Deals of the Day: Tuesday 24th November 2015

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Tuesday 24th November 2015Want all the thrill of being in a band without having to sit in a fart-filled van with other musicians. Want to be a rock god without having to actually learn how to play a stupid guitar? Well, you need Guitar Hero in your life.

If you’re into that idea, you can get a fantastic Guitar Hero double pack for Xbox One/PS4 for the very reasonable price of £74.99. Perfect for a Christmas present, if you have more than one child. Click here to get on it.


Nintendo 3DS XL console bundles for £99.99
WD Elements desktop external hard-drive 5tb for £89.99
Nexus 7 £79 instore
Logitech steering wheel for PS4/Xbox One for £179
PlayStation TV for £29.85
Indiana Jones – complete adventures on Blu-ray £12.99 delivered
HDR Freesat HD with Freetime TV recorder for £99.99
Kindle Paperwhite for £79.99
Football Manager 2016 – £18.50 delivered or £15 collect from Macclesfield Town FC


Fire risk over tumble dryers

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 Fire risk over tumble dryersThere’s a number of tumble dryers sold under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands over the last 11 years, which are a potential fire risk, according to Indesit. They have identified a potential concern with two types of tumble dryers, which were manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015.

They said: “Following Whirlpool’s acquisition of the Hotpoint/Indesit brands, Indesit Company has closely reviewed the safety of its product portfolio. As part of this review we have identified a potential concern with two types of tumble dryers manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015. In some rare cases, excess fluff can come into contact with the heating element and present a risk of fire. The affected brands are: Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda.”

“We are activating an extensive consumer outreach and service action plan in order to provide our consumers with products that are updated to higher safety and quality standards. We will arrange a visit from an engineer, free of charge, to modify your appliance. The service call will take approximately one hour. The improvements we believe are necessary will further enhance the safety and quality of your dryer.”

“In the meantime consumers may continue to use their products, provided that appliances are not left unattended whilst operating. We also remind customers of the need for proper cleaning and maintenance, as outlined in the user manual.”

What is happening, is that in some cases, excess fluff and lint can come into contact with the heating element, and that might catch on fire. You can check to see if your tumble dryer is affected by clicking here, and putting in your details.

Everything you need to know for Black Friday 2015

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BLACKFRIDAYsq 300x300 Everything you need to know for Black Friday 2015This Friday is Black Friday and there’s nothing you can do about it (unless you’re planning to do absolutely nothing about it, of course). There’s going to be a lot of fuss made over it, and in part, for good reason – last year, there were some outrageously good bargains to be found.

For those who still aren’t exactly sure what the day means, basically, in the UK, retailers have stolen America’s infamous sales day, which falls the day after Thanksgiving. Or the last Friday of November. A lot of the major shops and supermarkets will be involved, although this year, some have decided to scale back their offerings or spread their deals out.

As ever, we’ll be rounding up the best bargains for you, and pointing you in the direction of those that are offering proper deals, rather than those rubbish ones that offer 4% off some perfume you don’t want.

Where are the best places to find a Black Friday bargain? Well, these shops have already put their markers down, with some of them already selling Black Friday deals right now.

HUKD Black Friday special

John Lewis Black Friday Page

Amazon Lightning Deals/Black Friday page Black Friday Page

Currys/PC World Black Friday Page

Argos Black Friday Page

Over the last couple of years, John Lewis and Amazon have been the better outlets for grabbing something on the cheap, however, 2015 will see even more retailers getting in on the action, so we’ll have to wait and see. Amazon, of course, have offers on all day and have become known for their Lightning Deals, which means limited time-windows to buy certain products. have also been hot on Black Friday, and Curry’s/PC World are keen on the day too. Concerning the latter, some Bitterwallet readers got some £150 Beats headphones for £40, which isn’t to be sniffed at.

So keep your eyes peeled. You can get loads of bargains without actually going down the shops if you get everything online, presuming you want to avoid a bareknuckle brawl in a supermarket.

xmas ad 300x298 Sainsburys beat the Man in the Moon  but most miss out on MogIt seems that, same as last year, it is Sainsbury’s who have challenged John Lewis’ seemingly unassailable Christmas tearjerker ad crown, and (arguably) as last year, it seems Sainsbury’s may have come out on top again. While the man on the moon has so far racked up more shares than Mog the cat, considering the feline’s debut was a week later, that is perhaps understandable. Sainsbury’s do take the (cat) biscuit if you look at shares per day, coming in at over 30,000 shares per day more than John Lewis.

