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broadband 248x300 Slowing broadband speeds investigated while BT launches 100mbps serviceThe speed of broadband in the UK is falling at peak times according to a report. That may sound insultingly obvious, but its the rate at which they’re dropping which is a cause for concern. From 7pm to 9pm, it’s claimed that by uSwitch who have done 2 million speed tests, that the national average speed of 9.6Mbps is only being reached  at 3am.

Useful for vampires and night-shift perverts then.

Speeds in some cases are dropping from 9.6Mbps to 3.4Mbps, which is not what we’re paying for and certainly not what is being claimed by ISPs in their promotional blurb.

BT have criticised uSwitch for the research and won’t be happy about these latest findings. In related news, BT have announced their superfast broadband service which claims to match Virgin Media’s 100Mbps fibre broadband.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s consumer division, says: “We are seeing very encouraging takeup of our fibre-based broadband and we now have more than 300,000 customers. BT Infinity Option 3 matches the top speed currently available in the UK and beats the upload speed offered by Virgin Media’s best offering.”

This new service is bundled with unlimited evening and weekend calls on BT Infinity Option 3 and will cost you £35.00 per month. It will only be available from a limited number of exchanges initially, according to one report, so well done if you live in Ilford, Forest Hill, Highams Park and Leytonstone in London, Ashford in Middlesex, Chester, York, St. Austell and Exeter.

Of course, this is no use to anyone if you have to use it at 3am to get the best out of your connection.

BT announces 100Mbps broadband

October 20th, 2010 27 Comments By Mof Gimmers

bt logo BT announces 100Mbps broadbandBroadband customers will soon be able to reach speeds of 110Mbps (which equates to roughly 65mph) under plans announced by BT Openreach.

Openreach, if you don’t know, are the BT arm that manages the network for other internet service providers and they’re saying that the 110Mpbs service will be available in March 2011.

The service will be a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service, but it is worth noting that the 110Mpbs won’t be constant. At peak times it will be reduced, but Openreach are guaranteeing a minimum of 20Mpbs.

As part of this service, it is reported that you’ll also be able get an upload speed of 15Mbps.

Rival ISPs are able to rent the high-speed network and Openreach have said that prices would be £258.48 per year (£21.54 per month). How much this is going to eventually cost the consumer isn’t clear. There’s also a one-off connection charge which will also be added at £75 (plus VAT).

Just imagine how quickly you’ll be able to clog up your hardrive with absolute filth!

road runner 300x226 Meep Meep! Road runner speed broadband approachingBroadband faster than a blazing comet with a rocket up its jacksie is another step nearer today after BT’s new 100Mpbs, Ultra-Fast network was approved by Ofcom.

The green light for the roll-out will mean that BT can now crack on with the laying of fibre optic cable that will make the dream a reality and dwarf Virgin Media’s current 50Mbps cable speed.

But it won’t be cheap – the project will cost roughly £1.5 billion over three years and BT are permitted to make a profit from leasing out its lines to other ISPs once it’s all up and running.

So, we predict a future filled with offers of 100Mpbs broadband that in truth only delivers about 30Mbps unless you live within spitting distance of a local exchange, and all for a monthly charge of £50. Hope we’re wrong though.

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