple were one of the early adopters of Nest and were willing to promote it, they’re now trying to do their own thing, obviously. They created their own smarthome stuff, with the arrival of HomeKit. Of course, within that range, there’s ecobee3, which is the smart thermostat which is compatible with HomeKit.

Of course, Google showed off Brillo, which is their own version of the HomeKit platform.

Former Apple executives Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers are the co-founders of Nest, with Fadell being dubbed ‘the godfather of the iPod’, but it seems that tech companies just can’t play nicely together, despite what their penchant for twee adverts and ukulele music might suggest.

Apple back after going offline

July 22nd, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

apple Apple back after going offlineYou probably know that a lot of Apple services went down last night, meaning that people couldn’t buy apps and albums or whatever it is they do with their phones.

Well, the company have said that the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes Store and others, are back online after their 3 hour downtime. Ever the coy gits, Apple didn’t really divulge any more than that, but for the sake of scandal and gossip, we’re hoping that this was part of the recent spate of hacks that have been doing the rounds.

These outages happened all over the world, but didn’t affect all users. We’ve checked all the various Apple sites and everything seems to be back to normal, with all issues resolved.

The problems started just as Apple’s radio station – Beats 1 – was meant to tell everyone, exclusively, about the nominations for MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards.

“We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available,” Apple said yesterday, on their support site.

Anyway, everything is fine now, but rest assured, a load of Apple Fanboys will be getting it in the neck from Android Fanboys, with the tried and tested trolling of ‘just works’.

Oh dear! Ahead of Apple this evening announcing their 3rd Quarter financial results they’re experiencing a huge outage across many of their services including iTunes, App Store and iBooks.

There’s been no word yet when the services will be restored but you can keep an eye on the status of all Apple services on this link. They have of course already provided the obligatory “We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.” line.

After this Apple might want to rethink their tagline for Beats 1 radio station…”worldwide, always on”. Yeh. No.

Screen Shot 2015 07 21 at 17.43.22 500x290 Apple services down including iTunes and the App Store

Get Apple’s iOS9 – and what’s new?

July 13th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

apple Get Apples iOS9   and whats new?Apple are getting set to drop their latest operating system – the iOS 9 – which will be available some time in Autumn… but you can get it now. Apple have released the public beta version (which means it might have some things in it that need ironing out), which means you can get stuck into it while Apple put the finishing touches to it.

What’s new? Well, iOS 9 has a bunch of new things, including the much welcomed addition of highlighting when you’ve put the capslock on, when composing text on your iPhone or iPad. There’s also a souped-up version of the Notes app, where you can doodle things with your finger and an improved in-built Maps app, which shows you public transport maps and the like.

Nothing revolutionary, but it looks like the additions will be useful enough.

On the iPad, iOS9 will allow you to multitask, by allowing you to use multiple programs and apps at the same time.Video playback will sits in the corner of other opened apps, and there’ll be a shortcut bar for other applications.

The whole thing looks a little tidier too, which means a new font and new logos for all the apps.

So how to do get the beta version? Well, the first thing you should do, is back up your iPhone or iPad. Seeing as this is a work-in-progress version of the operating system, it means that it could be a little temperamental; that means you should have a back-up to revert to, should it end up doing your head in.

It should be very stable, but don’t take any chances.

Sign yourself up for Apple’s testing programme at and click the blue sign up button. Put your Apple ID in there and you’re nearly on your way. Make sure you are using the same ID you use on the iOS device you will be installing the new software on.

Then, on your chosen device, go to and, using Safari, sign-in. Then, you can scroll to the ‘step two’ bit of the page and hit ‘download profile’. There, you’ll be redirected to your device’s Settings app, where you can tap the ‘install’ button. Stick in the pin for your device, agree to the T&Cs, and then restart your device.

Once it has restarted, launch the Settings app, hit ‘general’ then ‘software update’ and iOS 9 will waiting there, to install once you press ‘update’.

spotify logo Dont get Spotify through Apple... youll save money!While Spotify have made a pretty penny through people subscribing to them on iPads and iPhones, but now, they’d rather you didn’t do it through the AppStore. Why? Well, they’d rather you subscribe directly via web.

Spotify has begun emailing iPhone customers, telling them that they can save $3 a month if they end their subscriptions via the App Store, and start a new one via the web. The reason behind this, is that the price paid through the app is higher because they have to compensate for Apple taking a 30% cut of all sales.