And it’s had a knock on effect. While John Lewis were not far-sighted enough to come up with an easily merchandisable ad (unless they are planning on selling a lot of telescopes), Sainsbury’s cute plush Mog was all the rage in stores at a readily affordable £10. So readily affordable, in fact, that they have sold out of Mogs just ten days after the ad was launched. Some forecaster somewhere will be having a very miserable Christmas.

mog 300x171 Sainsburys beat the Man in the Moon  but most miss out on MogBut never fear, as ever enterprising sorts have taken to eBay to sell their surplus Mogs. Prices start from around twice the RRP, but some forward thinking sorts are setting their sights a little higher, with prices as high as £90 or even £100. Sainsburys are said to be “disappointed” that people are choosing to make extra money for themselves when the store-bought Mogs make a donation towards Save the Children literacy projects. Disappointed but probably not surprised.

But there is hope for humanity yet. If you haven’t seen it on Facebook yet, the ad coming in at number three on the most-shared ads is not boosted by the appearance of crumpet munching muppets, or light sabre wielding batteries. Instead it’s a heartwarming tale advertising the Spanish Lottery. and you want to be similarly moved, you can catch it, in all its glory, here.


green houses 300x225 Are you paying sneaky home insurance admin fees?Home insurance is one of those necessary evil type things, but sometimes getting a quote isn’t all the information you need. Our friends over at Which!!! have undertaken an investigative foray into the sneaky admin charges some insurers levy on your policy after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Which!!! analysed the sneaky fees of 36 major insurers and found that half charge an ‘adjustment fee’ for making changes to your policy, such as updating your address. The smallest of these fees (where charged) was £8.48 with Aviva and went up to £25 with Castle Cover and Rias.

Which!!! gave each insurer marks out of 100, and two companies actually got full marks- both Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group don’t charge any fees and also pay generous switching fees – an amount a provider pays towards any charges you face for switching to it before your current policy ends- and neither levy an interest charge for paying by monthly instalments.

Endsleigh came bottom with a score of 43%, and Admiral followed closely with 44%. Both these insurers charge hefty fees- Endsleigh charges 39.7& APR for monthly payments and £20 for practically everything else- the highest fee for a duplicate document. Admiral is one of only four insurers who charge a fee if you pay for your insurance by credit card; consumer rights regulations state that these fees must be no more than it costs the company to process that payment type, but at a flat rate of £5.95, Which!!! think this is unlikely to be reflective of Admiral’s costs.

Which!!! also found it’s not always easy to check what fees you might be charged in advance. Most insurers include their fees in the policy documents on their websites or in a FAQs section, but Bradford & Bingley, Endsleigh, Nationwide, the Post Office and Prudential all required a full quote before setting out their fees. Which seems a little more than sneaky to us.

The top and bottom ten insurers, as rated by Which!!! are as follows:

Top Ten

1= Barclays

1= Lloyds

3   Age UK

4   RBS/Natwest

5   Santander

6   M&S Bank

7   NFU Mutual

8   HSBC

9   Nationwide

10 Insure 4 Retirement


Bottom Ten

1   Endsleigh

2   Admiral

3   Allianz

4   LV

5   Bradford and Bingley

6   Co-operative Insurance

7   Budget

8   The AA

9   Post Office Insurance

10 Esure/Sheila’s Wheels

Domino’s let you order pizza with a single button

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dominos logo 300x300 Dominos let you order pizza with a single buttonDomino’s are creating a dream for the magnificently lazy among you – ‘The Easy Order’ system, which allows you to order a pizza to your door by hitting one button.

Here’s you, using your stupid digits to press a series of things on a phone or whatever. You could just thud your fist in the general direction, and basically get someone to throw the pizza into your mouth for you. Sort of.

The Limited Edition Easy Order is a literal button, which syncs with your mobile over Bluetooth and places an order for your favourite pizza with your local Domino’s outlet. Once pressed, it glows red and you’ll know that a pizza is coming your lazy way.

If you want one, Domino’s are holding a competition to some ‘superfans’, with the details being released in December. Of course, the grease vendors will offer a virtual version of the button on their app and website, if you want in… but that seems a little pointless.

Here is what the button looks like. You can almost see it gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, after being used twice, can’t you?

Lovely stuff.

EO1 3507544b 500x312 Dominos let you order pizza with a single button

More long-haul flights from Manchester

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plane 300x225 More long haul flights from ManchesterManchester Airport said that they could support 25 more long-haul routes, which nearly doubles the amount they do now, after they started winking suggestively to Air China Ltd, who became the latest major carrier to look at flights outside of London.

The airport managed to achieve a 12-month passenger tally over 23 million for the time it its history this week, and is the only airport outside of the capital to have two runways.

Based on the current demand, Manchester Airport reckon they could support 20 to 25 more long-haul destinations, with managing director Ken O’Toole saying: “With no new runway capacity coming into the southeast in the next 15 years, if ever, Manchester is now the focus for growth.”

“We’ll reach 25 million passengers in the short term, and we think the airport has the potential to get into the mid 30 millions by the late 2020s or early 2030s.”

