Lorry carrying Branston pickle crashes... in Cheddar

4 October 2013

TOPICS:   Supermarket   Not The Onion


  • klingelton
    WTF! is dis news?
  • Inspector G.
    And queue over 9000 cheese based puns on every comedy panel current affairs based quiz and newspaper comments section.
  • Grammar S.
    @ Inspector Gadget *cue*.
  • Sarah
    "The accident happened at Bodden Lane, Shepton Mallet, which is a mere ten miles from Cheddar" So, somewhat tenuous. Now, Metro, tell us about a lorry crashing carrying pigs within 100 miles of Sandwich...
  • jo
    i hope they didnt plough mans
  • Her L.
    @ Grammar Stasi *BBQ*.
  • Dick
    I hope the driver's name was George.

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