Now that Apple have AppleMusic, Spotify aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with them. This is what happens when you become a rival.

With the Apple £1/$1 conversion, Spotify Premium currently costs $13/£13 a month from the App Store. Through Spotfiy’s website, that’ll drop to $10/£10 a month.

Spotify’s email includes a breakdown of how you can switch over billing, which also means you’ll have to stop your automatic renewal via iTunes.

Of course, if you’d rather go with AppleMusic, this is no use to you. However, if you think Spotify is better (and indeed, would rather use a service that works across all the formats, which is great for sharing playlists and the like), then this is definitely worth looking into.

Keep an eye out for Spotify deals over at HUKD, for an even cheaper experience.

All you need to know about Apple Music

July 1st, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

apple All you need to know about Apple MusicSo, Apple Music has arrived and the tech company continue in the quest to push things further by getting forward thinking tech-lovers to… erm… wear watches and listen to the radio.

Now it is here, what do you need to know about it? If you said ‘nothing’, then feel free to stop reading this article and watch a video of people doing idiotic things instead. If you do want to know what’s going on, here’s the lowdown.

What is it?

Well, Apple Music is like Spotify. There’s a load of tunes on a service and you can listen to them and it is all very straightforward. However, one slight difference is that Apple Music has a thing called Beats 1, which is a radio station with some famous DJs on it like Zane Lowe who used to be on Radio 1 and Ebro from NYC’s Hot 97.

How much?

It’ll cost you £9.99 per month. There’s no free version like Spotify. There is a 3 month trial which is free. There’ll also be a family plan, which allows six people to use Apple Music for £15 a month. Spotify have exactly the same family plan.

What’s so special about it?

Well, some people will like it because it looks and feels so Apple-y. They’ve also managed to negotiate with Taylor Swift and have permission to stream her new album ’1989′. If you don’t like Apple or Taylor Swift, these aren’t going to draw you in. However, if Apple can get exclusives that say, Spotify can’t, that could sway some music nuts.

When is it available?

Update your iPhone or iPad and it is available, right now. Later in the year, it’ll be available on Android too. You’ll also have to wait for it to become available on OS X.

What else do I need to know?

Nothing. That’s basically it. It is a streaming service like the other streaming services.

Apple Pay: only good for £20

June 26th, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

apple pay 300x169 Apple Pay: only good for £20At some point next month, people in the UK will be able to use Apple Pay, which is backed by a shedload of merchants and retailers. However, the crappy news is that customers will only be able to spend £20 at a time.

It won’t be forever though, because when September comes around, you’ll be able to spend a whopping £30!

This is all a bit of a damp squib, as most people can make contactless payments for these amounts with their cards, but hey ho, some might want to show off that they’ve got an iPhone to everyone else for some reason.

Most people won’t be affected by all this, but it is definitely something to keep in mind, say, if you’re travelling to the UK and intent on using your phone as a payment option – get back-up.

It is worth noting though, that merchants with terminals “capable and configured properly” will be able to support larger transactions.

“To accept Apple Pay for transactions over £20, your payment terminal must be capable and configured properly, and your payment provider needs to support the latest network contactless specifications”, says Apple in its FAQ.

How to fix your iMessage

June 24th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

sad apple logo How to fix your iMessageHave you been having trouble with your iPhone? Don’t all shout at once. It seems like there’s a number of problems with Apple devices, and the latest one sees iPhone users complaining that the iMessage system went down.

Not everyone has been affected by this and will be wondering what everyone is moaning about, however, others have moaned that their messages are sending slowly or not sending images. It is all a bit of a mess, especially when some iPhone users have noted that their phones keep randomly switching themselves off.

Well, we’ve had a look into it and it seems that, if you want to get things working again, there’s a rather unsophisticated way of fixing this.

If you haven’t, trying restarting your phone. This has been a successful fix for a number of iPhone users. If that doesn’t work, then you should try turning iMessage off and then on again in the Settings. Again, this isn’t the most fancy way of getting it working again, but it seems to have worked for a number of people with this problem.

Apple haven’t said anything about the problem, even though it has been trending on Twitter.

This follows some outages for Apple’s iCloud, which bothered a number of people earlier this month. Anyway, feel free to add your own ‘just works’ comments below.