Air China stopped flights to Gatwick in London a couple of years ago, and has now applied to the Civil Aviation Administration of China to serve Manchester from Shanghai four times weekly, starting early next year. That’s in addition to Hainan Airlines Co. offering four weekly flights from Beijing, following a visit to Manchester by President Xi Jinping. Cathay Pacific have been flying to Hong Kong since 2014.

The airport will also be adding flights to LA, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, and Dallas, among other US destinations too. They’re also looking at adding Bangkok, Mumbai, Delhi and South Africa to their services.

Great news for travellers in the North of England.

Product Recall: Baby Start LED night light

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baby start night light 247x300 Product Recall: Baby Start LED night lightHave you got a Baby Start LED night light in your house? Stop using it, as there’s a product recall on it, and it could explode in your house.

Homebase have issued an important safety notice: ”The product has been made without an internal fuse, and in certain situations this may lead to premature failure of other components. If there is a spike in the electrical current it is possible that the product may fail and emit smoke or cause a small explosion. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant national standard.”

“Please stop using the product and return it to store for a full refund.”

“Alternatively, please call customer services on the following number: 0345 077 8888. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

So there you go. The only thing that should be blowing up in your baby’s room is it’s backside, so get that night light sorted.

France Flag 300x182 How to remove the French flag tribute from your Facebook profileAfter the awful attacks in Paris, Facebook was filled with people showing their support by putting French tricolour filters over their profile pictures. Of course, faux-intellectuals almost immediately started debates about it all, but mostly, a bunch of people wanted to show solidarity to a country they normally slag off.

However, some people are annoyed as they can’t get the filter off their profile pictures. Their support was only meant to last for a couple of weeks – they want to go back to the way things were before Facebook encouraged users to customise their pictures.

Some people will have set a time limit to their filter, which means, within a week, your picture will revert back to its normal self.

If you didn’t, and you’ve been scratching your head about how to remove it, quite simply, all you have to do is hit ‘update profile photo’. You can either upload a new photo, or choose one that you’ve previously uploaded. And that’s it. We would’ve thought that was obvious, but we’ve seen a lot of people complaining about this.

Seriously. On one support page, one user vented: “This is something that Facebook should be fixing. We had a choice of how long to leave the flag ‘on’ and its not working.” Another chipped in by saying: “I shouldn’t have to do anything, should have been automatic!”

Well, we’re sorry the world hasn’t worked out how to cater for your every need automatically, but if you want to click two buttons on your own profile, you can get your page looking like it did a few weeks ago.

Cela a été facile, non?

Morrisons to reduce petrol to £1 a litre

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fuel1 5106391 300x199 Morrisons to reduce petrol to £1 a litreMorrisons have said that they’re going to reduce the cost of petrol to £1 a litre. That’s the lowest price they’ve sold it at in six years apparently.

Bryan Burger, Morrisons petrol retail director said: “Prices have been hovering above the £1 mark for months now. We have seen oil prices also continuing to fall this week and that means that headline fuel prices could continue to fall.”

Full marks to anyone who tittered at the name ‘Bryan Burger’.

Anyway, Morrisons aren’t the only supermarket dropping their prices as wholesale costs fall. Asda cut 2p off the price of a litre last month, and it looks like that’s got another price war going.

Good news for drivers at the pumps, trying to nail a perfectly round number when filling their vehicles up, as this means that, over the coming weeks, a lot of forecourts should start dropping their prices.

Deals of the Day: Monday 23rd November 2015

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Monday 23rd November 2015It is Black Friday later this week, which means a mad scramble to get your hands on some bargains, while you wade through all the stock clearance items which are a load of junk you don’t want!

However, you don’t have to wait ’til Friday, as some retailers are putting reduced items out in advance, and doing a number of run-up deals in a bid to save them from being swamped on Friday. If you want the advance Black Friday deals, have a look here.


Xbox One 1tb console with Fallout games for £224
Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox One for £27.85
Air New Zealand offer – return flights February 2016 from London-LA for £199
Motorola Moto X Play for £199.99
Nintendo 3DS XL red/black with Pokemon Y for £99.99
48″ curved Samsung 6 series TV for £499
James Bond 23 film collection Blu-ray boxset for £39.99 delivered
Google Nexus 7 16gb only £97.99
Pebble smartwatch for £49


one pound coin 300x300 Poundworld fined for selling hi vis jackets, that didnt actually reflectPoundworld has been hit with a fine that exceeds £70,000 after they were found guilty of selling hi-vis jackets, that didn’t actually reflect. The jackets also said ’be safe, be seen’ on them, even though they were basically as visible as any other brightly coloured jacket.

95,700 of these £1 vests were sold, but tests showed that they weren’t particularly reflective, which saw a recall and the product being removed from sale. However, with safety equipment, you’ll always have further questions to answer.

