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Deathwatch: Nintendo post worrying losses

April 26th, 2012 27 Comments By Andy Dawson

SonicGenerationsWallpaper1 300x168 Deathwatch: Nintendo post worrying lossesWe’re sure they’ve got a few quid stashed away in the bank but no one at Nintendo will be jumping around like their popular Sonic The Hedgehog character* this morning at the news that the company has announced a £284m loss (to the year ending 31st March 2012). The figures are in stark contrast to last year’s numbers, when they made a profit of about a billion quid.

The downturn in sales of 36.2 percent are largely to blame for the bad digits, and it seems that the 3DS hasn’t been as profitable as was hoped. It’s worth remembering that some drastic price cuts occurred quite soon after the handheld console was launched, which won’t have helped matters for Nintendo’s bean counters.

Sales of home consoles fell by over 50% and the Japanese gaming giants will need the forthcoming Wii U to be an instant hit if it is to avoid further losses – the console is due for international release before the end of the year.

*we know

3ds 300x168 Nintendos 3DS finally comes good as pre Christmas sales rocketIn a turn of events as unlikely as Gary Glitter becoming a judge on next year’s X Factor, the Nintendo 3DS has suddenly become the biggest-selling games device around at the moment – and there could even be stock shortages before Christmas. So, if you’re after one for your younglings, it might be worth buying it sooner rather than later.

Sales were sluggish when the futuristic gaming contraption was unleashed earlier in the year, but a price cut followed by the release of two all-new Mario games saw just sort of 70,000 3DS consoles sold last week.

According to the HotUKDeals massive, your best price for a 3DS right now is £119.99 delivered from Amazon or £117.99 from (black only) and you could get started on your 3D odyssey with the acquisition of the 3D edition of Super Street Fighter IV for just £9.99. SEE YOU AT THE EYE DOCTORS!

Nintendo launch Ambassador Program in the UK

September 1st, 2011 No Comments By Bitterwallet Staff

nintendo 3ds Nintendo launch Ambassador Program in the UK After Nintendo announced their 3DS price cut in July, they also confirmed that they would be offering some free games to all those loyal enough to have purchased their 3DS console before 12th August 2011.

This “Ambassador Program” has now gone live and all those eligible can download the following ten free NES games from the e-shop on their console:

- Super Mario Bros

- The Legend of Zelda

- Ice Climber

- Balloon Fight

- Donkey Kong Junior

- Wrecking Crew

- New Open Tournament Golf

- Mario & Yoshi

- Metroid

- Zelda II – The Adventure of Link

The next ten free games will be available to download before the end of the year.

Major price cut coming for Nintendo 3DS

July 28th, 2011 9 Comments By Andy Dawson

nintendo 3ds 300x237 Major price cut coming for Nintendo 3DSGreat news reaches us for folks who want to buy a Nintendo 3DS as well as those who already have one. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of the hand-held gaming miracle machines, there’s a price cut coming of ‘around a third’ on 12th August. Which should bring it down to about £120.

If you’ve already forked out for one (and are an early adopter), you’ll be entitled to TWENTY free games that you can download and play on your 3DS. These will include the NES versions of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber and The Legend Of Zelda.

Additionally, you’ll get Game Boy Advance versions of ‘classics’ like Yoshi’s Island, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare and Mario vs Donkey Kong. Such larks!

If you’ve already bought or buy a 3DS before 12th August, you’ll need to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before that date, and your free games will appear in the console’s virtual shop from September onwards.

nintendo 3ds 300x237 Nintendo want ALL of your 3DS photos and videos for themselves If you’re a Twitter user, you might have seen the Twitpic furore last week – their updated T&Cs seemed to suggest that they could do pretty much anything they liked with everyone’s pictures once they’d been uploaded, like make a big collage from them or sell them on.

After a mighty fuss from Twitpic users, the T&Cs were changed and everyone calmed down for a while. But now speaketh John from the Free Software Federation and he doth sayeth…

From reading the Nintendo 3DS Terms of Service, one could be forgiven for thinking that Nintendo is exiting the video game console business and entering the brick-making business.

The 3DS Terms are a perfect storm of 1) Updates will happen automatically without your specific permission any time the device connects to wifi 2) The device will constantly try to connect to wifi 3) Updates will specifically disable devices found to have modified software or unauthorized peripherals.

On top of that, Nintendo claims a license to photos and other user-generated material on the devices — and those things are also automatically uploaded, along with user location data gleaned from wifi network proximity.

DRM prevents users from disabling any of these antifeatures, which is why has taken an interest, encouraging people to send cardboard bricks to Nintendo. In the wake of all the Sony PS3 news, is this really the direction Nintendo wants to take things?

So that’s Nintendo bricking your modified 3DS AND also claiming a perpetual, worldwide license to the photos and videos that you take with your 3DS camera. How do you like THEM shitty-tasting apples then consumers?


You might have noticed Tesco’s pretty special instore launch offer for the Nintendo 3DS a few days ago – get the console for only £175 when you buy it with a game for £34.90.

If you went along to get one but found that they’d sold out, it might have been the case that GAME staff had got there first and bought a few of them to sell in their own shops, at a profit.

A leaked memo shows that GAME’s head office authorised staff members to go to Tesco and buy up to five of the bundles per trip, which they would then re-sell as pre-owned consoles, at the same price as brand new ones (£219.99). With the huge demand across the country for the 3DS, these it’s fair to say that these ‘pre-owned’ consoles won’t have stayed on the GAME shelves for too long.

ss preview scanny100.jpg 500x374 GAME staff and their trips to Tesco for cheap 3DS consoles

A GAME spokesperson told Eurogamer: “Some of our stores wanted to move quickly last weekend to build their pre-owned stocks of 3DS at the same time as their local competitors, so we gave them a process to do that. It was not mandatory, and happened in small volumes.”

However, a GAME staff member told Eurogamer that the store he works at was reprimanded for not taking part.

So if you missed out on the Tesco offer, you could have gone round to your nearest GAME and got a 3DS there. Probably too late now though…

Nintendo 3DS consoles go AWOL from Amazon

March 25th, 2011 1 Comment By Andy Dawson

nintendo 3ds 300x237 Nintendo 3DS consoles go AWOL from AmazonThe Nintendo 3DS was launched earlier today. Something about how if you look through it, everything seems to be 3D and that. Costs more than the last big thing. But, ultimately, hugely impressive. Unless you’re an Amazon customer who pre-ordered one – because yours probably hasn’t arrived yet.

Amazon have been trumpeting the 3DS as their most pre-ordered console of all time but scores of punters are complaining that the thing hasn’t arrived – even though they paid for expediated delivery. Games for the thing are being delivered as usual, but for many, they’ve got nothing to play them on.

A Eurogamer reader, who chose to call himself ‘Terry’ said: “Many of the people who ordered it by expedited delivery had selected to have it delivered to a work address, etc, in the belief that it would be delivered on the promised date – instead it looks like the consoles will be delivered on Saturday, when many people’s workplaces will be completely empty. It’s appalling that so many people are being fobbed off like this.”

Has YOUR Nintendo 3DS gone AWOL? How furious are you on a scale of 1-10? What are you doing instead? Watching telly? Bummer.