Understanding pickpockets to protect yourself

23 June 2009

TOPICS:   Scams


  • Geoff J.
    Well done Bitterwallet, that was a good read. = )
  • Pure-Klenz
    @Geoff - But while you were reading I stole your iPhone and wallet...
  • Nobby
    Keep some rat poison wrapped in tin foil in your pocket. That way, when they think they have hit the jackpot and nicked your drugs they get a bad reaction, hopefully worse.
  • > H.
    And, while you were tapping that comment out Pure-Klenz, I was taking the iPhone and the bitter wallet and giving it back to Geoff, I also 'saw' to your wife.
  • Andrew
    @Nobby - Isn't that murder?
  • Junkyard
    @ Andrew - I think the phrase is "justifiable homicide".
  • > H.
    Andrew, surely it'd be helping to keep the vermin population down?
  • Tyler W.
    I was thinking of taking this trade up. Alot of money with little risk. Who wants to start a gang with me?
  • The E.
    ...read Roald Dahl's 'The Wonderful World Of Henry Sugar'...best pickpocket in the world...also a gr8 insight into how the best pp's learn their trade thru sheer hard work / focus / committment and dedication
  • Pure-Klenz
    I'm gunna steal all your clothes
  • Geoff J.
    Where the bloody hell is my phone and wallet?
  • CompactDstrxion
    I'm wearing a handbag with long, thin straps along with my 35k watch, I am wearing no jacket, am a crap sprinter and look distinctly American. Oh dear.
  • goon
    just put a hole in you pocket, put your cock through the hole and then put your wallet in the same pocket in full view of people. bonus.

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