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Not everyone is happy with those airport security scanners that take a full image of your body, without clothes. And so, to a man at Portland International Airport who stripped off at security in protest.

The man was arrested for having what god gave him on-show, but a judge acquitted him of public indecency charges. Apparently, he’s got a First Amendment right to protest in the nip, which is interesting news for would-be show-offs and protesters.

naked airport 403x500 Man does naked protest in airport over security scanners

It has been reported that, when he went through the nude scanner fully clothed, it was indicated that he may’ve had some explosives on him. To prove otherwise, he stripped off.

The Judge ruled that the man’s body was indeed indecent, however, that doesn’t actually violate any laws. Like a shrieking arsehole, the Judge did suggest the protester get a personal trainer and go on a diet.

BA chairman thinks airport security is rubbish

October 27th, 2010 11 Comments By Mof Gimmers
dr manhattan ljpg 300x300 BA chairman thinks airport security is rubbish

The famous body scanner

We Brits aren’t as mental as Americans. That’s what the chairman of British Airways is implying when he hit out at super stringent airport checks.

Martin Broughton said that we shouldn’t be forced to take off our shoes (his nose works alright then) or have laptops checked separately when checking in for flights.

He added officials should not “kowtow to the Americans every time they wanted something done”, especially over checks they do not impose on their own domestic routes.

Mr Broughton said: “We should say, ‘We’ll only do things which we consider to be essential and that you Americans also consider essential’. We all know there’s quite a number of elements in the security programme which are completely redundant and they should be sorted out.”

This comes on the back of murmurs that there’s work being done on new security frameworks and more details would reveal themselves in the coming months.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said he was aware of concerns about airport security, saying it would “remain a continuing challenge to the industry”, adding: “I intend to develop a new regulatory system – one that frees up operators to devise the security processes needed to deliver them in line with EU requirements.”

Basically, it looks like body pat-down searches and carry-on baggage checks for passengers arriving from the 14 nations which authorities consider a security risk.

Hopefully, this means that the whole process will speed up and, perhaps most importantly, no planes get blown to shit while we’re sat on them.