Genuine vs fake designer goods: can you tell the difference?

31 July 2009


  • abc
    That is definitely a real Rolex.
  • The B.
    Bizarrely, had that been an old 50's Mickey Mouse watch you could have flogged it at an auction anjd bought yourself a nice Rolex with the proceeds.
  • Nobby
    I have never bought fake jet airplane parts.
  • Inactive
    I bet it does exactly the same as a Rolex, tells the time, nothing more, nothing less. At least it is attractive.. Labels are all a load of hyper expensive tosh, the more fakes the better.
  • Eddy
    Personally I don’t have a big moral objection to buying certain counterfeit goods. Every other yr I'd go to Thailand and buy a few t-shirts, some dvds and maybe a snide watch all for my personal use. Put simply I can’t afford to buy ten designer t-shirts and a tag watch. Ok I can maybe afford the dvd's but when ur buying 20 dvds all of whch were dvd quality and not dodgy camera in the cinema for £20 its hard to argue! Sometimes if a t-shirt didn't fit or if id gone off it I would ask a couple of mates and they would offer me say a tenner for it. They knew it was fake because i told them and again they are happy with that. I have never sold anything fake on Ebay and if it was allowed id consider it but of course id be clear that it was a fake good. Id never buy or sell snide razor blades or oral b toothbrush heads as some ppl do on Ebay because that it just dangerous and too risky. Of course i understand why companies want to protect their intellectual rights and yes id expect them to try and stop the major wholesalers and drug barons. But i can fully understand why the police, customs and other affiliates know they can do little or are bothered when someone who works honestly and hard all year buys a couple fake t-shirts on holiday for personal use. Another thing is a few yrs ago (about 2001) when dodgy football shirts were everywhere someone i knew would bring bank a couple hundred a time is in suitcase sell to mates in the pub which would in turn pay for his holiday! Every single shirt he sold ppl knew what they were buying and for £18 a shirt which believe me were very good copies it was a bargain. One time he was stopped in Manchester airport by a customs official and his case had about 200 England shirts in. The customs official asked what was the purpose of them? he said they were for personal use and he let him through with all of the England Shirts! Eventually the football shirt manufacturers dropped the prices of many shirts to £25 or even £20 so it killed the market of dodgy shirts. The guy I know was quite happy he had a good run of a few holidays and the fact was cause he contributed to this in some small way all prices of shirts were dropped so you can argue that in the case it was good for the consumer. Although ironically prices are now back on the up! So while yes the principle of it may be wrong and yes I may have a different opinion if it was my product being ripped off but if football shirt prices wernt so high back in the late 90’s early 2000’s it would have never have happened. Same the Gillette Blades and Oral B t-shirts if the price for these items wasn’t so high people wouldn’t be driven to buy fake goods as much. As for the terrorism and drugs link yes I accept that there are probably some very nasty people out there raising funds for drugs or guns but don’t for a second try and tell me that every counterfeit item you buy is funding terrorism. That’s just a scare tactic being used by the authorities to try and scare people into not buying fake goods. I’ve still not seen one statistic or fact that proves to me all the fake stuff you buy funds drugs or terrorism. lol any thoughts on my response?
  • worto
    'lol any thoughts on my response?' It was too bloody long is the first thing that springs to mind.
  • Junkyard
    Just a minor point: the article you link to states that the cost to the economy of counterfeited electronic goods is £1bn; the £9bn figure is for all so-called "IP theft" combined. There doesn't seem to be a figure quoted for counterfeiting in general. Of course, these figures are utter bullshit anyway. Just try to track down the source of any of this "data". The research is not just suspect, it is entirely non-existent.
  • Junkyard
    "Versace, Manolo Blahnik, Ugg, and Prada" LOL, missed that the first time around. Nice one!
  • admin H.
    ive that rolex, might sell it to the misses.
  • Nick
    "As for the terrorism and drugs link yes I accept that there are probably some very nasty people out there raising funds for drugs or guns but don’t for a second try and tell me that every counterfeit item you buy is funding terrorism" Terrorism is probably largely funded by oil and the good ol' banks.
  • Jase
    Me and my girlfriend have bought quite a few designer items from eBay...Vivienne Westwood tie, wallet, bag, ear-rings and necklace, Prada purse, Chloe bag, Timmy Woods bag, Louboutin's heels. She has a very keen eye for fakes, both the product itself and the listing. Read the ENTIRE listing. Sellers can get away by listing that something is "in the style of" a designer. This usually means it is FAKE and they're not necessarily trying to hide this fact. If you buy thinking its real and it turns out to be a dud, the seller will simply point back to their wording and you're left with a crummy product and a red face. Ask to see (or look for listings including) the item's accessories. The amount differs between designers, but most include an authenticity card, along with other pretentious designer oddities. Here's a picture of some typical Prada stuff: Not everyone buys designer stuff from eBay; believe it or not, people actually buy it from the shop. There's no harm in asking to see the receipt. Proper sellers on eBay understand the problems of counterfeiting and will post images of the item, its packaging and the accessories mentioned above. Now further stressing points 1 and 2. If you do buy something from eBay, do all the homework and it does turn out to be a fake...confront the seller. This might be the case if they've stolen images from another seller to pass as their own. If you can simply name the parts of the item which look funky, and threaten that you'll go to eBay with it to shut their operation down, its likely they'll just issue a refund to keep you from squealing.
  • Mike H.
    I prefer fake fakes, not an actual fake, so it's genuine... I think
  • Tyson G.
    as the mechanism is falwless! It does the cleaning perfectly with less effort manually.
  • fake p.
    there are a lot of people that wouldnt agree with me about my opinion but i think that its great that now people that cant afford those prices can feel rich or show their prestdige and feel comfortable with themselves
  • fake p.
    replica handbags is a great issue right now, i mean,most of the people really want a luxuary handbag but they cant really afford it,so there is an alternative for them and its a replica,those that can afford it im sure that they will buy the real one so i dont really think that it will ruin the big companies market.
  • LV l.
    I have a mix of real and fake bags as I love designer handbags and admittedly i'm greedy. I have 3 real louis vuitton bags and 3 fakes - i have 2 kids and simply cant afford to buy authentic all of the time. Fake bags offer people on a budget an affordable alternative and although you CAN see some differences there is not alot in it with the higher end fakes. I doubt they last as long as the genuine article but all mine have held up so far and cost me less than a quarter of what the real bag retails for. YOU PAY for the name and buying into an exclusive club. Where i live no one would know the difference and for me i can only tell because I know. I dont think its wrong its up to the individudal and as long as your not trying to make profit by selling it as real article then you are doing no wrong.
  • Brahmin H.
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