And so, Poundworld went to St Albans Crown Court, where prosecutor Andrew Johnson said that Joe Tyler, from Hertfordshire Trading Standards, made a test purchase from Poundworld on Watford High Street last year.

He said: “Whilst the produce purported to be a high visibility safety vest, it was in fact no such thing. It was little more than an item of clothing. Neither the fluorescent yellow background material or the retro-reflective strips were of a standard anywhere near that which was necessary to ensure the visibility of the user.”

Answering the Trading Standards’ questions, Poundworld said this particular vest had been tested as a batch of 7,200, but over a period beginning in January 2010 it had imported and sold 95,700. Stan Reiz, who was defending the company, said that the Chinese manufacturers had provided test certificates that were misleading to Poundworld, but that “the company admits it fell short of due diligence. It has now changed its policies and has increased its UK test centres.”

Judge John Plumstead fined Poundworld £15,000 and ordered it to pay £42,395.10 in an agreed confiscation order as well as £6,123.16 prosecution costs. He said: “People would have gone out of the shop believing they had improved the safety of their children or themselves when out after dark on foot or on a bicycle. The fine demonstrates the court’s disapproval of those who put on the market safety aids that are not safety aids at all.”

They should’ve seen that coming, eh? EH?

Tesla recalling 90,000 cars over seatbelt problem

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tesla 300x300 Tesla recalling 90,000 cars over seatbelt problemTesla are recalling all 90,000 of its Model S sedan cars worldwide, so they can check for a defect in the cars’ front seatbelts. The company say that the cost of this is ”immaterial”.

There are some cars in the UK, but most of the vehicles are in America, with some in Asia, and the rest of Europe also. The recall is happening after a report showed a seatbelt assembly breaking, when a customer was using it.

A spokesman said there had been no accidents or injuries related to this, and added: ”Our investigation was unable to reveal any root cause. We are going to look at every single car. We expect the vast majority of seatbelts to be fine.”

So, if you’re a Tesla driver, you will have already got an email from them, or be getting one imminently. Check your spam folders just in case. There, you’ll be asked to get your car looked at, at a service centre, where they’ll inspect the bolt that attaches the seat belt mechanism to the body of the car.

This follow the fires that are continuing with Vauxhall Zafira cars, with a recall ongoing.

Tesco take on rivals with £6 lobster!

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lobster Tesco take on rivals with £6 lobster!Seems like the mighty lobster is the thing that the supermarkets are going to war over, which is good news for those of us who like to eat things with massive claws.

We all know that Lidl and Aldi have offered cheapo lobster, but now, Tesco are at it. Lidl have been selling them for £4.99, while Aldi plans to sell whole lobster four days before Christmas for £9.99.

Tesco’s offering gets right into the mix, as they’re selling whole frozen Canadian lobster for £6 (and they’re a bit bigger than Lidl’s offering). They’re not stopping there – Tesco are also going to be selling a £9 bottle of Louis Dealuney Champagne, so you can be really fancy on a budget.

“Customers are clearly developing a taste for luxury food and this year we are helping to make it even more affordable for them by offering a delicious lobster for just £6,” said Tesco’s frozen fish buyer Gary Mannion. “The key to buying lobster is not to be fooled by buying a smaller and cheaper lobster which offers less meat for your money.”

While this is a direct rip-off of Tesco’s German counterparts, this is more like it – no confusing deals and schemes, just cheap stuff we can throw down our necks.

Tesco are right to look at what Aldi are doing, as recently, they overtook Waitrose in terms of market share.

Millions can get free access to their credit score

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barclaycard bespoke 300x200 Millions can get free access to their credit scoreMillions of customers at Barclaycard and Tesco Bank are going to be given access to their credit report for free!

Barclaycard customers will be able to look at their Experian credit score online, through the Barclaycard mobile app, which will be a thing early next year. You’ll also be able to get hints and tips at how to fix your credit score, and the access will be unrestricted.

Tesco Bank, meanwhile, are teaming up with Noddle, who are part of Callcredit, as they look to give customers access to their score. Existing customers can check it from today, while new customers will have to wait until December 11th.

Things like missing bill payments, being in your overdraft frequently, and applying for a lot of credit at the same time are among the things that can harm your credit score.

The ability to check your score means you can decide whether or not to apply for something, as it’ll give you an indication of how likely or not you are to be successful with an application. With two banking services jumping in on this, it looks likely that the other financial institutions will join in too.

Justin Basini, co-founder and CEO of ClearScore, said: “The fact that some lenders are giving customer access to their credit scores for free is a step in the right direction, but today’s announcements will only affect a relatively small group. Credit reports and scores are like a person’s financial CV and impact their lives in a myriad of ways. They help determine whether somebody gets the best deals on financial products, whether they can buy or rent property, and can affect their ability to get a mobile phone contract or even a job.”

“It’s encouraging that others are following our lead to give people access to their credit information.”