Mayonnaise is better than ketchup and that's official

13 March 2013

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  • chewbacca
    Utter bollocks. Everyone knows that Heinz mayonnaise is far better than Hellmann's.
  • Biggles
    Brown sauce is so far behind it will never ketchup............!
  • badger
    Mmm - chips and mayo!
  • Xen
    Lidl's Mayo is half the price and just as good. And where was Worcestershire Sauce on the list!
  • Larry L.
    No mention of mint sauce either. Baa-studs!
  • kv
    yes, single poll of 1,000 people makes it official.
  • klingelton
    I'm with the survey. except mayonnaise is a main course, not a condiment!
  • Ross
    Burger Sauce FTW
  • shiftynifty
    Waitrose Seafood Sauce...the Crème de la crème of condiments...mayonnaise is for weight challenged heard it here first
  • Big M.
    Gentleman's Relish?
  • Daily R.
    pfft MAYO!!! just another example of this countries slide into the doldrums i blame Europe and all these migrants coming over here BLAH BLAH !!!!
  • klingelton
    cock mayonnaise... fnar.
  • Louise
    Nah, HP sauce, always. Though if it's between Salad Cream and Mayo, Mayo wins.
  • bobbi s.
    pulp fiction

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