Mancunian foodies hoodwinked by Dr Oetker

9 August 2013


  • Chewbie
    Mof were you one of the Northern Quarter Hipsters taken in by this?
  • sprout
    I fucking love this story. I actually follow a couple of manc food blogs (just so I know what's opening/where, honest) who mentioned this today and perhaps they'll now think again agreeing to turn up to the opening of the next packet of Walkers.
  • manclad
    Yup, i'm with sprout on this one. In the Manchester restaurant trade, so *must* follow all the Manchester Bloggers as a necessary evil. Shit my pants laughing at this last night. They were LIVID. Crying their eyes out, 'ewww my followers all know Ive eaten shitty frozen pizza' blah blah blah.
  • Alexis
    Dr Oetker pizzas have bases like rock hard biscuit. I've never come across a restaurant pizza that tastes anything like them.
  • Daisy D.
    These Dr Oetker efforts are too thin, hard, and don't have enough topping. FWIW, Aldi stonebaked pizzas are pretty good.
  • Dick
    I hope they enjoyed their bottled glacial water (from the tap) too.
  • J
    I think Dr Oetker pizza's taste bland and have the base of cardboard. Apparently they are the best selling frozen pizza in Italy. Shows what they know about pizza.
  • Johnnie W.
    Dr Oetker's claim to be the "Best selling frozen pizza in Italy" means nothing. If you filter out chilled pizza, not to mention cheap, easily-available street food and pizzas made at home, then the market for frozen pizza could be tiny. Even if a company has 100% of a tiny market, it's like saying Famous Grouse is the biggest selling whisky in Afghanistan. Meh.
  • Dick
    ^ They only need to have 34% of the sales of the tiny market if there are three companies and the other two have 33%. You are right though, I lived in Italy for two years and I don't think I ever had a frozen pizza when I was there. What's the point, pizzarias are everywhere.
  • Good G.
    Professional weeper Good Gobble here, sorry to disappoint but nobody was fooled by this 'stunt' and everybody had a great time. All the best.

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