McDonald's offers McGCSE's with a side of fries

12 March 2010


  • PaulH
    To be fair it is a good idea...
  • David
    What a pile of McShit, pointless non transferable qualification
  • Nobby
    That's great. But will companies recognise it as a useful qualification? If they want to get a decent job, probably not. If they want to work in the fast food industry, yes.
  • Jim
    I suppose it's a good idea, and the best post I've read on Bitterwallet for some time. Is a bit scary though - McDonalds getting into education. We do seem to be progressing steadily towards the bigger corporations being involved in every single aspect of our lives.
  • Rolly
    Trouble is, this will never be taken seriously. No matter how they try to innovate with the education system the news media is always full of idiots saying "GSCES/A levels/Degrees" are getting 'easier'. I wonder why they can never accept that teaching standards are improving and kids are getting brighter.
  • Morocco
    This is nothing new. Tim Westwood was "born through an anus and educated at McDonalds" and now "speaks as if he belongs to a crack-dealing street gang from the south side of New York". This is actual fact as I read it on Uncyclopedia.
  • lidds
    SO i worked for two years to get a GCSE and now it takes 10 days what a load of crap
  • Rolly
    lidds - if you read it properly it says they have to "complete a 10 day placement and complete work in school" - so its not just 10 days.
  • Mark M.
    Why do schools have to prepare kids for work; surely that is the employers' responsibility? It is called CPD! Plus, jobs change so quickly that what they learn will be out of date by the time they enter the labour market. Look at diplomas and functional skills - they are hardly the most inspiring courses
  • Stewie G.
    Does 'complete work' mean advertise for mcdonalds in school?
  • Anon
    Probably find putting all children to work for 10 days in a McDonalds will help encourage them to work harder on their GCSE's at school anyway.....
  • The B.
    I guess that's Gordon Brown trying to appease that upper end of the Labour voting spectrum then, the rest are happy as long as they get their benefits.
  • Mark P.
    Fair enough. Soon we will all be clowns.
  • Mo
    LOL this is old mcdonalds offer GCSE's to staff too and managers get A levels and store managers get a foundation degree
  • Please B.
    [...] while ago, we told you about how you could obtain GCSEs from McDonald’s. Well, only a thick person would do that wouldn’t they? That’s because they’re [...]

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