Daley Thompson's Decathlon is back!

23 October 2012

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  • Martin
    Do you know what would make this sell rapidly - if it was released at the same time as the Olympics were on. Even better if the Olympics were in the country where the game is from. 4 months after probably isn't quite as good from a tie in perspective
  • terry
    Yes please I would love to pay someone some money for the chance of ruining my phone's screen.
  • Ross
    Hasn't exactly got the best reviews on the App Store...
  • JB
    Saboteur and Jet Set Willy are both already available on iOS as part of the Elite ZX Spectrum Collection.
  • JImmy C.
    Remake of IK+ please . . . . . .
  • Dazzadooby
    If you're using Android, download a Gameboy Advance emulator. There are a couple of really good IK+ roms you can download for it.

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