4G auction raises much less than government was banking on

20 February 2013

TOPICS:   Mobile   Broadband   Technology


  • Mr M.
    So all the major networks bid and won, what exactly was going to drive up the price if they knew they were all getting it.
  • Jack M.
    Fuck 4G Tmobile drops a 3g call every time I drive by mt local Microcell Who needs a faster shit connection! A bag of salt water through the control Cabinet vents this weekend should make them finally notice
  • shiftynifty
    So osbourne was bullshitting as usual
  • SB
    Osborne's a twat! When it comes to running a country, politicians are in a puppet's dream land. What fucking financial analyst in the private sector would forecast an inaccuracy to the tune of £1billion and still keep their 6 figure salary job, let along ever get another job? The whole government administration is a joke! They say Jeremy Clarkson should run the country whilst still doing Top Gear. He'll probably do a better job of it too!

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