We're all going to be eating cloned meat soon

26 November 2010

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  • No
    > was no substantial difference between meat and milk from cloned animals and produce from conventional livestock. You'd expect it to be similar, given it is from a clone.
  • Yes
    # We’re all going to be eating cloned meat soon Excellent. I want to force feed a cloned burger to a vegan.
  • Touchwood
    Why, pray, do we need to clone cows, apart from it being one step nearer to cloning us - see "Never Lett Me Go", etc.
  • Will
    I won't. I'm a vegetarian. You start cloning my carrots and we've got problems.
  • Boris
    Don't know what you're all worried about; I love the taste of clowns. @Will - I actually did clone some cauliflower last week; could have a go at carrot for you.
  • Hnnnrgr
    Well, we already read cloned news stories, so I guess it won't be too great a stretch for us.
  • Zleet
    Clones naturally occur in nature anyway (twins) and no one eating them has ever suddenly become a Zombie or had their rectum explode. Wonder how long until the 'It's against god' crap pops up like it did when some people massively misunderstood the stem cell research going on in Newcastle using cow ova and started claiming they were creating man cow hybrids.

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