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Why on Earth would anyone stock the HP TouchPad?

August 24th, 2011 4 Comments By Mof Gimmers

hp touchpad 254x300 Why on Earth would anyone stock the HP TouchPad?Stocking the mondo cheapo HP TouchPad sounds like easy marketing gold right? Flog vaguely desirable gadget for £89 and become the talk of the town!

Well, it isn’t all good news sadly. See, one of the things that seems to be happening with retailers is that even by virtue of simply selling the thing, it is attracting so much interest that it makes their website crash, thereby ensuring they sell nothing at all – so no knock-on sales thanks to a bunch of people simply curious about buying something will soon be obsolete, thanks to HP not wanting to make tablets anymore.

Surely, as a retailer, you’d rather be selling £400 iPads wouldn’t you? And if the TouchPad is killing your website, you’ll be losing out on all those lovely, lovely sales from students wanting to buy MacBooks for the start of their university term.

And that’s exactly what’s happened with Sites like Dabs, Comet, Staples and the BT Shop who have reportedly found their websites to be hugely slowed thanks to interest in the TouchPad, and indeed, Equanet and Staples found their sites going down completely.

All because they’re trying to offload of product that’s invariably cannibalising other sales?

It appears that this is too good a deal for curious customers who want to dip their toe into the tablet world, and a pretty lousy deal for those trying to get rid of them.

Either way, if you’re still interested in getting your hands on one, then click this link as it is the best place to ferret one out. It’s that or looting them from the shops.