Woman does a poo in a shop

4 January 2012

What can you say about a video that features a woman having a dirty poo in the aisle of a shop? Something about the service being so bad, the only sensible review would be to defecate next to the Dr Oetker pizzas? Or maybe she was refused a refund on something that gave her the squits, so as proof, she went an spurted her pong oil next to the offending article?

Either way, as promised, here's a woman having a poo in a shop.

Une femme fait caca dans un rayon de supermarché by Spi0n


  • Dick
    Doing a Paula Radcliff.
  • blagga
    Tish and fipsy - she'd just hidden some tapenade in her knick-nacks with the aim of shoplifting, and then decided against it.
  • heywood j.
    That's a 50 euro fine in Crete ;)
  • D.Fecata
    Dirty cow didn't even wipe her arse!
  • Grumpy
    That's as bad as looting. She should be strung up.
  • Tweedskin
    Fuck Me, see how quick she shot the cleveland steamer out?! Like a sniper.
  • Zleet
    When you've gotta go you've gotta go.
  • Darren
    that isnt just any poo, thats a marks and spencer aisle 5 poo...
  • SW
    Customers pissed in the bin when I worked in William Hill. And shat everywhere but the toilet in the bathroom. The aisle is, I suppose, the next logical step.
  • Kevin N.
    I don't think her diet must be up to much. It was pretty runny. Get Gillian McKeith to have a sniff.
  • Gillian M.
    Gillian here - Smells like shit.
  • LanceVance
    Was waiting in line at KFC in Amsterdam, guy walked in looking worse for wear and pushed to the counter. He then orderd a family bucket and proceeded to shit himself. True story.
  • MH
    The joke's on her. If you watch closely you can see she 're-up's' a sizable amount that would have better been left behind. Clear points deduction right there. She'll be doing Garrity's Dance all the way home - if she's lucky.
  • Ed
    Looks like the Belgian Biscuit aisle.
  • phander
    Brought to us by the Daily Motion, of course...
  • Mike H.
    Some people just don't give a shit! Oh right, yes, she did. Carry on.
  • beth b.
    i do demos in shops mostly tescos if i had seen that i would have vomited then the cleaner would have double work dirty bitch

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